thanks for all the advice! Im going to assert myself with an ultimatum at the next band practice on saturday cheers to all!
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depends on the terms you joined the band.

where they a already established band before you got there and your replacing an old guitarist? did you go in expecting to have creative power?

if you entered as an equal you should be treated as one, but if you entered as a guitar for hire then dont complain about having no input.

either way, whether your wrong or their wrong, its apparent your not happy so talk to them see whats goin on and if that doesnt work walk. its all about having fun and if your not doin that then you need to make a change

nope I'm the original guitarist. Definitely some creative power. I will thanks!
thanks very much for the advice Morbius77!
Thanks very much man! I wasnt sure what to do but now I know!! Cheers!
Alright...jeez I'm sorry for wasting your time.
I've been in a this progressive rock band for about a year and a half and I just don't have a clue what to do...It's a three-piece set-up in which the drummer and the bass player are the best of friends and I'm sort of the new guy there which I'm fine with. Themain problem is though that even though we all know each other quite well in this band, I dont get to have any say in things such as song suggestions, gig planning, or even setting up my own tone on my guitar. I feel like I'm being used just because I own a PA system and that I'm reliable and stuff. A few people around me have been saying I should leave the band for about half a year now but I dont want to ruin the band as there arent that many other guitarists where we live. What should I do?
I am looking to start a smooth jazz band in Aberdeenshire, Scotland that would preferably play in the style of Special Efx and Grover Washington Jr and his band etc.
I need a good saxophone player, a fairly sound drummer, an immense bassist and a skilled keyboard player. Possibly a percusionist as well that can do some vocals...

Send a message if youre interested and thanks for reading!!!
I got some new pickups (seymour duncan invader SH-8n) on my epiphone flying v and for some reason finger tapping is just about useless. Does anybody have a clue what has happened as tapping before was great and I liked to use it? (If it makes any difference I also started using Elixir medium strings after the pickups were installed as my dad said they were good and my old strings were all old and knackered.)