Hey, I was rockin' out and I decided t plug my guitar into the amp and it wouldn't work!!!
So I put a different guitar in and that worked, its not the amp, not the chord, so its the ****ing guitar! So im going to get a new pickup when i get the money! What brand of pickups do you recommend for my B.C. Rich?????
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why is that funny?

im looking for colored tuning knobs but i cant find them! I know they exist cause I saw them before but i dont remember where! i live in peoria Il. someone tell me were i can get them!!!!
ok people i have to say green day is my favorite band, but whats your favorite punk/emo band?
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hahahahahahahahahaahahahah lmfao
everything i own by bread
I was 3 when I started listining to Green Day, they were my favorite then and there my favorite now! who else thinks there the best?
hell ya! green days the best!!!!!!!!
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Does anyone else here find that listening to different music while you're sleeping changes how good a sleep you have?

I can listen to anything and manage to sleep but for some reason rise against songs just help me sleep quicker, deeper and for longer as well

oh and btw, i cant sleep with silence, i need music playing in the background
i just listen to the music and or play it and never sleep