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a shadow (perhaps)

Winner winner chicken dinner.
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Here's another one: 

I make you weak at the worst of all times. 
I keep you safe, I keep you fine. 
I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold, 
I visit the weak, but seldom the bold. 


I'm as small as an ant,
As big as a whale.
I can come like a breeze,
Or come like a gale.

By some I get hit ,
But all have shown fear.
I'll dance to the music
Though I can't hear.

Of names I have many,
Of names I have one.
I'm as slow as a snail,
But from me you can't run.

What am I?
Potato pancakes
The 70s and 80s. Not the 90s.
I raced motocross.
Being its Kentucky, is "adoption" code for "war brides"?
If it fits, it's fine.

I've got my Fender in an ESP case.
I would have to say the 1960's.
A lot of things change in that decade.
But I think the 60's because of TV.
We got news and other info because of the widespread ownership of TVs.

As for when I noticed more was in the 70s and 80s.

But the world really changed after 1989.
The bear
It probably has rabies

What It Means To Be The Bear

In the kingdom of spirit animals, the bear is emblematic of grounding forces and strength. This animal has been worshiped throughout time as a powerful totem, inspiring those who need it the courage to stand up against adversity. As a spirit animal in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature, it is a powerful guide to support physical and emotional healing.
2 gmail accounts
2 outlook accounts (work uses outlook too)
Probably a few others.

Had one from ages ago.
Another from an IRC network
Herbert Funkmunster III
2 things:
Be there for her when she needs it.
Give her space when she needs that.
She is going to need some time just to grieve by herself.
I sometimes miss that Dairy Queen guy.
Maybe try turpentine.
Dunno if it will work though but it's pretty useful.
Not sure how Vegas falls at #2, you can easily drop as much coin on a meal or drink as you do in San Fran or LA.  

You can find breakfast at many casinos for $2.99.
Drinks? Play some slots and they give you free booze. And they do still have penny slots.
But you can also pay $1,000 for a dinner.
If resizing is an option, then I'm going to assume you can use a soldering iron.

If so, then desolder one of the plugs.
Slide an appropriate size of shrink sleeving over the cable.
For better looks, get a piece long enough to cover the damaged section while also being in the middle of the cable.
Now you have a custom made reinforced cable.
I was doing design, building, and repairing guitar amps and pedals.
But I kinda hit a wall about 2 years ago and got burnt out on it. After doing that for almost 30 years, I had to stop. I might get back into it to some degree in the near future though.

For now, I just do a lot of random stuff.
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The other band members look like they are embarrassed that they even wrote this song.

That was one of the most painful 15 seconds of my life.
Usually rum and coke
Or if I'm there just to play pool, a beer. Negro Modelo if they have it.
Guess it would have to be RUSH.
First album.
It was my roommate's album.
First time he played it, I told him to never play it again.
The following weekend, we played it for about 12 hours. At my insistence
This was in 1979
I was hooked.
What changed?
I got some LSD from a guy at work a few days prior.
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Magnums I have found at Rack Room, Famous Footwear, Academy, and on Amazon. If you or a friend or family member are connected to the US military, they sell them in the PX as well. Some police forces also prefer them for tactical footwear, so if you have a buddy on the force, ask. Army surplus stores might also stock them.

I’ve also found that Reebok has some good boots similar to Magnums- those I’ve seen at DSW, Hi-Tec and Tactical Research are other good options.

The link you showed me was their online store.
But now that I think about it, being I'm on my feet 12 hours a day, i really should try some on, instead of a blind order.
We get a $70 voucher every year for Redwings.
But I would have no problem spending $150 or so for a decent pair.
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I have lots of shoe related links (surprising absolutely no on)- could you remind me a bit more about what we were discussing? Was it a particular maker or a retail outlet?

Steel toed boots.
I think Magnum was part of the link.
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Quoting for the pic cause that's how I feel right now.

Anyway Danny, you still have the link for that place with the nice shoes (steel toed boots in my case)?
Think I'll be ordering some this week.
Yeah, I usually have 2 of the green ones on work days.
Drink the first one when I get up, and the other one during work. Only on work days though (12 hour shifts with never enough sleep, I need something).
I'd want to have mine at least an hour from civilization.

Serve chocolate cake made with Exlax.
Have only 2 porta potties.
Both full on arrival, both out of toilet paper.
Have it in Texas in July.
I want an electric with piezo.
I've got a 3/4 sized classical guitar.
Had that tucker for about 30 years.
It's a real POS.
I glued a piezo buzzer inside it.
Sounds awesome.
I even stuck a "pick up toggle" switch.
For the "neck position, I just stuck a cap in there.
Has volume and tone controls (had to use 1Meg pots).
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Just get a regular acoustic.

You can worry about recording yourself somewhere down the line (or just put your iPhone on a mike stand and start with that).
As a beginner, you're mostly concerned with having something that's easily playable. As long as you can get sound out of it, you're good.
Start saving toward a better guitar as you play.

I would go with this.
But get a good acoustic, not some $50 POS.
Electrics are fun and all, especially when you get a nice amp and maybe some pedals or an MFX unit, but they are also more forgiving than an acoustic.
ALL your mistakes are heard when playing an acoustic.
It forces you to play clean.
A crappy acoustic will wear you down.
A decent one can inspire you.

As far as things like humidifiers go, I've never bothered.
But if I had $3,000 Martin or some high end acoustic, i would probably go with a humidifier.

Stand versus bag?
Mines in a bag.
If it's not in the bag, it's on a stand.
A decent Sigma, had a price tag of $550 on it.
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No he wasn't he was only a lowly Column (Colon) Cleaner

I only notice a different color, never really paid attention to what it meant.
Quote by JudasTheGuide's not worth taking the risk.

Half the pit denizens haven't been laid in so long (if ever), that's going to look more like an invitation than a warning.
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tbf though he asked to be banned forever

He did.
He was a mod here too.
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Like having a band called "FREE BEER", looks good on a flyer.
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It shouldn't be a problem.  You're just stating a fact.

(Then again, I'm probably giving modern day human nature far too much credit)

Which is why I included that fact.
In that area, anyone that looks Hispanic was usually just called a "Mexican" by default.
Back then (early - 80s), it didn't "trigger" people so much.
First regularly gigging band I was in was called "La Fuga".
That means "The Escape".
We did mainly 50s, 60s, 70s rock and country stuff, almost all sung in spanish (or whatever the California Mexicans spoke).
I was the lone white boy in the band.
You might be wondering "how the fuck did this gringo get into a Mexican band?".
I came home from work one wednesday night and my roommate Is chugging beers with these two Mexican guys. They said they were looking for a new guitarist.
First practice the next night. First gig, that saturday.
We gigged in the Hispanic communities, mostly in The San Fernando Valley. Although we did hit numerous areas as far south as San Diego.
Played with them for a little over 3 years.

Before any SJWs bag on me for using "Mexican", seemingly carelessly to describe my new band mates, they were both born in Guadalajara (one was legal, one was not).
Help out in another area.
There's always work upstairs.
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Wow that thing looks pretty nice. I don't think it was on the market when I was looking for a hollow/semi-hollow (late 2016), or else it might have caught my eye a lot more.

I generally don't like Ibanez guitars (especially their acoustics... and they're ugly) but this one is rather beautiful. I'd like to get my hands on one.

edit: also hey, it looks like I've stumbled into an exclusive clique

Took ya long enough.
The most I ever did was when I worked as a correctional officer (prison guard).
I worked 22 double shifts (that's 16 hours a day) in a row.
The Crusty Sock Puppets