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your not drunk, stop trying to be cool on UG

you're an idiot

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Get a haircut!


to whoever that is.

Its the ****ing 21st century get some damn contacts.

I have wavy/curly dark brown/black hair. Its kind of like bob dylans. Im from a liberal family so up until my dad got his hair cut he had longer hair than me.

I never really get any mean comments, just a few quips every now and again which i dont mind.
Take some LSD if you wanna find out how you feel about something.

Im sending some via e-mail to you know.
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i would just like to point out that bob dylan is a miserable harmonica player.

On topic, about a month after i bought a harmonica, i was able to jam along with my friend on guitar and actually sound decent.

I obviously dont know about the theory of harmonica and what not but i think this dylan harmonica solo sounds cool as ****
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5 cents.

yep thats funny.
Im asking for a harmonica for my birthday and i was wondering how hard it is to pickup. It cant be to hard to learn right?

Id be mostly interested in playing folky stuff like bob dylan and blues stuff like zeppelin, muddy waters etr....

And how much does a decent harmonica go for?