He guessed John Myung, but he didn't get Benji Webbe :P
A lot have been mentioned already, but one that hasn't, Weezer, while probably not drastic, they have changed quite a bit, and not for the better it's a shame, but I understand the change, Rivers seems really happy and content now, so the songs are more just him playing round and having fun it seems.

Machine Head changed their style around, then came back again.

And while I never liked them, Lostprophets too.
When Dream Theater play Hollow Years, the improv extended solo and outro they do are amazing, it's great on Budokan, and was even better seeing it in the flesh at Download right in front of JP
Hey guys, I'm looking to get a new amp, but am having some trouble deciding. I'd like to spend around £300, but could maybe go upto around £400.

I like a lot of metal, a lot of prog too, favourite bands include Dream Theater, Opeth, many many more of different types of rock/metal/alternative. I'd like something with nice cleans too, basically something versatile.

I've been looking at all sorts, Roland Cube 80x, Vypyr/Vypyr Tube, Blackstar Ht-5, Flextone III, Hughes and Kettner Attax, but whenever I seem to decide I go to wanting something else, I guess I'm just being fussy/picky, but I obviously want to make the right choice. The modelling amps seem good for the features, but I'd like some tonal depth too. The Blackstar sounds great but from what I've read/heard it not really that great for heavier stuff.

It'll be mostly for home use, but it'd be nice to have something that could cope with band practise volumes for if or when I join a band, though that's not essential.

I'm open to any suggestions

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the mundane long post

Edit: I don't mind buying used if the amps awesome.
Someone should post that picture which shows Butterfree should be the evolution of Venonat, and Venomoth should be the evolution of Metapod.

Hope I got the names right, it's been a long time.
I'm glad to see the loudness war us being recognised, and that people do want dynamics, I do too of course.

But then again, people who play an instrument, musicians are bound to be more aware, I doubt the average Joe even knows what dynamics are

There's still wonderfully produced stuff out there though.


S'up gaize?
When people say, I'm just "chillaxin'", or as someone else said, 'yeah that guy seems pretty chill'.

When people say 'good times!' or 'bad times!' after every sentence, everyone round here does it

When people say 'the rentals' instead of parents.

They don't annoy me to the point that I want to stab people like some in here.
'He then picks one out, tears off the plastic wrapping and licks the breast before placing the bird back on the shelf for an unsuspecting shopper to buy.'

Who would buy a chicken that's just placed on the shelf with no wrapping around it?

But lol at that guy.
Doesn't even look anything like a woman to me, she's got no boobz, no hips, and she's got broad shoulders. She should probably run with the men.
I doubt it's camera trickery, he said he's been working on this for the last year or so, and he's been looking at 1000s of lottery balls blah blah blah, if it was just a camera trick that wouldn't be necessary, and it'd be a huge letdown for anyone watching. This is probably something more along the lines of the horse thing he did.
Nope they shouldn't, I have a jar in my bedroom which I put all my small change in when I don't want it filling up my wallet, after a few months the jar gets full, I then take it to one of those machines that exchanges your pennies for cash, and I usually end up with about £20, which is always a nice little treat.
I finally decided to take the plunge and start listening to Sikth recently and ordered Death of a Dead Day, and it's awesome, a shame they aren't together anymore, but at least what they did release can still be enjoyed.

My booklet/poster is signed too, which was a great suprise how many copies are signed? I'm guessing it's not too much of a rare thing? A nice memento though, especially considerig they're no more.
RIP, did so much for the guitar world.
TS, why are you on this website? Are you jealous of Russian internet culture?

What's up bro? Stealin' ma username?
The Best of Times - Dream Theater, proof of a technical yet emotional solo.
I like the reworking of the red story, however, the thing that makes the original scary, for me, is that he never sees the woman moving, she's still and quiet, and at some point has moved to look through the keyhole, but then she just stares motionlessly, I don't really know how to explain it but it makes it scarier. But the whole bathroom scene kind of kills that and makes her seem more human or something.

But then again, it was never going to be as scary Reading a reworked version as I already knew what would happen, so maybe if I'd read the new version first I'd like it more.

^He can't sing, he makes noises while using an auto-tuner. I find it frustrating when I hear people (obsessed girls usually) say that people like him and Akon/whoever have 'amazing voices', when really it's all just processed nonsense.
Quote by CoreysMonster
that's sexist, dude

she said that you can't compare people to colors but that she was tired of arguing with me and has to do coursework, and then went offline.

Absolutely ridiculous, but her leaving is just proof of you winning the argument . You should ask her if she's attracted to every guy she has and ever will see, if not, by her logic, she's a sexist bitch.

I like corn, and popcorn, however, I don't like sweet corn as much. I apologize to everyone on account of my sexism towards the sweet corn gender of the corn family. I'm sorry.
Quote by Porsche31
no if she's underage.

i have a neighbor who has been jailed (his name is Mark) because his girlfriend's mother has caught them in the act doing you know. the mother was infuriated and she did all she can to make sure that the guy could be put to jail.

the girl was only 16 years old then and the guy was 23.

He didn't mention a single thing about age. Your point is totally irellevant to what he's saying.

And what is your point with that story, if the girl was much older and the guy underage, I suppose you think that's ok? Your posts in here are full of double standards.
In theory yes, but I'd imagine they could just say 'No, it wuz him who raped me LOL' while in court and then the case becomes a switcheroo.

95% of guys would probably want it or not care anyway.
She's so vanilla, just lays there.

I was hoping for some kink.

Also, she was trying to get away at the start, did I just watch turtoise rape?
Spoons n cheese! LOL, pineapples!

LOL im so randum!

Using the random number function on a calculator will give some random results.
Hugh Gee = awesome.
Vapor Trails.
Death Magnetic.
When Dream and Day Unite.

And though I still like them somewhat, I don't like the production on Crack The Skye at all, could have sounded much better. Faith No More's production always sounded flat to me as well.



Music/general things you love and doing things you enjoy.

All these things help.
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I actually know someone who had a curry with Yngwie Malmsteen so i guess he's nicer than people make out. I also know someone who had Saxon around for afternoon tea

He was only being nice due to curry being involved probably.

On topic, as has already been said, Devin Townsend. In most interviews and videos he will make a point of saying he doesn't profess to be the best guitar player at all etc etc, then proceeds to shred until his guitar melts. He also posts all the time on his forum, just like he's one of the guys there, there's a lot more I could say.

Also the guys from Dream Theater, Brian May, Paul Gilbert, most of the guys in Avenged Sevenfold, guys in DevilDriver, Matt Heafy, Rush.



*guitar solo*
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Hey! I'm a drummer and I'm perfectly intelligent!

Yeah but you're a woman too; double negative=positive.

You smell! Oh yeah, you live in a special swamp :P

please tell me we didn't....

*loads gun*
I'm going to be honest with you, we all just do it to piss you off.
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You reckon it would be worth paying for the full version? I might grab the lite version for myself and try it anyway.

I only played a handful of the levels so I can't say really, and I think there's more modes etc on the full game, on the short time I played it, it played similarly to Tap Defense but with different graphics and turrets, Tap Defense is free is you don't have it.
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Have you tried Geo-Defense or Geometry Wars or whatever it's called?

Just got the lite version, pretty awesome.
Bebot, Spawn, Warfare Incorporated and Bejewelled are all awesome time wasters.
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Will a man-hug suffice for now?