Yes, Fuck Alexis

She was later in Playboy.
Creepy thing is that her dad was also a photographer for Playboy.
And yes, he took her pictures for Playboy.
Stacking can be a huge PITA.
But get it right and it sounds great.
The DOD Flashback Fuzz (which most people dispise), sounds glorious when pushing a Tubescreamer.
Quote by xdefectedx
What do you mean by dirt pedal?

Dirt pedal = overdrive, distortion, fuzz type pedals.

That layout was in the manual of the first G String.
Quote by Ippon

CodeMonk Traded an LTD SC607B for this a few years ago:

Looks sweet.
Mine was like a negative image of that.
Traded it for a Sigma acoustic, a cheap bass, and some strings.
I play that acoustic more than I did the Explorer.
IN: From guitar
DEC OUT: Connect to input of firs dirt pedal
DEC IN: Output from last dirt pedal
OUT: To any non dirt pedal (Phaser, Flange, Chorus, Delay) or to amp.
Rum and coke.
I want a Firebird AND an Explorer.
Allen Collins sig models.

Also, Any Alex Lifeson sig model, but especially his 355.
Hell, Alex Lifeson sig anything, I want.

And I guess I can talk about this now:

Besides NASA, Tesla is the only company I have ever worked for where I actually think they have a great Mission Statement.
Sometimes when I am at work (I don't normally do the Powerpack units such, I mainly do stuff for the Powerwall.
I don't normally think of the customer in any special way, just something like "Someone buying this had lots of money. Probably more money than will even see".
But this Puerto Rico thing, this shit is going to people that got really fucked over and they need help, Badly.
Thats a totally different feeling all together. 
See the link in my sig.
And forgive the lack of pictures, I haven't gotten around to moving them elsewhere since Photobucket fucked things up.
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Pickup question here...I have a V1 neck pickup in my 91 RG570 that sounded off recently, I checked all the pickups with my ohm meter and everything else checked out fine but the V1.  In the 4th switch position it measured high 4s, and the 5th and last position it was in the 5s. I took it out of the guitar and checked again and it measured the correct 10.9ish and 4ish. I re-installed it , soldered it in and same problem. If I un-soldered the single coil side it reads correctly on the 5th switch position, but as soon as I hook it back up it cuts the reading in half. Do the 5 way switches fail in this way? I did replace the switch recently with a newer one that may have come from a HH set up, would the switch be different internally?

Yeah, the switch could be different.

One way to straighten things out...
1. De-solder the wires from the switch, but take note where each pickup wires are hooked where. And especially what tab of the switch goes to the output.
2. Remove switch (Not necessary but makes testing a while lot easier.
3. Set the switch to the #1 position.
4. Using your meter, Put one probe on the output tab.
5. See which other tabs the output is connected too (There should be some where more than one tab is connected to the output tab.
6. Repeat #3 - #5 until you have tested all the combinations.
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Fo reals, as long as the social structure of your workplace allows for these type of relationships in a natural way, then yeah go for it. The workplace imposes a specific structure on its social groups; and relationships, be them just sex or romantic, impose other structures. If the structures are incompatible in some ways, there may be problems, but if they are not then it wouldn't be any different than getting jiggy with it with someone from any other social circle (e.g group of friends, college, book club, gym, etc).

What if you are a dog?

Where I work, its actually encouraged to have your co-workers also become friends outside of work as well.
Seriously, its actually in the employee manual.
They don't place any kind of limit on what type of friendship it is either.

And I'm a good employee. I follow that manual.
Move to a place called Moundhouse, Nevada.
4 brothels, no waiting.
Or have lots of money.

Actually, you gonna need lots of money, brothel or no brothel.

Confidence helps.
Being able to talk to a female without stuttering or breaking out into a sweat helps.
Or really lower your standards and go for the ugly girls.

If you are of drinking age, go to a bar.
Do a google search and look for singles bars, or bars known as "meat markets".

One thing that I have found actually does work, most of  time anyway...
Wait for a group of women to come into the bar.
Talk to the hottest one, for maybe 2 minutes,if you can keep her interest that long,
Then go and get another drink, go to the bathroom, or something.
When you come back, start talking to the ugliest one in the group.
Henry does oversee the manufacturing of some pretty firewood though.
I think his "dream" is to move into other areas.
I think Yamaha started out with musical instruments, but they probably make more on motorcycles.
Gilmour used a Fuzz Face on DSOTM (Listen to the song "Time". That ain't no Muff).
For the Muff, I think he favored the Violet Rams Head version.
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Yeah but do you think anyone in the drug thread uses LSD or any of the drugs they're on for legitimate medical purposes?  Do you think any of them get their recreational drugs prescribed to them?

LSD, no.
Use prescribed drugs for recreation? Hell yeah 
Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
 So your other argument was about shooting bears? Not really a widespread problem. Most people live in cities.

 Your other point clearly was ridiculous though. Drugs have multiple medicinal purposes.

I live near Lake Tahoe.
Loads of bears there.
But it a HUGE no no to shoot one. Even if its in your house. 
One broke into David Coverdale's house a few years ago (Made it into all the local papers).

Quote by theogonia777
That's why doctors prescribe it for everything.  If you want to argue that illegal drugs taken for recreational purposes or abusing prescription or over the counter drugs for recreational purposes, then I'll argue that guns have actual legitimate medicinal benefits in terms of lowering anxiety for those that fear home invasions, stress release by triggering (no pun intended) the releases of endorphins at the shoot range, and preventing rabid coyotes from attacking your children.

LSD is used as a psychiatric drug.
Not used in any kind of outpatient basis though. You don't get to take any home.
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Find a Randall RM100. Then populate it with modules from either of these guys.

IMO, this is the best option.
Quote by Cathbard
I may take a shot at sunbursting it. I know how, I've just never done it.

I've tried it on random bits of wood and other things.
Its easy to do.
To make it look good, not as easy.
Just takes some practice.

1. Get some plywood or something
2. Trace the guitar shape around it in several spots
3. Cut them out
4. ????
5. Profit!

Maintaining a consistent blend and width of the burst can be a pain sometimes though.
Quote by Cathbard
Think I've found my next guitar project.

I'll stick those Billy Corgin Railhammers into it. I'll probably buy one at the end of the year.

I'd kind of like to see that with a subtle curly maple top.
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R

Needs more lemon tops, GTs and ebony board customs.

Needs a Goldtop with P90s
I feel a bit sad, but also like an anchor has been removed from my heart (damn that's corny, sorry, but I also write a lot of poetry).
I've actually had 3 girls from work ask me out over the last 6 months. Had to tell them I was taken.
Well, I just applied for a Maintenance Technician position at work.
One of the tech did a lateral move to another tech position.
Him and I talked a lot and I told him a lot about my experience.
He even used to work in a lawnmower/landscaping shop repairing the equipment. I was doing that when I was 19, so we get along well.
He is going to send my resume to his boss and recommend me for the position.
$4 hr more.

On another note, my GF is just to much fucking trouble.
Tuesday she said she was going to call me the next day and give me the lowdown on the new job she was supposed to start on Saturday.
She didn't (Not the first time. And its happened to many time to let go now)
So I called her today, she said I sounded grumpy and didn't want to talk to me.
And from "I got the job, did a piss test, going in tomorrow to finalize the paperwork". And now she tells me that she didn't take the job.
So I texted her and said lets get together Friday or Saturday, this week, for lunch. dinner, whatever because we need to talk.
Told he to call me, but if sh couldn't make a few hours time to talk, don't bother calling.
And don't bother asking for help for anything anymore (She's only been working part time, so I have been picking up the slack to help her).
And there has been a lot more shit I have had to put up with than I have said here before.
I can't even trust her to tell me the truth ("I can't talk now, a cop just pulled in behind me". That's the 3rd time she has used that excuse).

But fuck her.
Anyway, I've had this cute Latina girl that has pretty much been waiting in line for me to become available for like 4 months now.
Every had a girl look at you like a fat kid looks at a plate of cheeseburgers? She when she looks at me. All the time.
And on more than one occasion, she has said (maybe half joking, but I don't think so) "If Denise isn't careful, I'm going to take you away from her".
She gets jealous when I flirt with other women at work near her.
(She's the one in the middle)

OK, I think I'm done venting and stuff.
Gotta go outside and cut up some firewood. Oh Joy.
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I missed this yesterday but we did a little jam thing in EG if thats what youre asking

It reminds me of LZII style riffing. Kind of a Ramble On meets Nobody's Fault But Mine. Also Billy Squier is totally doing a late 70s Plant impression on the vocals.

I never really thought about it, but damn, that pretty accurate.
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
I mean to be fair, prior to the 80s they were pretty much a blues rock band.

Then they redid a ton of their early 80s tracks for 87 and later like Here I Go Again and Fool for your Loving.

"born under a bad sign" as the first line in Fool For Your Loving. Sounds like a nod to Albert King there.

But the coolest musical reference EVER, is ELP named one of their albums from this song.

Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
They were blues rock before but by the time 1987 came out, I'd say the hairspray and the keys make it less blues and more hair.

I'll go with that.
But also, when you use guys like Steve Vai, and Vivian Campbell, around that time, thats gonna help that uhm...perception. I guess.
The earlier stuff I liked.
And also, when I hear the name Coverdale, Burn is usually the first song I think of.

Quote by gregs1020 Whitesnake blues?  CodeMonk   are you for serious?     i mean i've heard them called a Zepplin ripoff so i guess maybe.   wtf do i know.   

Not blues, hell no.
But Blues-Rock, yes. IMO
Zeppelin ripoff? I'll go with that too.
Same thing was said about the first Rush album (mostly the guitar).
Quote by gregs1020
dementiacaptain so true!  

what do you guys think.  

was Whitesnake the most "pop" of all the hair metal bands?  i think i heard their songs played on the radio about as much as anyone's.  or maybe the scorpions?  

I look at them as more blues-rock than pop.
Not all of it certainly, but Coverdale's voice I always thought had a blues quality to it.

Quote by H4T3BR33D3R Feel better soon man and looking forward to hearing your tracks when you're back on your feet. Amplifire should work well for it as well. Worked pretty well for me anyway. I was pretty happy with my lead tone.    Thanks! Next backing track is hair metal ala Whitesnake. I'm working on the keyboard parts now.    Thanks! It was super fun and dementiacaptain shredded it hard.

OK, what the hell did I miss here?
Been a bit busy the last month or so.

And danny, sending you a PM.
Quote by Zaphikh
The fucking moon, assholes.

Shoot. The. Moon.

Am I the only one that gets this reference?

Quote by zgr0826
Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

You know, for consistency.

Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
Quorn is actually great. It absorbs flavours really well - a lot of people who use the mince can't tell it apart from real beef mince. The only obvious difference is that it's much much much less greasy.

Also if we're talking about Linda McCartney it's gotta be the mozzarella burgers. Best veggie burger you can buy in the supermarket. There's like 20g of protein in there too so if I'm feeling too lazy to properly cook I'll stick one of those in the oven with some honey roasted veggies and it'll always come out great.

For some good stuff:

The Spinach pie in there is really, really good.
When I first read the thread title, I thought OP was talking about his bedroom.

I'm surprised I'm not either dead or in prison.
Quote by k.lainad
he's going to end up like that Anthony Weiner congressman who got busted for sending dick pics on twitter

Quote by ElMaco
Top 5 Queen songs
1. March of the Black Queen
2. Prophet's Song
3. Fairy-Feller's Master-Stroke
4. I Want It All
5. Innuendo

Prophets Song should be at the top of your list.

I would also like to include:
Killer Queen
Death On Two Legs

And You're My Best Friend gives me the feels.
Quote by frankv
I've always looked at people working in bars and restaurants with pity. The stress, the rudeness of people, the hours, it's complete shit.


Correctional Officer (Prison Guard).
Been there, done that.
Bill Gates would have trouble getting me to go back to that crap.

Although, the one advantage of working in a prison over say a bar, or restaurant, you can pickup a shotgun to quiet things down often without getting fired.

Quote by FrogstarWorldA Worked on an assembly line for a few weeks, that was pretty nightmarish. I much preferred cleaning bathrooms.

I prefer working assembly lines or other manufacturing jobs.
I don't do well dealing with the public.
For those long long drives, I like to start with..

In the morning, on the way to work (Which is actually around 4:30PM), I go with stuff like this...

Quote by TobusRex
It would truly break my heart to read in the morning paper that Shkreli was raped to death in jail. It really would. 

To death, no.
Repeatedly raped after morning chow, everyday, I would prefer to hear.
Quote by trashedlostfdup

stay safe
Ok, I want a pizza.

Oh, and go buy a Tesla Model 3 today. And tomorrow, and 2 more for Sunday.
I want my stock to go up.
Not really nostalgic, just an older song describing the typical Saturday night around here...

Quote by snipelfritz
And beer!

But that's how we got in this situation in the first place.

Cows and Beer?
Sounds like an average weekend in Stockton, Ca.
Pretty Intelligent Talk
I can't say that without pissing myself with laughter.