i need nice skinny jeans. where do i goooooooo
feeling like i'm missing a lot of essential albums and music on my itunes..ever since my mac crashed i never really made the effort to put a lot on it. what do i need?
ebony epiphone sheraton II for trade..just sayingg
5/22 bump
yeah, what're you offering?
but what devi ever fuzz!

just..chillin, you know. kinda forgot about ug sry guyz
A POG2 with a couple minor nicks in the finish, but still works like new.

i need a crazy devi ever type fuzz that will blow my mind. any ideas?
Before everybody starts telling you to get a new guitar or a new amp, why do you think you need EMGs?
I really, really wish somebody would just buy my POG2. It would help me relieve so much GAS...
So basically, you just want an OD and a Tuner? That's a good idea.
Suddenly UG loves boutique...considering you're only even thinking about Boss and Digitech, I'd try out a used Small Clone instead. It's a lot simpler to work and sounds better.
Take it from people (or at least myself) who have wasted a lot of money on pedals that we later found out we didn't need...every pedal is hyped up as important to "any board" or "essential", but it's not at all the case.
Are you "muting" by lightly pulling them off in the same position they were at?
Honestly, a lot of people make this mistake when they first start buying pedals. No pedals are "essential", even compressors, EQs, and signal boosters. You're much better off buying a couple you really, really like or feel you actually need until you feel urges to fill in things you're missing.
I think I'm gonna look at a Rocket. Soda Meiser + Vintage Fuzz..
Muff style for sure. I want it to be able to get pretty ridiculous and noisy, but I also want to be able to tone it down and have it be applicable as a regular Muff. Devi Ever sounds like it would fit the bill...Hyperion?
Need a fuzz...what do I get o TPR thread.
i was thinking another delay but i feel pretty limited. i love my de7 but i want to layer delays. i don't want a DL-4 or a DD-20..maybe a modded DD-3?
not really hahah. telecaster -> pog2 -> oc-2 -> bad monkey -> rat -> delay -> pickle vibe -> small clone -> peavey prowler
hey guys.

my birthdays coming up and i need some suggestions for what to get. i haven't been following gear lately because i've been really focusing on playing guitar and working on my if anyone could tell me any new updates on gear and whatnot, it would be much appreciated.

thanks guys
arranged my pedalboard

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Aidan, how do you like the TR-2? Is there a volume drop like everyone says there is?
I really like mine. It does what I need it to do and I haven't had any problems with it. I suppose if you really listen for it, there is a small volume drop but it's hardly an issue, especially when you're playing loud.

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^ Elvis Costello & The Clash, excellent taste
Didn't even notice the CDs til post-upload, but thank you! Great albums.
just pulled out my pedalboard from under my bed...

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So atm I'm thinking a MIM Telecaster for the guitar. Also this setup from page 5:

Option 2: Ibanez DE7, Danelectro French Toast, and a Line 6 Verbzilla.

Seems pretty nice as a start to my pedalboard. However that post was from a couple of years back, is there any better equipment to be had for this kind of price now?

i literally threw out my friend toast. they are noisy as fuck. i'd reccomend de7, cool cat fuzz, and a rv-3. verbzillas are extremely cold.
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My Board today........
i really like this, aside from that mistress...why do you keep it? i absolutely hated it when i tried it.
any good names for a stoner metal band?
anybody know anything on jay turser guitars?
anybody know anything on jay turser guitars?
i am starting a progressive stoner metal band very soon. i need a new guitar asap...
well the line 6 toneport can only be used into your computer and with headphones, so if you're looking to jam with other people then definitely pass.

i'd save up for a peavey tube vypyr 60.
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I'm busy saving money for a GOOD cab...And my spider's only 250 euros...
sell the spider for 200 euros and add it onto whatever you have saved and get a nice used cab.
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so it's ok to talk shit about it without playing it, but not ok to praise the company and have a little faith?

People shat on the explorer and Flying V when they first came out. Now they're 2 of the most iconic guitars ever. The concept is great, whether the execution is good remains to be seen.
i don't think anybody here said anything on how it plays, just that it's ugly. two different things. saying "the dusk tiger is an amazing guitar, get over it. " is just stupid.
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What just because you can't afford an extremly nice guitar you gotta talk shit on it? I bet that it blows any guitar you have out of the water, in fact it probally blows just about any guitar out of the water. You sit there and talk shit about a company that innovated the shit out of the guitar industry. The company that brought the Les Paul, Flying V, and Explorer to body styles to the table. Oh and lets not forget that Gibson pretty much introduced the world to the electric guitar with the es-150. If Gibson never happened guitars would'nt have come half as far as they have. Learn your shit before you talk shit on them.
are you the first one to defend the MG because of how important marshall once was?

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FINALLY the dusk tiger is an amazing guitar, get over it. You may not like how it looks, and go ahead and make fun of the next person you see with one. But when they pull out that guitar and blow you ****ing mind with all the ridicolous shit in it. ill bet you'd wanna quit playing guitar and kill your self because you'll never sound half as amazing as that.
i suggest actually playing the guitar before preaching how incredible it is because its gibson.
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gibson is a bunch of dumbasses. it's literally the worst place to work and all they focus on is those idiotic robot guitars. they stay in tune for under 5 mins and look like balls

i don't know about the intonation thing, but the rest is correct...