A fuzz with the gain maxed and a slide
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I can't believe I've been coming here for 10 years

Happy 10 Year Anny to Me

It would depend.
After he has dated/banged at least 5 girls and 5 or more years have passed, then maybe.
10 years if you wanna do a 3 way with her and his sister/mother.
Neon Green?
First color name that came to me was "Granny Smith Apple Green".

On another note, had 2 of the Tesla Semi's on display in the parking lot.
Silver and Flat Black.
No pics, sorry. Not really up for a personal visit from Elon.
Looks OK I guess. Probably take some getting used to in driving it though.
One of them. On the phone a few times a week.
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is it too late to be the guy that comes in and tells you tea is better?

Pastafarian96 already did. Well, not really.

I'm more of a tea person myself.
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So, I tried putting contact cleaner on tubes and cables, but to no avail.  But... I got a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter the other day, and had it sitting on top of my amp; when the volume suddenly dropped I plugged it into the #1 jack (my guitar in #2) and it immediately brought the volume back to normal.  I proceeded to play for 2 hours with no issue!  So, I think this may be the culprit (just in case anyone else is having this issue.)

Sounds like a bad solder joint.
I have had instances where things (in any number of electronic devices) worked less than ideal (in an unacceptable way), until it heated up, and the reason was a bad or cracked solder joint.

Quote by trashedlostfdup At this point open it up if you are comfortable doing so, be mindful that there are life threatening voltages in there.  Or if not, i would probably bring it to a shop.

Keep this in mind ANYTIME you expose the guts of an amp.
 J'ai sucé la queue pour ce tatouage 
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No necrobumper ten years from now is going to get that reference the moment Erik changes his sig.You made an ELO reference.

You're now one of my favorite users.

hell I was even jamming that particular tune a few hours ago

I got that as a Rush reference.
Could have been Olivia Newton John though.

Violets are blue
Daisies are yellow
Smoke something green
So you can feel mellow.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
My penis is happier
When its inside of you.
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What should I name it then? (I dont know)

Chewing Glass
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I'm considering joining/starting a wedding band as a means to earn a bit of extra cash. Surely there are people on this site who have experience in this?

How much can one expect to make per 'gig'? Is it possible to earn any reasonable money from this?

I did that back in the 80's.
We did Mexican/Hispanic music (I was the token white boy/guitarist)
We played mostly 50's, 60's, 70's Rock and country. Both English and Hispanic versions of various tunes.
We had about 200 songs in our list.
We charged $500 - $1000 a gig, but we would usually play late into the night or early morning. Or until the cops showed up.
On weekends where we didn't have a gig, we would check out bands in our little circuit, sometimes we would get them to lets us play a set. And more than a few times, we got offered $500 - $1000 just to play another set by the brides/grooms father/some random drunk.
We enjoyed it, even when we weren't getting paid that much.
Lots of food, booze, and horny women.

Make a living?
I didn't. Made good extra cash.
But it was also rough. Had to work a day job, then rehearse after work several nights a week.
Would I do it again, under the same circumstances? In a heartbeat.
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Not the best advice to give to folks with pedophilic / necrophilic / beastialic tendencies...

Hey, I ain't no pedophile.
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It's a nice place to chill after working all day.
Living in the middle of nowhere kind of restricts meeting with friends to weekends so this is perfect for banter and is the only place I get to communicate with others in english. I don't use other social medias for the reasons the lads mentioned already.
Re. The pit, It's simple, it has music, it has a nice community feel to it, and it has the dankest memes.


I live in the middle of nowhere, work 12 hour days, so almost anything other than sleep during the work week is a no go for the most part.
I get a few hours after I get home from work to veg a bit and maybe spout some useless drivel, or read about one of the prepubescents whine about some new girls he has the hots for, or how his latest poo looks just like hitler.

Turn this place into another FB, Reedit, Pinterest? 
You want to turn this place into another Harmony Central?
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The worst is when people keep doing this in the bathroom. Like, m8, I'm in the stall trying to take a shit, and you're blasting your shit music at full volume.


I dunno.
It drowns out all the fart noises.
Blessing in disguise?

Unless you like listening to wet farts.
4 or 5 last year.
This year, I dunno yet, but there are a few acts I would like to see. Have to travel a bit for one of them though.
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From what I know each location is given a credited amount of waived destination fees the managers can use to close deals or alleviate customer service issues. I'd bet they're hard to get, the tesla employees I liaison with didn't get them waived iirc. Likely you'd have to demand it as part of the negotiation.

We do get a bit of a discount on the purchase price and good interest rates, but as far as the various fees, no, we don't get a break.
Last time I looked into it though was about 6 months ago. Things may have changed since then though.
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I've been "occasional" for awhile. Work just takes so much of my time and energy.

Also, if I'm stressed, it's hard for me to relax enough to play guitar.

Kinda this.
Work takes so much time an energy.
And I have been really stressed out for the last few months, so that doesn't help.
Not a housemate, flatmate, or roommate, but a friend that crashed at my apartment now and then after a party...
We always made him sleep on the balcony. With the door shut.
When he would take of his shoes, his feet smelled so bad, it was just disgusting.
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But you used the words "literal" and "literally."  In my world, that defines you . J/K

Musk is one of those guys who dreams something and goes out and makes it happen. He's had a LOT of detractors and a lot of folks have told him it can't happen and a lot of folks have placed stock market bets against him succeeding. The guy doesn't do it himself and hires brilliant engineers and production people and is pretty amazing in how he wields money. And he's goofy, like a big kid doodling on his notebook during class. Flame throwers? Done. Build a company that can bore tunnels under LA? Ready to go. Electric cars and trucks and self-driving cars? Out there. Giant batteries that can supply electricity to whole islands and sections of a continent? Gotcha. Build a company that does re-usable rockets that land like they did in old sci-fi movies? Piece of quiche. Date Amber Heard? Twice? Awesome.

Steve Jobs is also one of my faves, but his genius was in recognizing technologies that would work well together while others didn't. And then making it happen. Canon laser printer plus Warnock's Postscript? Graphic User Interface plus consumer-grade computer?  PDA plus Phone? Most of what we eventually recognized in a modern computer was in the NeXT computer when he was in exile from Apple: Unix, color display, magneto-optical drives, CD ROMs, stereo sound, yada yada.  But the second part of his genius was in the machine-human interface. The user experience. Woz may have done the original work, but the vision was Jobs'.

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I don’t know who this guy is. Is he a joke across the pond?

He was a regular Pit Monkey a few years ago
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Your decision to write "da wae" in the title bothers me more than the layout

We are all fucking doomed.
The downfall of all that is good and right in this world is being caused by idiots spelling shit like that
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i imagine it took like half an hour to reach the nipples though

"what you doing"

"I need the information for next weeks Gynecological test".
I looked the power supply up and it does have enough power for your pedals.
At least the Boss.
7 - 9V/100mA outlets (though I suspect that its 100mA spread across those 7 outlets. Its not a truly isolated PSU) as well as the 12V and 18V outlets.
Reviews are not kind, unless you want to believe Amazon reviews (many of which are probably made by company employees or something).

Try batteries only and see if they still work.
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there was porn though right?

Mostly through something called Fidonet.
Which I accessed via the local county library .
So as I sit here in the DMV, there is this sign that says

So that means that 2 out of 3 people killed, were wearing a seatbelt?
So you are twice as likely to die if you wear your searbelt?
Didn't have shit when I first tried the internet.
I got access via my UNI.
Way back the 90's
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lol, no DMV in NJ anymore.

the Motor Vehicle Commission is totally a different and not annoying thing.

Thank you, Jim McGreevey! 🤗

And...i'm sitting in the DMV.
about 20 minutes to go then it's my turn to give the gov some money.
Have a co-worker arrived at another DMV office at the same time and he has about 2 hours left.
I have to go to the fucking DMV tomorrow morning.
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30 is just a kind of arbitrary threshold in my mind.

it just feels like it's this turning point and i've accomplished nothing with my life.

part of me knows, yeah, it's just another year. probably not going to be any different from 27,28,29,31,32.

but at the same time it feels like that moment when the odometer rolls over if that makes any sense.

idk what the fuck I'm talking about. this week sucked and I'm tired. 🙃

When you hit 50, your willy is gonna fall off.
Mine didn't. Yours will.
you lot are all pretty fucked up.
Gender, spice, etc.
What if my gender is actualy Tumeric?
Or maybe Basil
Or even phillip pepper?
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I look like a 330 lb white male, but I identify as a 115 lb black woman.  

I'm a 58 year old white male.
I identify as a 58 year old white whale.

She is of legal age.
He is a has been comedian that was never very funny to begin with and just wants to stay relevant.
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take her to a movie. she'll probably think it's a date, then when you're leaving give her a wave and say "see ya"

jaketip #216

Except, when you choose your seats, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Then just leave.
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I am not a group though so it is irrelevant for this thread.

Ok then.
How about your entire family then?
Remind her how REAL slave drivers behave and force her to give birth to your offspring.
That news is probably older than you OP.
Time to move on with your life.

Or take your outrage out on the politicians and Hollywood elite that are doing the same shit today.