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Take one of mine (crossed out are either not cheap or not easily accessible):

Rock/mountain climbing
Scuba diving

Try this:

Or this:

proof that crazy runs in my family
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agree.  of course back then drugs were still kind of a new thing and Rock was much more exciting (sex was and still is a good thing). there was Disco though which was pretty trendy for a bit.

High school was before big disco (still had the Bee Gees on the local radio stations).
But, yeah, sex, drug, and rock and roll.
Toys in The Attic was a few years old, but it was on everybody's car stereo.
Cat Scratch Fever had just come out.
Lynyrd Skynyrd was pre-plane crash.

The biggest trend at high school? on the weekends, we would see how fast you could shotgun a beer. And how many.
Raymond Thatcher. He kicked everybody's ass in that.
Lumberjack. And married to a Vegetarian. STILL.
This thread gives me hope for the future of humanity.
All the people ITT that want to try this, are probably virgins and will never reproduce.
Teach him to use a bong, get him high.
put that on youtube.
also put on youtube, when he rips your face off for eating the last bag of Doritos and the last of the Ding Dongs.
if you gonna bump, at least add something
What the guy in the middle is wearing Sometimes with hat that the 2nd from left is wearing...
They pay for it. Why ruin my own clothes.

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Slash tone is more about that one of a kind Marshall they rented for the album recording and whatever mics, preamps, post production that comes after it, if you're talking about Appetite. I mean you can try your best but that tone is not found in a pedal.  You combine his playing technique with his guitar into that pretty special amp and you get the iconic Slash sound, all 3 of those things are missing here.

I mean play around with it until you're happy is the best advice I can give, the settings on the pedal are relative to your guitar, your amp, the room you're playing in etc etc.  I mean "just be simple and post settings" is literally simpleton talk, you will never get anywhere close with that attitude, never.

This is about it.
Can you get that tone with a DS-1? NO

Takes a lot more than just that pedal.
More has to be taken into consideration.

If I found a pedal that got me the Slash tone from a JCM800, that same pedal isn't going to work on my AC0. Or a Twin Reverb.
That looks better than the "normal" stands where the bottom supports are like a fork with a single pole that rotates at the stand.
I didn't like the way it held my V, for the short time I had it.

What about a wall mount?
Or does it need to be portable?

Do you have multiple guitars?
Cause then you could get something this (The "folds to a briefcase" ones):

They got other stands, and wall mount ones there too.
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you guys are awesome

We are always here, unlike you, who have a life.
Some of us have lives, I think. I'm usually to busy to think about it.
I have both.
The MXR is always on. Set in "Frown"? mode (Mid hump).
The Boss I have different settings I use for whatever the hell I need at the time. (alternate the sliders at 0 and 10 (Or equal distances from the middle), interesting effect, kinda like a parked wah sometimes).
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This seems very reasonable to me.

Yeah. then the old "pee on the ashes to establish dominance" thing has to be done.
They are both idiots.

Just a guess...
The woman: Impeding traffic?
The driver: Assault with a deadly weapon?
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Happy Holidays to all!


Hybrid I guess.
Can't read half of it though, but if its written for someone else to read, I'm usually a little neater.
A party? FUCK NO

Guy wants a place to bring his girl? Depends on the person and NO SIDECHICKS! And change the fucking bed sheets after you are done!
Back when I had a GF ( , I had to rent a room for alone time together. Some weeks it was like $35, others $200+ (Getting a room in a casino has it benefits though, food, booze, nightlife, etc.)
Probably a switch or relay inside that is not working.
Sometimes electronics can fail without warning.
I could dig up the schematic and walk you through it, but given your questions here, it doesn't sound like something you would be comfortable with or knowledgeable enough.
That's not dissing you, you have to kind of know what you are doing if you want to fix electronics.
Educated guessing is fine, blind guessing, not so much.
Happy Birthday.

BTW, my birthday is January 1st.
You bastards for got it last year. 
WTF, you think like my mom.
Its probably the wah pot itself, or the wiring to that pot is poor. Not properly soldered or something.
Have someone that knows how to solder and re-flow the solder on the wires connected to the pot, and where those wires connect to the PCB.
Probably solve the problem if the pot is good.
Replacement parts can be found at
The 100k Black Bear is a good pot to use. Has a different taper than the standard Cry Baby (dunno if the Cantrell model has the same as the original, but the Black Bear has a good taper, sounds MUCH better than a standard Cry Baby).
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CodeMonk can you get me an employee discount on a signature series powerwall?  please?  

Me yes.
You? I dunno. The name "Employee Discount" suggests no. I could ask.
Why you want a signature series anyway?
The guts are no different.

Googled it since I wanted to see what the pics looked like.
The dept. I run preps all the Powerwall enclosures BTW, and there's been a few stacks of around 20 of the red enclosures been sitting in my area for few months.
They look better IRL than any of the pictures I have seen.
They are a glossy candy apple red color with a hint of a metallic red.
Brighter but darker than the Model 3 at the same time.
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That guy on the right is fucking rad man.

I 2nd that
Well, I didn't get that job.
I can apply again for the same position in 6 months they said.
Something about I didn't interview that well or something. Guess going in with a temp of 101 wasn't a good idea.
There are other positions I can apply for. Need to get out of Production. Its driving me nuts.
Although maybe if I can get in the Model 3 area. I know a few leads up there.
I live near a major US highway (Hwy 80).
Couple of truck stops there and they sell inverters that truckers can hook up to their trucks to run Fans, TVs, fridges, even microwaves.
They are a bit more than $29 though.

The output current on that one you listed is 2.6A.
For a pedalboard, that's more than adequate.
For an amp, I dunno.
You want to see what the current draw (in amperage, or AMPS) of your amp is before you buy an inverter.
Contact the manufacturer or look in the manual.
Then get an inverter that can handle at least 125% of what your amp needs (if amp needs 5.0A to run, get an inverter that can supply AT LEAST 6.25A)
And you best keep your car running when you do it or you will be walking home.
On a lighter note...
I have another phone interview tomorrow morning at 8:30AM for the Maintenance Tech position.
As far as I know, I'm the only internal candidate for the position. That gives me a HUGE advantage.
Hey, danny, you here?
Need talk ASAP.
Need someone to decipher this shit.
Got a page for you to look at.

Guess who is in jail?
And its not my doing.
She looks to be in some VERY DEEP SHIT.

I managed to decipher it.
But something in there looks a little off.
Like maybe someone else "helped" her get arrested.
Out of all the threads in The Pit, this is certainly one of them.
Indian fart porn is better.
But you really have to be there to appreciate it.
As the scent of curry wafts through the air, it takes you to another realm.
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take her to a movie. she'll probably think it's a date, then when you're leaving give her a wave and say "see ya"

jaketip #216

Something like this, but...
Take her to a movie.
Wait about half an hour or so, then excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, or say you want to get a drink, ask her if she wants one.
Then just leave.
Yeah, that's pretty brutal.

If you want to get REALLY brutal, take her to a nice restaurant.
Order your meals.
As soon as the food arrives, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.
Then just leave.

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Hate is a strong word

"Dislike with a passion"
Did my interview today.
3 supervisors, one at a time asking me different questions, except all asking me how I would troubleshoot a particular problem.
Seemed to go well.
They said I should hear something early next week.
At the risk of angering the WTLT gods, I'm gonna temp fate anyway.
My particular line (Powerwall) was running slow due of lack of parts, but my department was way ahead (We set up the enclosures to install the expensive shit).
So my boss let me go home early tonight so I could get some sleep.
Because I have an interview (the 3rd one out of 3) at 1:30PM today for a recently opened position of Maintenance Technician.
Pays like $4+hr. more and overtime is more likely.
Plus the work is more varied, and I get to fix broken stuff (I like that, hell, I was doing that my first week there).
The tech that had that position previously (He got a promotion to Engineering Technician) put in a good word for me with the Tech supervisor, and I've talked with him.
He likes me and said "If Pat recommends you, that's good enough for me. I trust his judgement".
So we'll see what happens.
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It may not feel like it, but calling her PO may be doing her a favor.  

Yeah, for most people I suppose.
Me, well, with both meth and heroin....
Quote by CodeMonk

Now, I've seen to many people go down that rabbit hole and never come out. My stepmother was one of them.
But back in those days, it was crank.
Same end results though.

Yeah, she's gonna be majorly pissed off.
But, Its to close right now to her test date.
That going to be sometime next week.
Could be Monday, could be Friday, not totally sure.
I think I would have a better chance of succeeding if I call like a week after her next test.
She usually waits a few days to a week before smoking any weed after her test anyway.
But I do have ways of "keeping an eye on her" till then (don't ask, much of it is likely illegal).
And besides, I promised her, via a text that I would call her PO. And she knows, I don't make promises I can't keep, and I always keep my promises.
So she may be a little reluctant to partake in meth.
Maybe, but I would rather succeed than fail in this.
Didn't watch the video.
You gotta move.
Look like you are having good time (not sucking helps to).
Look into the audience now and then. Maybe think to yourself, "Lets find the girl with the biggest tits".
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Haven’t bought anything yet.

Not familiar with Ippon’s euphemism, but I’ll assume it’s a victory.

Yeah, sounds like he got laid.

And oh god.....yeah, this shit again.
Got a bit of a moral dilemma here.

Some may know or remember my rant about my GF and the rental car.
Then her sister asking me to stick around and help her because of the concussion she got.
Well, I haven't talked to her in a few weeks (except for a text she sent me Saturday night).
Her sister hasn't heard from her in a few weeks either (Not that uncommon for them over the years).
Saturday night, her friend that she has been staying with, calls me and tells me to come get the rest of her shit out of her house or she is going to throw it out.
Well, I was going to pick it up after work last night, but decided against it for various reasons.
I don't trust her friend. Anyone that keeps a well used glass pipe, with loads of white residue on their living room table, I doubt their honesty. 
Been down that road with other before.
She's probably lying.
She claimed that GF told her she was staying at her aunt's, and that she hasn't seen her in 3 weeks.
Asked me if I had her aunts number during our conversation. I gave it to her, told her to call right away.
I called her back about 5 minutes later and she said that it was "out of service".
Bullshit, I called twice. once on my phone, once on another;s phone. It just rings. No "out of service" message.
Well, during our conversation, I get a text from GF, saying that she was "staying at her aunts and has been".
And there were a few more things in her message that, at the least, referenced what her friend had said to me at some point.
I did leave a message on her friends phone that if I didn't hear from her, that I would call her PO (GF is on Probation).
On Thursday I think.
So at this point, I'm pretty sure she is partaking with her friend (they've known each other since Jr. High).

Now, I've seen to many people go down that rabbit hole and never come out. My stepmother was one of them.
But back in those days, it was crank.
Same end results though.

So, I'm sitting her thinking I should call her PO.
Now, I have to admit, that there is a bit of a revenge type feeling, but since I have seen first hand what this shit can do to people, there is also an element of concern and love involved as well.
She won't talk to me, she won't talk to her sister.
Her visits/tests are usually on the 8th of the month.
She'll likely stop using sometime this week.
So If I call, it has to be the next day or two, or wait a 2 weeks.

Not really asking "what should I do?", more of a "what would you do?"
Fuck, I dunno.

Or just call it done and walk away?
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There have been several news stories exactly like this a few years ago over scares of the loss of net neutrality, and absolutely nothing happened. How will this be any different?

I know this will sound "Conspiracy Theory-ist", not really intended that way, but...
People cry wolf enough times and eventually it will be ignored.
If some person, company, or group pushes for something long enough, eventually it happens because of the cry wolf thing.
"Nothing happened before, why would it happen now?"
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But who pre-chews it for you and then spits it into your mouth?

The maid's 18 year old daughter.
My maid or butler does that for me.
When they aren't available, Ippon does it for me.
Sometimes I hate my job, sometimes I like it.
Got a few asshole bosses, but most of the rest of the people I work with are cool.
I need money.
Structure is good to, but sometimes it sucks.
12 hour shifts, on my feet about 95% of the time.
I average about 10 miles a shift walking.
Sleep 3 or 4 hours between shifts
I also get 3 and 4 day weekends, although on my first day off, I spend most of it asleep.
There are only two places I have worked in my life where I actually felt like I was making a difference or a positive impact (sounds corny, I know) for the good of humanity.
One was at NASA/JPL (Galileo probe, early mars rovers, various satellites, some space shuttle stuff) .
The other is where I am now, at Tesla (Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, USA, look it up).
During a job interview.
And later, during a meeting in a small room.
Whisper in their ear "I put the rat poison in your coffee".
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lmao I got 2.67 (hostile sexism) after answering a series of extremely loaded question.

The bitch who came up with this stupid ass survey is one giant bitch

I got a 2.5
Question were soooo loaded and biased.
I'm gonna try again, answering all at the highest, and again with all at the lowest and see what it does...

Strongly Disagreed and got 0.
Strongly Agreed and got 5.
Results stayed the same regardless of sex selected.