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I thought this thread was going to be about mentally associating two unrelated things and one of them is cool but the other is lame so whenever you whatever the cool thing you think of the lame thing.  So like one time I was learning a song.  That week, an incident happened with someone I know so I associate that song with that incident.  Luckily though I am very desensitized because the incident is really kind of gross but I just find it hilarious and love retelling the story for the shock value and people's reactions to it.

I had to read that 4 - 5 times before I knew what you were saying.
Note to self: Don't read theogonia's posts when you are high.

Then there is this organization:

Got Walmarts 30, 40, and 50 minutes away from home.
Have a Smiths about 15 minutes away. Although their price are a bit high.
An item that, for example, costs $3.00 at Walmart, is about $4.00 at Smiths.
Favorite? NO 
In My Life
Probably because, years ago, my GF and I went to a karaoke bar and I put her name, and that song on the list.
She drug me up on stage with her to do a duet. I probably sucked. Was probably drunk too.
I've got like 2k photos on photobucket.
All semi-nicely sorted.
Well, I do have a 5 day weekend this week.

To get laid
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The warning signs that the girl is trouble are: she's female.
Body piercings, tats and colored hair are pretty normal, and the only issue with cuddling up with that is the occasional *clank*. Just lean in.

This is all you really need to know.
You best start hanging out in gay bars.
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And yeah, you're overthinking this way too much, basically if some chick wants you to pork her, just fool around until she tells you to put it in her and then just pay attention to how she reacts. As I said earlier, sex is a pretty innate thing, so most of the actions etc will automatically come to you, but just pay attention to her reactions to shit.

Also, go read a book.

This entire post (All the quoted/commented parts) wins this thread.
It gives accurate and honest answers.

And although you didn't ask this...
Something I have heard for years, is that if you eat a lot of pineapple, it makes your cum taste better, which equals more blow jobs.
Dunno if its true, but I plan on eating a lot of pineapple this week.
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it's not really, she's carrying his second kid, so the retarded genes have already been passed on.

tl;dr this doesn't qualify for a Darwin Award

At least he won't be passing on his genes anymore.
I have an AC30 + a 2x12 cabinet (DIY).
The cab has an Alnico Gold and a G12K-85 in it.
For my needs it sounds perfect.

For a Vox Night Train, the Gold would probably be fine.
So has anyone ever had to write a reference letter for a friend to help in getting a job?
My GF is just doing part time work and wants me to write a reference letter for her to hopefully help in getting some better, more stable work.
Obviously I'm not gonna say anything about how involved we are with each other, but I have worked with her, so I know about her work skills and ethics.
I downloaded all of these examples and will go through them all later today :
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Sounds nice.  I like the Teslas I've seen.

My Honda is a 2008 with just over 72k miles on it.  By the time I get an electric, gas may well be passé.

The S gets me hard.
Still haven't seen the 3 yet, only renderings.
They are supposed to have one at work again soon I hear though.
the 3 is a lot closer to my budget than an S would be.
Nelshizzle , I love you to, as a friend
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real men don't need a tele.   don't listen to these guys. 

But I do want one.
I was in GC several years ago, looking for an amp, specifically a Vox AD30VT, and found it there.
But while there. I played this Baja Tele, one of the cheaper models I guess cause it was only $399.
Had an amazing neck. big baseball bat sized neck but it felt great.
But I was there to get an amp.

How many guitars have you checked out that you didn't buy, but you remember how good it felt in your hands 10+ years later?
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Rumor mill has it that the Model Y might be unveiled pretty soon lol

No comment.
Yes I know when.
But NDA and all that.
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CodeMonk that one pictured is the Model 3

Do it! You're on west coast and/or get employee/etc related dibs? The ones going stock will be the first to sell, and if you get to the front of the list, you'll get the full $7,500 tax credit [assuming you have that many taxes to pay, and make your paychecks have less federal withholding to where it works out to "owing" that much in taxes on April 2018 (assuming you get the car/loan in 2017)]

Next month is when the first deliveries start though. I'm expecting to be around the $~1.875k phased-out credit for 2018 tax year since I reserved late and am on the east coast, but possibly ~$3.75k depending on how they time their sales

Haven't seen the 3 in person yet. They had one here last week while I was off. Supposed to have one here again sometime in the next week I think.

I work at the Gigafactory.
Model 3 drivetrain is built here.
As an employee, I get sent the the front of the line ahead of the general public.
Employee discounts have changed a bit. Not sure what is now, if anything.
And I heard that they just take the monthly payments out of your check.
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This bad boy, not sure after that

I sooopoo want one of those.
The first time I saw a Model S was in the parking lot at work last year
I and everyone else was drooling.
It was white and damn did it look SEXY
(see what I did there)

I'm considering getting a Model 3
(The S is way out of my budget).
Plus if so order one, I get moved to the front of the waiting list.
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Can I make fun of you for owning an sg?

Teles master race.

We can ban him for aggressive double posting now.

You can make fun of me for not owning a Tele...Yet.
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All of the above, except OP.

And anyone posting that video, or ANY picture of someone wearing one of those abominations, should stay awhile in FOTB.
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I envy you greatly

Except for the part where you currently have a partner, because I also have one of those

Enjoy your youthful love and cuddles and all that jazz while you're young and have time for all your youthful love and cuddles and all that jazz, because one day you'll be too busy and too old to enjoy your youthful love and cuddles and all that jazz

I'm 57, work 12 hour shifts, and I still have time for and get cuddles and all that jazz.
and love, yeah, that too, though not as "youthful", but still pretty good.
When you meet a girl named Denise, with really huge boobs, tell her to go get fucked.
When you meet a girl named Denise, with small boobs, from North Dakota, 5' 2", go for it!
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Well they're all pretty much the same, so let's say Sin City

One of my favorites.

A few more suggestions...
Girls Got Rhythm
Whole Lotta Rosie. This one:

Its been kinda neutered.can't find the original version.
Now that you have finished that bottle of rum, DO NOT call and bitch out your sister.
Taken today (June 6, 2017)
Lake Tahoe seen in the background.
We spent most of the day there in a couple of rented kayaks until we both looked like cooked lobsters.

One advantage with dating someone that is homeless is that after your date you could just drop them off anywhere.
None of that driving halfway across town bullshit.
If your girl is into any of the new "country" stuff, play her this. Her dripping wet panties will fall off:

It's really easy to learn.
Huh huh, your mom.
Right now it's 102F where I am.
But I have seen temps of:
High: 112F
Low: -30F

Dunno about the records.
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Try again

Yup, I built those.
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Death rays?

That would be to easy.
The CEO of the company I work at comes up with all sorts of off the wall ideas that actually look promising.
I build stuff that will change the world for the better and will reduce pollution and reliance on fossil fuels.
You're welcome.
I slipped something into his drink last week.
Does that count?

OH, BTW Hydra, you might want to go to the clinic and get tested.

No idea, Didn't listen.
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At least one Johnny Cash song, right?

Nice choices.
I think this would be better

Your sister said that my dick was bigger than yours.
Your dad said the same thing.
I was reading something the other day, a bunch of groupies were talking about what rock stars were the most well endowed.
Lars was only mentioned because it was said he had a 3 inch penis.
I'd be pretty pissed about that too.
Once upon a time, Carnivean banged his sister

The End

Uhm, Once?
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Mastodon could slay with this song:

I would post a link, but at work on my phone...

How about they do Nancy Sinatra's "These boots are made for walking"
I certainly favor that kind of thinking, but I can't help but add...
"Hold my beer".
It varies
During my work week, I usually drink some energy drink like Monster. 12 hour shifts with maybe 3 - 4 hours of sleep in between, it helps. The Monster is for before work and at lunch/breaks. During work, I drink A LOT of water, probably close to 2 liters.
Cold days : Chai or Earl Grey tea.
Hot days : Cold Chai tea, maybe a coke, or other cold tea, maybe Gatorade

Alcoholic drinks : Usually Rum and Coke, or a beer. Depends on what I am doing that night and how drunk I want to get.
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because it implies you are attractive and that's a positive thing isn't it?

On its own, its not horrible.
But considering the surroundings or the situation, calling someone "Eye Candy", and nothing else, suggests that it is their only redeeming quality.
"Yeah, you're pretty hot, but I'm not going to tell you about any other good qualities you have because I don't think you have any".

kalypto is just being a troll.