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where the string goes over the saddle there are two little holes on each side of the bridge saddle. These are adjusted by using a little allen key that they should have given you with the guitar. They raise and lower the bridge saddles.

Lower each in turn, equally and that should lower/raise your action.


But be careful doing this if you're not accustomed as it will create fret buzz along with modifying your intonation which will throw your whole guitar out of tune if it's not done right.
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it helped me - I enjoyed the class...learned how to truly make music as far as feel, rhythm expansion of chords, 4-part harmonies etc...

overall - it was fun and enjoyable...
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that's a fake dude - ESPs are made in Japan only

Not to mention:

[a] logo is wrong
headstock is wrong
[c] truss rod cover is wrong
[d] knobs are in wrong placement
[e] knobs themselves are wrong
upgrade - you're wasting your money putting quality pickups in that guitar. The 50 line is the cheaper indonesian ones. Agathis body isn't going to get you the sound you're trying to get - which, based on the fact you want 81/85 is a thick and sustained sound. If I were you - upgrade to some of the higher end models with mahogany.
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So I'm going to be getting a Strat, and my budget will only allow for the Mexican made one. The guy at guitar center was telling me that the quality is nearly the same as the American made ones. I played for awhile with it at guitar center and I really liked it.

Anybody own a Mexican made Strat or have any thoughts on the quality of this guitar?

they aren't as high-grade quality as the american strats...but I have a mexican made strat...and i love it. it plays well and I can adjust things very easily on it. 12 years and no issues with the neck..the pickups are good...last year the connections to the jack finally broke and i had to re-sauder them, but that's been it...good, cheap little axe
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hey guys, im geting my ESP LTD EC1000 guitar soon, so i would like to know if it got good strings for heavy metal or i must use another type of strings . i saw that many people use Ernie Ball but there isn't any of them in my country , do any one of you know anything about D'Addario EXL strings

p.s ( im looking for 010-.052 gauge or 011-.049 )

i like the ernie ball power slinky strings - they're 'em
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Hey guys. Im looking for a new guitar. Im using a schecter c1 classic with BKP Painkillers. I find the Schecter to be extremely uncomfortable, especially when standing. I thought I was just gonna have to get used to it, but after playing an SG the other day, I think not. The Schecter neck is far too bulky. I have pretty small hands. I have a Jackson dk2m, which is even worse, so a thin neck doesnt look like the answer.
But other than that. I play hardcore and metal. Something with EMGs would be cool.

LTD EX or KH line...
check your lines and make sure they are saudered to your jack....they might have easily broken off...but no big deal, just have to sauder them back on...i just had the same problem with my strat and it's around 12 years old
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i have a mexican made squire strat - was my first real guitar..and love it...i've adjusted the action - the frets are smooth, the neck is straight and smooth and the single coil pickups create a great warm sound....

and i have LTD EX400, LTD Truckster and an LTD MX130 pre-lawsuit explorer....

so i have played finer instruments...i'm comfortable, very comfortable with the straight and get a great warm/watery/surfer tone out of it...people just like to bitch about's like seeing a guy in a mustang and he wants to rag on your f'n what, you like it, it works for you
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i can tell you that ESP Explorer in that pic is a fake

back to topic

they are companies both owned by the same guy - but operating as 2 different entities. they have a factory in korea - but not sure if it's the same factory as the LTD line in the same country.

Gibson has QA issues and often sends out inferior products at a ridiculous price
g-string isn't supposed to stay on after action
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after this game came out - music schools / teachers started seeing more demand for people wanting to play the real thing.

Personally i think it's great becuase you get people interested in music and people who want to play the guitar that probably wouldn't have otherwise considered it.
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Well my question is whether this was something that would help. As in being able to lower it further without getting fret buzz or anything.

need a ruler...measure in 64ths...proper action is roughly 4/64ths...go higher/lower depending on how you feel with it.

after you adjust the bridge - don't forget to check your intonation
bout time to upgrade to an ESP...once you go ESP you say fu to all of dees
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ESP/LTD all the way bro
dude - an EC50? are you a f'n noob...pick up some real ****..get into the minimum 400 range of ESP/LTD models.
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Ok iv been playing for 2 weeks to the day, i bought my electric guitar (ESP LTD F-50) last monday, been playing pretty much none stop... iv taught my self pretty much most the chords except for barre chords, taught myself the intro and the guitar solo to Smoke On The Water... but now i feel like I'm not making progress anymore, i still really enjoy playing/learning but I'm in this rut... anyone have some advice on how i can progress?

keep playing bro.

pick up some tabs and start playing along with's exciting and will get your creative juices flowing
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