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 Noted. I've also been there before (quite a few times), but this time I'm planning not to have it end like that (me silently suffering until the feelings passed). I'm gonna romance the shit out of her!

Take it slow.
Go into "Observe mode".
With my last GF, I took her to lunch one Friday afternoon.
Did lunch.
Walked around the Sparks Marina.
Went into Scheels just to look around. Rode the little Ferris wheel they had in there.
During that visit, I noticed she showed some interest in the Kayaks.
So, a month or so later, we went to Tahoe and rented some Kayaks.
During the Kayaking, we saw people parasailing. That interested her.
A few weeks later, we went parasailing (And I get nervous on a step ladder, but that was awesome).

That's observing what she says or shows an interest in something.
And her mentioning that, may seem casual, but its not. She is telling you where she wants you to take her.
But she's not saying it outright. She'll do that later on.

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You should tell her how you feel or make a move on her or something. Most likely it will fail but you’re not gonna likely remain friends either way, better to rip that band-aid off now.

Sink or swim.

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im really good friends with her boyfriend so I'd rather not ruin my entire friend group. It just sucks

OK, fuck
You're on The Titanic.

And for me, yeah, It's complicated.
We broke up, I have been out with a few women, but nothing serious.
And we are still talking a few times a week (She has been going through a lot of seriously fucked up shit since before we broke up).
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Doesn't that just mean everybody has equi-distant penis sizes?

Or results to insignificant to measure.

Actually, I went through the alphabet to find my most recent search.
It was either "avery 3381 examples"
Or "pizza factory" (pick up something for lunch at work the other day).

Sorry, no "kitten porn" links today.

now, who went and actually searched "kitten porn"?
"Average penis size of a Pit user"
No results returned.
Give your monkey some weed.
Then make another video.
Or maybe meth, then video it. That might be more interesting.

How many kilos of monkey poo have you had to clean up?
I'd have to say California.
1 out of 3 homeless people play guitar.
3 out of 5 homeless people there play the bass.

This guy was brilliant
will Codemonk ever display for all to see, that tattoo of a rooster on his junk?
Don't fucking remember.
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What do you think about the danelectro reel to reel echo pedal? That things pretty awesome!!

I have heard some good things about it, but have no personal experience with it.
The Danelectro FAB Echo does a good slap back though.
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well jazz is just a collection of wrong notes played out of key in the wrong order

it's all just squiggly air

Came in to say that.
"In the wrong order" was a nice touch.
So, did he ever make it to the door?
And through the door?
What did he buy?
Wine Coolers?
(Root beer Schnapps added to a root beer float is awesome. Drank a bunch of those at work one summer).
As said before...
Spring reverb, tremolo, also slap back echo.
Get an AC30, skip the reverb and tremolo pedals (Get AC30 with those), and you are golden.

Boost pedal?
Get a Crowther Hotcake.
Steve Howe (from pics I have seen lately, he looks like he could be Keith Richards pediatrician).

John McCain
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I can try but no promises. I am really not sure where i land when i stand on the cray cray scale.

take a guess and place your wager lol

The fact that you wonder that, probably puts you at about 3/10 where 10 is someone who would eat guinea pigs and snails.
Plus a furry or 3.
I see the edit button on my phone.
I'll check my laptop when I get hpme.
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Do places even have single deck blackjack anymore

I've never been to Vegas so maybe there but I've never seen it

I'm near Reno, and I haven't seen any for awhile, but I haven't really looked for them very often.
Most have like 5 decks these days I think.

Card counting under a single deck system can be difficult, but with practice, it's possible.
2 or more decks, fuck that.
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that reminds me of a shoe store in my town called Athlete's Foot.

That's a chain store.
We have them here too.
At least we used too.
Most I won on a slot machine,
July 4th 1998
Rail City Casino
Reno, Nevada
$500 on a quarter machine. Got a Straight Flush.

Before then, I used to play blackjack a lot.
Over the course of 2 or 3 years, I probably had a small profit. A few thousand maybe. Boring as fuck though. Take hours sometimes to profit one night.
But that was only with single deck black jack and I had a counting system (I memorized card values. Kinda hard with more than one deck).

These days, I don't do it very much, a few times a year maybe drop $100 on the slots and hope for the best.
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Tires, pavers, guitar stands, metalworkers. Gyms,sealing, refrigerator parts...

Yeah, a shitload.

Was hoping to get something funny in there at some point.
Like "Hercules Ballerina School"
Type "hercules logo" into google and see what comes up.

Edit: Into Google images.

And maybe put what you find here.
Might be funny.

Hercules Tire
Hercules Cycles
Well, I go by one of two names.
I decided to do both, since I didn't care much for the first one.

Hmmm, yeah.
I guess that bag of cheetos I just finished off that I bought today, was an impulse buy.
It has been a few months, but I used to go into this one pawn shop, with nothing particular in mind and buy something.
Its pretty much been something I ending up using often.
The only thing I have really bought there that I don't use all the time was the series DVD of Firefly (Well, I watch it every few months I guess).
Except for wahappen and a few others, you lot are a bunch of clueless noobs to me
My biological father is/was Polish.
Biological mother is of Irish/Welsh descent.
Hank Williams
Patti Page
Donna Douglas (Eli may clampett)

And more...
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hello, how is everyone? 

Whoa....Look who's here.
Look time since I've seen you around UG.
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Lately, my spousal unit has reported looking for a specific thing on a counter where the specific thing actually resided, and her brain evidently decided that the specific thing would NOT appear in her field of vision until the third or fourth glance. I'm sure there's a clinical name for that, but I suspect it's actually been used as a placeholder in an alternate universe, because there are only N-1 of the things for any N universes. Only a matter of time until it shows back up. I've also found myself missing objects that are viewed edge-on. I've concluded that they're only a molecule or so thick and that dimensionality is only conferred on them when viewed on an angle of 15 degrees or more. True Eye Of The Beholder physics.

And I thought that I took a lot of LSD when I was younger.
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Hey losers

Sup madam president of the club?

Almost 14 years here and I can't come up with anything better ATM
(12 hours of cleaning batteries as they come down a conveyor is mind numbing)
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I have a horse cock

So now this is thread for what's in your freezer?
Matt "Aristotle" Burns
^Yeah, hes good.

But this guy could put to shame everyone on that list...

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Really? That's all the information you give and you expect a dollar amount guess on what they'll give you? That's like asking how much a Guitar Center will give you for 4 misc. guitars.... We have no fucking clue if we don't know the brand, model, condition, or provenance of the items.

What you can be sure of, though, is that they'll give you far less than street value. Unless you're in some big hurry, you might as well try to sell the items private party first, because a pawn shop is going to give you (at best) 40-60% of their value.

Around here, the better pawn shops only pay about 25% of value. Maybe. And that's if its it pristine condition.
You can get a little more if you are a regular customer though.
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Yeah tell 'em, Chaz! There's plenty of times in life where they can put us aside as "kiddies" but this forum sure as shit is not one of them.

Like really, everyone here is super old.

I would bitch at you for that, but Its almost time for my nap.
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There is no point. Such hostility. You should try to be more relax. Like ur mum. After i intercourse'd her long and hard. 

Yeah, she mentioned you.
Said you were there about an hour.
So what did you do for the other 59.5 minutes?
What's your fucking point?

And Horseradish Pringles