yeah i have sen him around.
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Well, I was just being an asshole, but seriously... that is a huge thought.

So.... what kinda chicks are you into?

lol yeah ill admit i carried on about it a little bit, but.....well yeah i kinda wasnt in a state of mind that it mattered too much.

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No I don't know you...and yes, I went to your profile, you're hot by the way..not to smart but that's okay.

Stick to being're better at that then your "thoughts".

yeah thats great and all, but im not the type of person thats quiet and relys on my "looks"
i have 3 atm, and im addicted(:
i have pictures on my profile.
i love mine, both of mine are custom.
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That's a very poetic thought, I didn't read it, but from what I read you showed emotion, and showing emotion = gay.

lol sweetheart im a girl anyways, does it matter?

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Not everyone lives in a city. Speaking of which, you should listen to Big City by Op Ivy or atleast read the lyrics. I guess youre right, it is a lot of blood. It's just the imagery it provokes for me is like blood everywhere.

"Concrete knows no sympathy"

But that amount of blood is over thousands of years, so yeah it is pretty much blood everywhere just not liquid red substance everywhere lol, its soaked into the earth. matter of fact where are all of the bones? there should be more skeletons then what we have found.
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Fail checklist


Copypasta'd Blog since no one cares about you or your retarded ramblings

Lame attempt at sounding deep

Idiotic estrogenical blog by a whiney teen

Fail- proceed to tell TS to GTFO


Look you dont know me, and you certainly have no idea about my life,
So dont presume you do. If you want to have a asshole mentality, be my guest, it just shows what kind of person you are.
And if you want to get your facts straight, I pasted it to my blog after i made the thread, just because i wanted it there, im glad you have time to search through my entire profile though to figure that one out.
well of course there is, look how may people are living at this moment. there was probably less people back them but not by a wide margin, and the number of generations back of how many people have died, not saying it had to be a specific way of dieing, but they did die and their blood stain the earth and people are so busy in there lives they cant look around and see whats really there, not just some concrete jungle.
I turned out to be a toy store.
go figure.
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TS, will you please marry me?

lol im glad someone likes my idea
Knee deep (escape the fate)
Redemption song (bob marley)
I'm made of wax, larry what are you made of? (A Day to Remember)
Seein' red (unwritten law)
Toxicity (system of a down)
Is this love (bob marley)
Never coming home (crossfade)
im not able to tell if thats sarcastic or not. lol
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You wouldn't. I'm not insulting you, I'm aiming my inner cynic at the UG mentality.

i didnt take it as an insult.
but i agree for the most part lol.
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Idk where you live, but there is no aforementioned Mother Earth type of thing for me to appreciate here. Just concrete and steel.

thats why florida is such a great place(:

The mentality of UG is a little warped, though, if you were clearly female then this thread would be overflowing with people falling over themselves to agree with anything you say.

but why would i want to be known for my gender and not my ideas?
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Kay, I agree with you about the murder and blood, I just don't believe there is such a thing as Mother Earth. The planet is not sentient, it's a coincidence, and it doesn't give the smallest shit whether we kill each other or not.

well i guess it was just the wording i used. i dont actually believe that the earth is alive and breathing, but in all actuality it is alive in some ways.
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This post would get a lot more positive attention if Kaybee made it clear that she is a she.

I agree with the sentiment, though, there are very few places on Earth where blood hasn't bee spilled.

yeah i have made it a point to share that i am a girl in other places and all that came out of that was people flaming me over it. so i really stopped caring if people knew i was female or male.
i understand the fact that its not all you can focus on, it sure as hell isnt all i focus on, but why should you live your life to the point you dont realize anything but whats going on around you. take time to just look around and embrace whats around you. yeah i know it guess it does sound stupid, but i mean i thought id share to see what others thought of this as well. thanks for making me feel like ****, because it certainly was needed huh
I have often thought we live in a world washed in blood; the blood of
countless lives destroyed down the long years since the first
single-celled creatures swam in the oceans. Lives taken so that others
might live and grow and produce their young.

There can be no spot of land anywhere in the world - no drop of water -
that is not suffused with this blood. The highest peaks of the world’s
mountains once lay beneath the oceans, and collected the remains of
lives lost in those waters. The deepest, driest deserts were once wet,
teeming with lives, washed in the blood of those lives.

Where we walk on sidewalks today, other lives once roamed; killing and
being killed. Beneath our grandest halls of state, beneath our most
glorious cathedrals, lies earth soaked in the blood of thousands of
generations of lives.

The great trees of our forests have fed on the blood of lives lost
beneath their branches. The long grasses of the plains and meadows
absorbed the blood of all the animals that were born and died upon them.
This Earth is sanctified by the blood of all the creatures that have
lived and died upon Her. And in our Solar System, Mother Earth is the
only planet that can sustain life as we know it, which makes Her doubly

Being human, I am more aware of human lives, and human blood has washed
this world in prodigious quantity. Do the grasses grow richer in valleys
where men have fought, and bled, and died? Do the desert sands accept
the blood of men as quickly as they soak up the blood of scorpions and
snakes? I think so . . . I think so . . .

I look at the old oak tree growing in my yard and I wonder if a human
being once spilled his or her blood on its roots. I walk through old
battlefields, now declared national monuments, and I wonder at the soil
beneath my feet; the soil that once ran with blood. I trail my fingers
in the river’s water and imagine old battles that streaked this water
with red.

I’ve heard all my life that our blood and seawater have the same
salinity....I don’t know if this is true....but isn’t it a grand idea?
That we are so connected to the planet that our blood, and Hers, is
almost the same? For we are connected to Mother Earth in every way. It
is impossible for us to live without Her. For many of us, working and
living inside buildings of concrete and steel, it is difficult to really
feel our connection to Mother Earth. We leave our air conditioned homes,
go to our workplaces in our cars, spend our working hours inside
buildings, return home in our cars, and go back inside our air
conditioned houses. We often do not have any time in our day to sit on
the grass, wrap our arms around a tree, dig our fingers into the dirt,
or just feel the sun on our faces.

its just a thought, but have you ever given it a serious thought?
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that's how vampires were supposed to act. and for edward, try to find a guy, even uglier. like some retarded kid. so girls dont go out and buy twilight shirts. then, have them kill each other like you said.

thats another thing, why do girls go freaking crazy over him?
i really dont even find him remotely attractive.
hey dont feel bad, i watched them all in one day.
i got bored, lol.
but yeah it does make you feel a little insignificant lol.
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what if rob zombie redid twilight?

maybe, just maybe there would be some kind of hope that it would be badass and have them rip each other to shreds.
my type of vampire movie(:
im sorry i find her unattractive, she looks like shes 12, huge turn off for me. In pictures when she isnt wearing make-up she looks even more young. dont get me wrong she has a great voice if it wasnt over played, shes just too akward i guess for my tastes lol.
tbh, i dont like having sex to metal, its just not...idk it just doesnt work well for me. and yeah the guy that posted and said you wont pay attention to the music is completely right, but thats what my problem was, the hardcore **** he was playing was the kind that demanded you to listen if you get what im saying, either way it was a huge mood killer.
-"fast forward to 2012"-A Day to Remember (92 plays)
-"Eyes of the world"-The Greatful dead (16:06)
-criss angel theme song "mindfreak" (0:46)
he may be a really crappy magician but i love the music he plays in his shows(:
i know this sounds weird but i am scared of complete darkness, the kind you cant see your hand in front of your face.
and roaches, idk for some reason im scared lol.
and deep water/murky water that i cant see whats in the water with me.

idk, they all seem pretty logical to me, lol.
a place called "Firehouse subs" serves my favorite.
which is a club on a sub;ham, turkey, montery jack, mayo, lettuce, extra tomato, and honey mustard, all steamed and toasted(: mm mmm good stuff.

funny thing is that i work there haha!

in a champagne super nova in the skyyyyyy(:
i do love rocky horror picture show, and i must admit, the phantom of the opera is one of my all time favorites(: lol
idk even know where to begin with the stupid stuff i have done.
i have always hung out with guys as close friend more than girls ( with some exceptions)
so them being friends i didnt really feel embarssed.
i think the funniest moment i had though is i got in a fight with this chick, and i we where behind a house so i threw her in the pool, she climbs out bitchin and i just hit her again and she fell right back in the pool, but i have a pinched nerve in my left hip so my leg will just buckle right under me and it chose that moment to do it, luckily it looked like i fell in the pool. it would have been more embarassing though.
hah but i am not willing to share my MOST embarassing moment, its pretty bad lol.
i have always had my hair long,
seriously the last time my hair was above my shoulders i was like 6.
my hair right now is currently down to my belt, with a few hair wraps in it.
i wanna cut it but im scared to honestly.
i know this might sound a little weird, but it has been one of the things i can be sexy with, i wouldnt know how to act with short hair it would just feel weird. lol
idk, opinions?

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This is what it used to be, now it is all just black. What should I do with it now? I was thinking dreads, but my boyfriend said it would look ugly, agree?

no, i dont agree, if you get them done right i think it would look badass.
imho i think the smaller dreads look better on girls, a little more feminine i guess.
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Somtimes I feel like Im the only chick who hates this ****.
I know there are others but WHERE ARE THEY ?
We should form an alliance.

an alliance has bee formed my friend(:
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is definitely, unquestionably, beyond the recognition of a doubt,


It corrupts every single female human being it touches. I told one of my friends NOT to read it because I didnt want to lose her, and she said "Oh, I wont, thats so dumb".

She made twilight cupcakes yesterday. FML.

I hereby submit that Twilight books, movies, and all paraphernalia should be illegal as hell.

i resent that remark,
i didnt care for twilight that much at all.
idk how people can be so obsessed about it.
the movie was okay, but thats the same as any other sappy chick flick.
some of them are okay and some of them arent.
yeah but not all women see it this way.
she is being absolutely ridiculous.
**** all that, people have there flaws and thats what makes them special. accept that. instead of having to measure everyone up to your own personal standards.
well in that case i love being dangerous then
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That's definitely not exclusive to our country.

I don't know any people who would actually shun people for differences in religion, but I know plenty of people who dislike me for my beliefs.
Or maybe it's the way I talk about their beliefs... Oh well, it doesn't matter.

well i wasnt really talking about the whole country in that one, just my region.

i have alot of people who dont like me because of my religion. im not so much religious, but very spiritual. i have my own ideas about certain things and alot of people dont like free thinkers these days.
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You're not the only place with lots of religious people, I live in Canada, and I'm pretty sure the percentages of religious people are roughly the same. The difference is that in the US, people wear their religion on their sleeves, and are much louder about it.

PS Catholics are Christians too.

It's not a religious thing, it's a people thing. Like I said above, there are just as many religious people in Canada, it's just a much more private thing here. Canadians tend to not put everything on the plate like Americans do.
If you go to the middle east, you'll get the same thing, just for various muslim sects.

If you went to Germany in the 30s and 40s, you would still see the same thing, it would just be German nationalism (which is basically overzealous patriotism, something which I'm sure some in the US would identify with if they weren't told it was with the Nazis).

Actually, there's something for everyone here to think about : If you took the story of Hitlers rise to power, and Germany's military conquest and the whole Nazi regime, but just took out any references to specific countries people or regimes (so just used general terms, to make it like a hypothetical situation, and removed the holocaust naturally) and asked people if they supported it, I wonder how many people actually would support it.

see thats the whole thing though, where i am at, most religious people are very closed minded to everything that they dont believe in. like lets say i was pagan and a friend i had was christian, and they found out, i would be shunned because of it, and i wasnt exactly sure if it was just an american thing or is it just a people thing?
okay so i have a question.
i live in america and most people here are extremely religious, and especially where i live its alot of christians and catholics, i mean of course there are the mixes of other religions too but the two are a bit over powering as far as numbers go. i have never traveled out of the country, well not yet and i was curious as to if people are like that in other countries? i mean even if it is a different religion, are there alot of followers for a specific religion? im hoping i make sence, because what im asking is kinda hard to explain the way i want it to sound, lol.

ever went streaking on a dare?
uh not guilty.

ever been so busy you havent slept in 4 days straight?