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Do it

Alright, I'll just copy paste what I wrote on another forum

Heh, so I ended up getting 1g of pure grinded 30X salvia for $26 from a convenience store. The lady who sold it to me gave me several warnings, such as: Make sure you pee before you do it, don't smoke it outside, only smoke a pinch of it; she also told me I'd probably never want to do it again.

So anyways, I went to a friend's house and we burned it. Although my experience can't really be explained using words, I'll try my best.

I smoked it through a bubbler that I had just bought; within 10 seconds of inhaling, I felt the effects so I lied down on my friend's bed (somehow the bubbler ended up on his desk; I probably wouldve just dropped it but I think my friend manged to grab it). During the come up, it felt like everything was closing in, suddenly I felt a lot more claustrophobic (although it didn't discomfort me). My friend told me that at this point, I began laughing like a maniac...although I don't remember that.

What happened from this point until the peak of the trip is kind of a blur, but I think the best way I can describe it, is...well, have you ever had one of those dreams where nothing makes sense (i.e. there's a complete discontinuity or disorganization in the flow of the dream)? It was like that; although I was a tiny bit aware that what I was seeing was nonsensical, at the same time I also felt as if the world had always been like this. I think salvia is the closest you can get to being like a disorganized schizophrenic person.

Now that I explained what the trip was like, I'll explain what I saw. I was still somewhat able to see the room that I was in just fine, but there was also another layer over it. It's a bit hard to remember what happened, but basically I appeared to be in some sort of attraction park (I didn't see any rides, but I knew what it was). I traveled to some place where I saw a creature, which I perceived to be a human-like aligator wearing a Hawaiian-pattern shirt (he wasn't actually an aligator, but this was the only way I could see him... if I had seem him in another shape or form, I probably wouldn't have been able to understand that this was a creature.) I looked down and saw that everything I was looking at would turn into folds/cylinders; I was able to recognize that these folds actually had life, and that these folds waited lifetimes just to be shipped off to a different place. The aligator/creature was the one who was in charge of sending these folds off.

At this point I felt myself becoming one of these folds; this is where I started to panic and have a bad trip. I got really scared that I would become one of these folds forever, so I started panicking... my friend said that my face got all red (and I felt great discomfort). Somehow, this was able to remind me that I was tripping out, then I panicked even more because I felt as if I had permanently damaged my mind.

After this I managed to calm down a little, and I started coming down. I don't really remember much what happened during the come down. I do remember that although most of the hallucinations were gone, I could see an outline around my field of vision in which different patterns would be displayed. My trip was pretty much finished at this point, but my mind was still very scattered.

After we finished, we went for a half hour walk. By the end of this, my mind felt normal again and I felt a euphoric afterglow for a couple hours. I also felt a great sense of peace for about an hour after the experience.

In summary, salvia is a hell of a plant. It takes a calm state of mind to be able to enjoy it, so if you have any major issues/worries with your psyche, do it another time. It's also important to remind yourself that what you're experiencing is not permanent.

Hope it makes sense
Hey DT. Lol it's been about a year since I posted on UG. Just thought I should share with you guys that I tried salvia (30X extract). I went elsewhere and back I could post a semi-coherent trip report if you guys want
Cool, new DT.

So a couple day's ago I had about 110mg of Tramadol (in the form of Ultracet tablets tablets, which I got for post-op pains after having an appendectomy last weekend). Now I've had experience with weed and alcohol, which sometimes give me a great euphoria, but I can always tell it's fake and drug-induced. With Tramadol, this was different, a couple hours after taking 3 tablets of Ultracet (~110mg of Tramadol) I felt really happy, but it wasn't that synthetic feeling of happiness, it just felt natural. None of that overwhelming euphoria. This feeling lasted for a good six hours.

Wasn't really anything intense, but I might save a few tablets for when I'm having shitty days. Also, from what I've read, I think if I had a higher dose (~150mg + ) I probably would've experienced opioid-like effects? (Never tried any opiates before though). Yep, that's all, just posting that story.
Thanks for the advice I only plan on taking 3 tablets (975mg) and maybe 1 or 2 more later on if I start getting abdominal pains; so in total around 975mg - 1.6g . Pretty sure I'm in the safe zone then.
Awesome. Hm, I just had my appendix removed yesterday, and from what I've read it only seems to cause damage to the liver at high dosages (like more than 5 tablets at a time). I'm assuming this won't be damaging if I do it in 2-3 days?
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I don't have any personal experience, but that link should help a good bit.

Thanks Yeah I actually just read like half of those reports on erowid. Seems fine, the only thing I'm semi-worried about is the addictiveness of it (since it's sorta like an opiate?).
Hey anyone ever had experiences with Tramadol-Acet or Ultracet (same thing) ?

I got my appendix removed and got prescribed this as a painkiller, 2 tablets every 4 hours if needed and no more than 8 per day.

So I was reading up about it and it has 37.5g of Tramadol and 325mg of Acetaminophen per tablet. Supposedly Tramadol kind of acts like an opiate. I'm just kinda curious about this, I'm thinking I might take 2 tablets, and then 1 more an hour later.

Any opinions/advice? Never dealt with opiates before, and I plan on going past my prescription just once. How addictive is it?
Just finished reading 1984. I'm now reading a Paulo Coelho book, and next I've got Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" waiting for me.

Bahh, didn't mean to stretch the screen.
Achilles is in a footrace with the tortoise. Achilles allows the tortoise a head start of 100 metres. If we suppose that each racer starts running at some constant speed (one very fast and one very slow), then after some finite time, Achilles will have run 100 metres, bringing him to the tortoise's starting point. During this time, the tortoise has run a much shorter distance, say, 10 metres. It will then take Achilles some further time to run that distance, by which time the tortoise will have advanced farther; and then more time still to reach this third point, while the tortoise moves ahead. Thus, whenever Achilles reaches somewhere the tortoise has been, he still has farther to go.

Will Achilles ever catch up to the Tortoise?
I'm in search of the truth. If there's one thing I can be fully sure of is that I know nothing.

-Agnostic dude.
2 + 2 = 5

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I saw no evidence that he killed her. All they said was that they went to court, and later she was killed. That's a pretty bold line to draw, I'm just saying.

I was about to post the same thing.

There was no mention of any evidence that he did murder her, nor did they say specifically that he murdered her.

There's a pretty big possibility that there's no relation between his weird fapping habits and her death...
Ok, time to settle this flame war:

1) The person spazzing is the my friend's older brother

2) TS (Me) was there, I don't think you get to see me in the video but you hear my voice

3)Yes we were srsly being douchebags, but his brother laughed about it after. No harm done.
hah yeah we were being dicks to him, but he wasn't too pissed off afterwards (he thought it was funny we put it on youtube). Btw some asswipe tagged it as unsuitable for minors on youtube, so you have to make an account to watch it
to the person that says it's fake: I can see why you'd think it's fake, but trust me, it's not. My friend takes video gaming really seriously (plus we'd pissed him off before); sometimes he rages this hard (I've only seen him this bad a couple times, xD one time he broke his keyboard)

and yeah making this into a series would be pretty funny, but it's prolly gonna be hard to catch him having a rage again. haha I think the only reason he was yelling THAT loud was because my friends' parents werent home.... until they came in at the end. Needless to say, he had some 'splaining to do.
Haha nah, his headset's fine now. I'm not sure what happened, I think he just unplugged it or something?
Haha yeah we're Canadian. And yes, my friend does have milk bags in his fridge.

Lol and to the people saying we were dicks to Steve (which we were), we showed him the video later and he was laughing about it. He's pretty chill, just takes his video games very seriously xD
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Did anyone notice that this kid's name is Steve and the greatest freak out kid's name is Steven?

haha yeah, my friend's brother's name is Stephen Steve for short
Holy crap! I was over at my friend's house, and his brother was playing left 4 dead. We were watching him play and after a whole he started RAGING at us because he kept dying. we got lucky cause my other friend had a camera with him; he whipped it out and well.... just watch the video


Caution: There's a lot of swearing

Yes, I know we were being assholes, but my friend's brother was laughing about it after, and it made for some epic lulz. No harm done.
Pedophilia is not a funny crime.

(1) Fluent in Spanish
(1) Fluent in English
(0.5) Can somewhat hold a conversation in French.
(0.25) Can speak some German, took courses for a couple years.

It means shitty situation or shitty deal.

"Aw man, I have a massive essay due tomorrow, that's chate!" OR "Shit dude, I got so chated!"

Also, sick , boss, soft.
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Alright, so my friend got searched for drugs today(they monitored his facebook and saw bongs and him offering to make weed cookies to kids) and two weeks ago a kid got expelled for having shrooms, weed, and "some gray powder" in his locker (totally had it coming though, he did shrooms in the bathroom) and six suspended for drugs.
I personally don't do drugs but, my friends do and they're getting picked off one by one and its tripping me out.

so i was wondering, do a lot of kids get in trouble at your high schools for drug related antics?

I'm trippin' balls
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Not more talented but more enjoyable. Take Sunn 0))) for example. You just cant actually listen to them. You have to see them live because basically their stage presence is the whole thing.

Exactly. It makes the band a shitload better in terms of performance but not talent.

I remember I went to a Dream Theater concert (****ING EPIC!), and then going to a Metallica concert soon after. Even though I consider Dream Theater to be better musicians, I had more fun at Metallica because the whole band ran around the stage and pumped up the crowd and shit, and constantly had the crowd participating; where as DT just stood on the same spot the whole concert performing all 'proffessionally', and they only addressed the crowd ONCE in the whole concert, and that was just to say "Thanks guys!".

tl;dr: Stage precense doesn't make a band better, but it makes concerts more fun and energetic!
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3rd house only has 2 wires, 2nd has 4
I fart in kannon's general direction.
What if debris from space hits part of it as the elevator is rising?
Not cool. Just cause you dont agree with their orientation doesnt mean you gotta disrespect their deaths. Btw you just started a flame war.

PS: I'll be sure to spit on your grave, see how you like it.
Just a heads up, be ready to feel depressed for a whole day after you watch it. Thankfully I watched it at night, so I just went to sleep right after watching it. You know a movie is good quality when it is able to have such an intense emotional impact on the viewer like Requiem for a Dream did.

EDIT: I believe the type of site that you're looking for can be found by typing 'watch-movies' on
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Physical: Ear bitten off.

Mike Tyson
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Physically: Breaking my wrist so badly they had to reset it

Emotionally: My girlfriend told me the other day she still loves her ex and that they'd slept together that day because he claimed he loved her but then he told me he only did it to f**k me up.

People like this are the cancer of the world.
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check out mcmaster

They have the best health science/ med school programs (which are also INSANELY hard to get into) in the whole country probably, meaning they definitely have a good chem. programs.
If you live near Toronto, the University Fair is there this weekend.
Pretty much any band I think is amazing now. It usually takes me a while to actually start liking a band after hearing a song by them.

-Primus (SUCKS!)
-Bob Marley
-Children of Bodom
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What reality? I can't necessarily concentrate better, but I don't lose any concentration either. I mean, driving high, and I don't know if you've done it, is very easy. Comparing it to driving drunk is not even possible, and alcohol is legal.

You have a good point with the alcohol; but at least with alcohol they can do a breathelyzer test and prove you've been drinking and charge you, with weed there's no such thing. Anyways, I think it's a lot easier for people who smoke a lot to do things when they're high 'cause they're just used to it. I smoke once a month and get extremely ****ed every time, I honestly could not imagine driving while that high, but people who smoke like twice a week or more build up resistance and don't get as baked.

Either way I'm 100% pro-legalization; I don't understand why alcohol was unbanned after the prohibition and not weed.
Although I don't support regular use of marijuana, but don't have much against it (although I have toked many a time), legalization would be better for everyone because:

-Gov't would be able to sell it, therefore a lot of gangs/dealers would lose a MAJOR source of money
-Gov't could set restrictions on it, it would actually make it HARDER for kids/teenages to get
-Gov't makes more money, healthier economy
-More money to be spent on other more important things
-Less people in jail who leech of taxpayers' money for such a small crime (keeping inmates in jail is REALLY ****ING EXPENSIVE, and we're the ones that pay for it)

The only thing that scares me is people driving while high, all potheads claim they can drive better baked or whatever (only because they're permafried, therefore they're basically baked all the time, therefore getting baked doesn't impair their sense as much), but the reality is that most people can't concentrate very well on the road when they're high.
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I want to be placed in the middle of a freeway and blown up with a hand grenade. Nothing else will suffice.

Damn, that's metal.
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TS, your either really stoned, or this was done yesterday

Are you ****ing serious? Yesterday was the only day I didn't go on UG this month, wtf are the chances of that xD No joke, me and my friend talked about this last friday.

Bah, does this mean this thread's gonna be closed?