I built an ISO cabinet.
For my AC30.
Speaker cab, with a  2 x 1 2.
Also had:
Hole to run wires for speaker and microphone cable.
Flexible arms to hold mics.
Piano hinge for the door.

With this, I could set all volumes at 10.
You could still hear it in the next room, but not nearly as loud.
Quote by theogonia777
it isn't a picture though

it's a trick that involves a deck of cards, boobies, pointy things, a wet sponge, ropes, and possibly a shovel

Don't forget the gloves and a hard hat (Safety first).

Oh, and peanut butter, 5 gallon size.
Ok, Off work, its my Friday.
After I artificiality alter my mental state, I can get more detailed.
Its usually the outer 2 wires that you would reverse.
I'd go into more detail, but I got to get ready for another 12 - 14 hour shift on little sleep.
If I get enough caffeine in me, I might post more info in about 8 hours.
Quote by bluestratplayer
Hello all, doubt anyone remembers me, I disappeared for like 2 years.  How is everyone?

I remember you, somewhat.
Several people got jobs (Including me), graduated, got married, and other assorted major events.
Quote by dannyalcatraz
I just came from a memorial service for one of my best friend's mom, who passed away suddenly- but not really unexpectedly- last week.  The best part about it was that there was enough warning for all of her loved ones to gather and say their goodbyes.

Hope your GF is similarly gifted, CodeMonk.

And also, I know what it's like to have a relative with Alzheimer's.  Do what you can, but don't forget to ask for help when (not "if") you need it.

She is.
I met about 20 of them today.

There was some warning 2 months ago, but not even a guess at a when.
The when started Monday, when the docs said 2 weeks. Family started trickling in.
Then Thursday it was 48 hours.
She is still alive.
They are moving her to her house tomorrow. 
Thats where she wants to die.

At some point, she will be put into a coma, I guess to ease her passing.
Thats going to be sometime this week.

And my GF is also wondering how they are going to get 200 people in her moms church. So there looks to be a shitload of support there.
Quote by Ippon
CodeMonk, sending positive thoughts your way. 

She seems to have accepted the inevitable, but I know when her mom passes, its gonna hit her like a ton of bricks.
But there is a shitload of family there (about 20 or so), that will be there for her (as well as her 3 sisters and others) when the time comes.
I can't be there with her 24/7 (Although I would if asked). 
Get an AC30, (Reverb and Tremolo) and a delay pedal.
Strat with single coils.
Hows everyone doing?
Been a bit since I spoke up in here.
Next few weeks probably won't be any different.
GF's mom got a pacemaker put in a few months ago. And also said something to the effect of "Her days are numbered".
(I knew about the pacemaker, but didn't know that it wasn't doing the job. Feel kinda guilty about doing the Tinder thing now. But I'm also dealing with my mother who is showing signs of Alzheimer's, so I am stressed).
It never really worked quite right for her, in addition to other undiagnosed health issues.
Monday she collapsed, no pulse. Revived her. Back in the hospital.
Monday they gave her maybe 2 weeks to live.
Thursday they gave her 48 hours, but she is still alive and kicking.
I was there yesterday, going again today in a few hours.
I don't use these to often unless I think they really deserve it (They are basically the same):
"You are a waste of skin".
"You are a waste of oxygen".

Now I got a new one from here I am going to have to include.
"Your birth certificate was really a letter of apology from the doctor".
My wife and I would often go to the drive-in theater.
Always brought pizza and beer along as well.

Those were perfect nights.
Quote by dspellman
Where ya gonna live when you can't afford to buy a new house anywhere near where you are now?
And when property values go up, you know what ELSE goes up?

Still have enough land where I can parcel it out.

Truckee, various areas in Tahoe, Reno are surprisingly have not waivered that much over the last 5 years.
And of course I'm not gonna sell unless I have a viable option for new digs.
Last week in the Reno paper, they were talking about other tech companies that are moving into the area.
The paper was asking "Is this the next silicon valley?"
I dunno about that, but with Tesla, Panasonic, Zoolilly and several others coming in, could be.
All these companies are all off of USA Parkway, which is off of HWY 80.
USA Parkway will eventually go all the way through to Silver Springs.
Its almost complete and comes about 5 miles from my house.
So a 1 hour drive will become a 15 minute drive.

Also of interest (for me at least), a year ago, property, with houses (mobile homes in most cases), in my area, were going for $50,000 - $$70,000.
Today I looked and found one just down the street :,pf_pt/62758159_zpid/27107_rid/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.420215,-119.321566,39.334364,-119.475374_rect/12_zm/#send-to-friend-lightbox=

And that place is a POS. Been empty for a few years. The decking that was there rotted. Dunno how much land though. No more than 5 acres I am guessing.

My place was listed at around $50,000 a year ago, now Zillow says its worth $126,000. 
Probably worth more. They list is as 3 brdm, 1 bath, 1,152 sq ft.
2 bdrm, 2 bath, maybe about 2,000 sq ft. is more accurate. I'm gonna have to measure it soon.
Gone up $4,300 in the last month.
$250,000+ in another year?

OK, an edit puts a new value of $147,000 on this place.
Tripled in value in a year? damn.
Quote by K33nbl4d3
Meanwhile, the rest of us by the time you've scratched two of those off the list*:

I think I'd be happy with three amps, probably. My Twin, an AC30, and something plexi-ish. Wouldn't say no to some kind of gain monster or a JC but I can definitely live without either.

*If I've made a similar joke with a skeleton at a computer before, it's purely because I still find every last one of those images completely and utterly hilarious, and there's not the slightest chance of that ever changing.

I'd probably take a Mark IV for any high gain needs.
JC is certainly an option though.

A Twin and an AC30 top my list though.

I missed something. 6 huh?
OK then...
1. AC30
2. Twin
3. SLO
4. HIghwatt
5. Another AC30 (64 - 65 ish)
6. Bassman
7. Some kind of 6505
8. AC15
9. An actual Plexi
10. Magnatone.

Got this in the garage.
Its a bit fucked up, pots need cleaning and I dunno what else
Solid state, 250 watts (2x10 or 2x12, I forget)
The VERY FIRST amp I ever played live with, probably around 1969 - 1972.

Really depends on my mood.

Rush - 2112 (Of course)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Skynyrds Innyrds
Megadeth - Countdown To Extiniction
Pink Floyd - Animals
Rainbow - Rainbow Rising
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood
Quote by LaidBack
Tomorrow is always good, but, as they as, there's no day like today. But when you're ready, you're ready.

She's being all lovey dovey today.
Apologized in a very special way when I picked her up this morning.
With that and the shit I have to put up with at home, I got stressed out.
Spending the night at her place tonight.
I guess I kinda forgot she is on the crazy side.7
Quote by theguitarist
idk about you but I get hard ridges when they tighten up so the trimmer can't really get to work over the uneven surface and the razor just bounces all over the place.

easiest for me is to get them loose in warm shower and pull the skin gently this way and that so have smooth surfaces to work with.

The reason for my comment above yours.
Years ago, I gave my ATM password to my GF, and she gave me hers. We actually used the same password.
(When we broke up, I of course canceled my card).

Current GF gave me one of her email passwords. Its the account she uses strictly for job applications. Right now she is living with her cousin, who is always out of town so no internet.

Social media passwords? FUCK NO
Quote by i_lovemetallica
be like shaving a raisin

Well, I said I was full of great ideas.
Not that this was one of them.

Maybe take that scene from Fantastic Four (The first one), where stretchy guy shaves?
Quote by theguitarist
warm weather is making me want to put my trimmer on it's lowest setting and take it to my whole body. I don't mind the heat but hate the sweating and it always feels better with less hair for me.

and actually I do shave down there partly but that is just because certain spots are not ideal for a trimmer, (like ballsack skin very prone to getting "caught") so some parts I'm okay with being clean shaved since they don't really chafe and other parts that would chafe get a light "brushing" with the razor to thin things out

This and your plum comment gave me an idea.
What if you dip your ball sack in cold water before using a trimmer on it?

I'm just full of great ideas ain't I?
Quote by LaidBack
Say exactly that. Make sure that you convey it's coming from a caring place and shit, and you're not trying to force anything. Just let her know you're there for her when she's ready, but you've noticed distance in the relationship. One thing a therapist I used to see told me was, "You can't chase a runner," meaning if someone puts distance between you and them, trying to force them to come to you will only make them want more distance. Communication is hard, but once the open line is there, things become easier. Good luck, dude. I'm around most of today and tomorrow if you want to hash out any more shit. Slow fuckin' week. 

Help is always appreciated.
Today, Maybe, I dunno. I still haven't slept yet (these hours are more like my normal work schedule).
Tomorrow is possible.
Quote by chrismendiola
I was gonna comment about how bizzare this question is, but after reading the thread, this is apparently a thing.

Maybe bizarre, but I bet not as bizarre as some of the questions asked here.
Quote by LaidBack
Hey man, not going to get all "therapisty" on you or anything, but as someone who withdrew from their own relationship due to stress and became distant and scared their SO, talk to her. She may be trying to carry the stress by herself and not stress you out. I understand the need for the attention, but if you feel that you are not ready to end it, sack up and have a conversation about it. People are stubborn, they don't want to acknowledge they are going through a hard time. Sometimes they don't want to talk about their problems because they feel they are being an inconvenience to others. If you feel it's a relationship worth fighting for, fight.

I don't mind that at all. I have been to therapists more than a few times. As recently as early last year.
And no, I'm not really ready to end it, but I am going to talk with her about it tomorrow and try to make things work.
Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
I'm more than willing to fight for her, but she also needs to be willing to fight (And open up to me more if her various other personal issues are affecting her that negatively) to keep me.
Quote by LaidBack

It's cool, our gubment here in NJ closed down state parks on 4th of July weekend, and then our governor went to a state park beach with his family. Fucking twatwaffle.


Ask yourself, do you care about your current gf? Do you care about hurting her? Why are you on Tinder? If you're drifting apart, just let go and move on. It'll be easier than dragging it out and both of you get hurt.

Yes, I care about her.
No, I don't want to hurt her. But this will probably hurt me more than her. I'm sure she will be really nasty about it though.
I feel like she's the one that is drifting away. And that's why I am on Tinder. And I really didn't expect that quick of a reply.
I have already dragged it out. I've really felt like crap for the last month. Although we have had some fun times in that time.
I just haven't talked to her about it. And yeah, that's my fault for not speaking up
Friday I will though. Not really looking forward to it.
I don't want to end it, but I've been wondering if I should for the past month, along with hoping things, or anything she might be going through that is affecting her more than she lets on, works out or she confides in me more.
Quote by K33nbl4d3
Sweet baby Jesus. I could totally get behind that if the job had been done right, but yeah no not this

I consider myself an open-minded person, but I don't think I want to try one of those...

I'm not sure about that either.
I guess it could be a euphemism for what you pay with at a brothel. 
Another thing to add...
She goes to church almost every Sunday with her mom.
I'm Agnostic. She has no idea.
And she has never questioned me on my beliefs. That question will probably come eventually.
Quote by theogonia777
I think you definitely misunderstood the question.

Maybe so. But I liked his answer.
Quote by dannyalcatraz

Uhm, yeah, OK.
Its strange.
Not long after the current woman I am dating got fired (I think the third woman at work I dated), I started getting several other women coming to my work area to talk to me. Mostly about how their boyfriends were either assholes, insecure (That one was real popular), and various other "bitch sessions". "I need to find a nice guy, You're a nice guy". etc. etc.
I wasn't really paying attention to them all that much, but I listened to them whine.
And each time, several of the people in my department said shit like "She's really into you", this came from both the men and the women in my area.
I'm guessing that they didn't know I was still seeing that one that recently got fired (I don't talk about certain aspects of my private life at work. My love life is one of them).
After I told one of those apparent love lorn women that I was seeing somebody, those bitch and moan sessions kind of stopped. Kind of.
I still have a few of them that when they see me, they wave to me from across the room like a spastic 3rd grader.
My current GF has several friends that still work there, so picking another one from the "Work Dating Pool" as gregs puts it, is not an option. That and I have never cheated on any woman I have every been with (My now ex wife even gave me $500 to go to a brothel after she confessed to cheating on me once. I never went through with that).

So Friday, I had planned on getting a room somewhere in Reno. And I still am.
GF is living with her cousin, I live 60 miles away at my moms, so whoopee time has been difficult. Options have been to pay her cousin to go to dinner and the movies, or use the back of her truck (Ford Explorer), which isn't to bad, given that there are few other options that are as affordable.
With no whoopee time for several weeks (OK, last time we both got sunburned pretty bad, so that's a valid excuse), I'm not sure about her anymore.
She seems to have gone from hot to cold.
I dunno, maybe I am just imagining it.
I've been under a lot of stress lately, and she has been under even more stress.
Maybe its just a hiccup in our relationship. I dunno.
So Friday night I will have a decent hotel room we can have fun in, hopefully. Even if we just cuddle (FUCK YOU, I can be a sensitive bastard too).
There's also a lot of little things too. So I'm not sure if I want to continue seeing her myself. 
And not just because I started talking to that one on Tinder. I have been thinking on ending this for a few months actually.

On the other side of my "sexual coin" (Whatever the fuck that means), this new one works Saturday - Wednesday, so maybe I will talk to her Friday night if things go south, and offer to take her to dinner on Saturday night. Just dinner since she works the next day.
And she's a lot cuter. And 8 years younger than the other one (new one is 46).
Geez, I've become my dad. Except he didn't wait for the old one to be gone before he started boinking the new one.

Fuck, Dave is gonna think I'm trying to copy him now with my mini novel.

I'll probably regret posting this at some point.
The rest of you can regret it now though if you like.
I just needed to see my thoughts.

Oh and something I found kinda funny about this new one...
When we were talking about seeing concerts, I told her that one of the acts I saw was Molly Hatchet.
She told me that we she first moved to Nevada, and bought a hatchet, and carved "Molly" on the side of it (a valid purchase as most people here heat their house with a wood burning stove).
fuck it I'm close enough to lake tahoe.
I'll meet you there to record the blood bath.

Yeah, uhm. it could be.
I just spent 5 hours talking to some hottie on Tinder (just installed it today) that seems like she is a far better match for me.

VERY unlikely that GF would ever see that. I have the Tinder icon hidden already.

I think I'll be skipping picking up the shaving supplies.
Any of you ever tried Tinder?
I installed it and got a "match" about 2 hours later (maybe earlier, I dunno).
Is it normal to spend 5 hours talking to one woman on there?
For about 3 hours it was normal "get to know each other" type stuff.
Message every few minutes.
After I asked her what kind of music she was into, shit, back and forth with fucking essays every 30 seconds.
From both of us.
She listed all these bands she has seen. Fuck, I've seen all those bands too.
Is really into Southern Rock (Yeah, I like some progressive stuff, mainly Rush, but Southern Rock has always been my favorite genre)
She plays guitar (rhythm only she says).
Writes songs (mainly lyrics, which I usually suck at).
Sells Real Estate (Damn, maybe SHE can treat me to dinner sometime)

Although things between my current GF and I have been a bit, well, lacking in affection lately.

I'm fucked.
Quote by Pastafarian96
Our plan was to shave an eagle on her then get a gif of me doing certain things with the caption

"You can taste the freedom"

Damn, I like that.
Quote by Pastafarian96
... we already planned to lmao

Same here apparently.
Was talking to her on the phone a few hours ago and she brought that up.
We are going up to the lake (Lake Tahoe) Friday for some parasailing and she wants to shave each other afterwards (and fuck no, not during).
I never gave her an answer, but thought about it and thought, "why the hell not".

Planning on picking up the supplies before I pick her up in the morning.

Shaving down there would be a new thing for me.
Anyone want to give a serious recommendation for all the proper supplies needed?
(Yeah, I know, sharp thingies).  
shave your nether regions and you shave theirs, what would you say/do?
(Geez I might as well ask this on 9Gag).

(BTW, Rossenrot, I sent you a PM, not related to this question)
Quote by gregs1020
interesting about lake Tahoe being at almost capacity.  wow, I wonder how lake Mead is doing.  

"Since the melt started, a lot of water has been released from the lake. If you couple that amount of water with the water still in the lake, Tahoe went up by 9.3 feet. That is equivalent two feet more inflow than has ever before been recorded in one year."

just checked, lake Mead is up from 2015 and 2016, but not to where it was in 2014.

shame about the fires though, that's such a threat out there.  stay safe!

Tahoe was really full.
Went kayaking up there last weekend
And I've never seen Lahonton that full in like EVER. 
Quote by gregs1020
happy 4th of july!

for a change here in the US, we blow ourselves up once a year.

We just set the hills on fire here.
I saw 6 separate brush fires in the hills on the way to work. I'm outside on break ATM and can still see one of the burning towards Reno right now.
Fucking fires.
Hwy is closed both east and west of work.