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Hey friend, I'm doing good! How about you?

Working to much.
Mandatory overtime sucks.

But I am starting to get the pedal building itch back.
I was designing and building boards for a bunch of other people and pushing my own projects on the backburner.
Kinda got burned out on that and quit anything to do with a soldering iron for about 3 years.
See if I can get my special pedal project going again.
Cream - A dairy
Blue Oyster Cult - Blues club that serves seafood
Johnny Cash - Buys your used by toilets/porta-potties
Triumph - Make motorcycles
I've been avoiding this thread because I hadn't seen the final EP yet, until a few days ago.

I thought it ended ok (as long as I dont try to overanalyze it).

What I wasnt crazy about:

Daenerys going from someone who seemed to want be good, to turning into a brutal tyrant in a few seconds.

I would have rather seen Cersei brutally killed by Arya.
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Cables can also go bad within the plugs. The conductor that runs from the solder joints to the tip or shield can become disconnected or the tip and shield become connected. Poorly made plugs, solder joints, or excessive heat can cause this. If you open up the cable plug and the plug itself seems loose, its possible the conductors are broken or shorted.

If you are completely confident it isn't the guitar jack, you can try re-wiring the cables. Cut off the ends with some excess, as it is possible the strain on the wire created broken connections within the cable. Strip the ends, desolder the excess off the plug, and solder the fresh ends on the cable. Or buy a new cable.

Even though you have tested other guitars, I wouldn't rule out multiple jack failures, either. Oftentimes the jack's clip, which makes contact with the tip of the cable, loosens its hold over time. Simply bending the clip inwards can fix the problem.

Another complication is that some plugs have slightly different shaped tips from others, which can contact jack clips poorly.

This is almost everything you need to know.
If you can rotate the plug tip, or it feels loose, you have a bad plug. Get something of better quality.
I would suggest Mogami.

Hey Will, how ya doing?
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There are really only 2 things that can cause the issue of the pedal physically not turning on when you move it. Power supply end is loose somewhere, or the input cable is not fully seating in the jack.

You can test the power supply issue by putting a battery in and seeing if it works. You can also try a different cable and see if it seats completely.

Regardless of where you place the pedal, if its not coming on its not an issue with your effects loop its a mechanical issue with the pedal.

Could be a cable issue.
Could be the cable you are using on the pedal input when trying things in front of the amp may not be seating properly in the jack. I have seen this before with some input jack/cable combinations. Usually with molded cable plugs.
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What’s the matter, Zaphikh?


There have been many stories written about the post-scarcity future. See Star Trek, Asimov’s Robot series, etc. But nobody ever really writes about the transition times. some ways, we’re seemingly at the dawn of that time. Technology has progressed to the point that many jobs are jeopardized, even those that we once thought were tech-proof. What happens to society when employment in 1st world nations permanently creeps into the 20% range and beyond?

Well danny, I have actually given that some thought over the last few years and have an opinion on that that I feel might suggest a career path that would be less likely to fade away. At least not for awhile.
With numerous companies going to robotics, learn about robotics and maintaining those systems.
I think it's going to be a long time (30 - 50+ years) before those systems will be able to perform self maintenance/self repair reliably.
I'm looking at following that path myself.
The head is a dead giveaway.
Not because of the logo, but because of the tuners.
They are way to close to the edge.
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Warning:Opinion Ahead!! I have the Boss PS-5. It's fun to fool around with at home or recording (but if I was recording, I would just play the harmony on another track). That being said, yes it tracks decently and sounds OK but you need to spend a little time setting up the right key for each song and then adjusting the pitch for the types of harmony notes you want to use on a song. This is not a practical "live" tool for a band situation. In order to use it frequently on gig you would need to stop between songs and get down and set it up for the next song. It's just not a practical live effect that can set itself up for the key you are playing. I use a Digitech Vocalist 2 for live vocal harmony and it works really well without any programming because you just plug your guitar into it as the key source and a microphone into it and the Vocalist knows what key you are playing in and creates harmonies on your voice. Maybe there is something like this for guitar I don't know but the Boss PS-5 just doesn't make it for live use.

Gotta agree, for live use, it's not really practical.
You could use it live, but would have to change settings for different keys and intervals.
while that's not the end of the world, it can be a pain, especially in poor lighting.
I had one back in the early/mid 80s

I liked it.
JCM800-like though? No.
But better than the other solid state offerings from Marshall(IMO).
I remember getting quite a few compliments on my tone/sound.

And I too have been thinking about getting (another) one.
I've got a Boss PS-5.
The tracking on the 2 octaves down sucks, but other than that, it does pretty good.
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Is it virtual or actual adoption? (Our backyard is not so big.)

Google "adopt a mustang" (there may be other options).

Sorry it took so long to reply.
I moved last week and haven't had much time for internet stuff.
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Is it virtual or actual adoption? (Our backyard is not so big.)

No idea.
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Nifty video!

1) save the wild horses!

2) pretty sure I saw a Yul Brynner gunslinger bot roaming the factory.

You can adopt a horse.

Yeah, we got a few of those Yul bots roaming around.
If anyone is interested, here is where I work.
Although other than the lunchroom area, there isn't much shown on the 2nd floor.
Anyone but dread
I fight dirty.
I've actually had government training in hand to hand combat when I was a Correctional officer.
Fighting dirty was encouraged.
Considering the type of person I would have to fight, fighting dirty was a good idea.

I'll hurt you with a piece of paper.
Paper cut between finger and thumb.
Yesterday while at work.
Cross Eyed Mary
Two words only: Kidney Stones.
No words can truly explain how that feels.
Needs to be experienced to fully understand
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Working at Tesla and driving a Ford? 

Something sounds off..

Yeah, a bit out of my budget.

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good to hear. i've been supporting you guys, traded in my first mid range model 3 for a LR AWD version.

so are you guys actually making powerwalls? i've been waiting on a founders series for over a year. :hmm:

Yeah still making powerwalls.
I haven't seen a founders series for awhile.
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what are you up to these days? anything interesting?
still workin' for elon?

Yeah, still at Tesla. Still doing Powerwall stuff.
Loads of new people.
Saved up $5,000 in a few months and got a Ford Expedition. Used obviously but in good shape.
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Suppon That's actually hilarious. I'm just pissed I missed them when they were going around with tricot. I think I was traveling for work or something. Tonight is their first show of the 2019 US tour, so I'm pumped.

Also, I don't mind it. But I can't keep doing it. At my last physical I already had some hearing loss show up in my test. Don't want to lose any more. And I'm not going to subject the fiancee to that. Her body is her temple. My body is a dumpster fire.

My body is a temple.
But one of those ones in Cambodia where monkeys shit all over the place.
I worked in the prison system in Nevada for 6 years (correctional officer/prison guard).
The most monumental or beautiful thing I created, got flushed.
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In all fairness: is "African American" a string of letters that is bannable when posted in this forum?

Is "Macgyvered" also a bannable offense? If not, then why not?


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When “African-American rigged” was used in place of “nigger-rigged”

A guy I worked with several years ago, cleaned up that term a bit by calling it "Afro-Engineering".
He was Ethiopian and one of the smartest people I have ever worked with.
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Lingerie catalogs, here I come!


Sears catalog in the 60s
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k.lainad Pics mate.

Get with the program
You look so cute when you are sleeping
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Damn, imagine how your mom felt seeing him stand up for her. Like a massive force, of quivering braun, vascularity, and blood surging, through shared hearts..

Your mom was probably so turned on by this she gave him the best blowjob of his life.
And after that she probably said "Stick that rock hard cock in my ass".
And while he was pounding away at her poop chute, she called your hot red headed aunt over to make it a threesome.
I just stayed home for thanksgiving.
I had barbq chicken instead.
Moved a few months ago.
Got a bit more space to stretch out.
New gear is a Tascam 24 track.
Electronic drum kit is my next purchase.
Work has kept me pretty busy.
Don't do shit at home during the week, but with 12 hour work days can't do much.
Purple headed yogurt slinger
Vertical smile

Got a few insults
Sperm burper
Cum guzzler
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Came in here to post that.
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kalypto How is this a stupid thread? Someone made a thread saying how "doggystyle is the best sex position" (great thread btw). I think you may be forgetting that this is The Pit, 50% of the stuff here is stupid.

You greatly overestimate the collective intelligence of The Pit.
Anyone that choose the small tiddie option has never done any tiddie fucking.
So I can get daily reminders of how much more awesome my cousins life is than mine.
I used to marinate steaks in Italian salad dressing.
Would use like half a bottle, and also cook it in it (after I charred the outside).
Haven't done it for a while.
Vox AC30 with Fulltone Fulldrive and a Zvex Box of Rock works well for me.
I get the Vox sound (obviously) from the amp and the Fulldrive and/or the the BoR get me various levels of a Marshall sound.
2 solos, 13 and 17 minutes in.
They still give me goosebumps, especially the 2nd one (the lyrics before it are a contributing factor)

When someone here lost there virginity?
Ask in the Guitar Gear And Accessories sub-forum.
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I'm thankful that most of you Pit regulars are replying "never." I'll hold you to it.

It's not really a concern when the only creature that sees your wee-wee is the family dog.