Down (blink 182)

what have you been up to today?!
i wasnt aware that they used to do home deliveries!!

Cheese pizza or coca cola?
chocolate of course!!!
any favourite??!!
yeah, i like guys who play guitars, drum and bass and also piano =D
Seems cool and a nice person , i love the username...although it makes me think of Harry Potter!! =D
nope, good morning!

cereal or toast?
i hate sundays because 1. they are so boring and 2. I know i have to go back to school tomorrow, bummer.
i think there should be more bands like Brand New..seriously i love Jesse Lacey his lyrics are amazing
"Of course i wont press it"

yeah, i have a bad habit of pressing random buttons =D
This is going to be my xmas song this year: ( i dont think my parents will like it) have to take into consideration that its a mall and there will be more teenage girls than anything ( i know that sounds stereotypical even though i'm a girl myself =D)
so play something that many teenage girls may be into.
e.g fall out boy..etc

oh and play some classic songs...sorry cant think of any at the top of my head
i'm vegetarian =D
odd numbers they really freak me out...

arghhh...i'm comment #35

Just put on a smile and get things over and done with =D

I know how you feel, i've been like that somedays
I'm really obsessed with Sean Smiths hair from The Blackout

It's amazing..seriously
hallo! Ich spreche sie deutsch

haha... well i did it for GCSE but not for Alevel.
Leather mouth -fifth period
A7X - beast and the harlot.
Mindless self indulgence - Never wanted to dance
Kids in glass houses
Panic at the disco.. because, obviously, you could panic at the disco especially if the building was on fire...

Sic Transit Gloria - Brand New. always makes me smile when i hear it
30 seconds to Mars - Hunter.
Their version is really beautiful, especially when at the end there's no music and jared whispers it.
When i went to beligium, i didnt eat for 3 days...long story short, i came back to England as a vegetarian.
Hey everyone!!
So at my school they do a fancy dress day for charity but the problem is that i havent got a clue to what/who i could go, could you give any suggestions please. I had an idea to go as Amy Winehouse (haha) but if you guys could think of something better than go ahead =D
Actually thats not so bad... i like it, especially the intro, 8/10

ok rate this (just been listening to it!!...

although i think its pretty funny so..
Dead - my chemical romance...
"Now you're dead..."

i think that will go down really well.
why call it left when it might be right and what if right was wrong...mmm...
5"8" last time i checked =D
Fall Out Boy ---to--- Fall in Girl.

oh wait....that sounds dirty in so many ways...=o
apparantly..this website (the one where you put your picture in and it tells you which famous person you are) said i was a 76% look a like or Jared Leto...
which isn't that good of a thing since i'm a girl...

oh and someone once told me that i look like Emma Watson (hermione from harry potter) so i guess i'll go with that cos i'm called emma and i have really curly hair! =D
Try Romance by My Chemical Romance...
It's not a long song but it sounds beautiful and it's an instrumental so...yeah, try it =D
We have glass doors and my dog (called Sweep, if you're that interested =D) was just laying right down the hall. Anyway, he hates birds so when he saw one he started running towards it but instead he went into the glass door...ha ha..that was so funny. He's never been the same since though...
Hey everyone!! can someone please tab this song for me...cos i really want to play it.. it's:

Lovely bones by Kids in glass houses.

thank you!!
i like it =D
i love that favourite!
why bot try seventy times 7..that be a good song to do as well
i brought Brand New - your favourtie weapon and deja entendu.
but i'm planning to get slipknots new album =D
"well hello there..."
yeah, i'd be pretty polite. =D
i'm an INFP

i love the star avator =D
as a girl, i don't really wear much make up and sometimes i hate wearing it cos i just hate spending minutes taking it off when i could be doing something better like...playing my guitar =D
because they were meant to taste good.

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?