make sure you run the pod in direct mode for the PA. you may need a power amp if you system isn't powered.

Here is a great tone guide (i'm also using the pod hd pro). Its a great amp, just be patient and you'll get your sound, it takes some time and patience to find the right amps/cabs/etc. Good luck!
Quote by Obsceneairwaves
just spraypaint it yourself, That's actually what bodyshops do. They just put the spray can inside of a better looking one, so you think it's more than it is.
It's one of the many ways they rip you off

you're best just doing it yourself

Wow... Just wow... you really have no idea what you are talking about whatsoever. Please, please, stick to your own knowledge base when giving advice because this is clearly not it.

I've worked as an autobody paint helper (for my dad, he does some show motorcycle jobs on occasion, mostly cars) and i can definitely say it is not just spray paint (chemically, process wise, etc.). The process of painting cars/bikes is fairly intensive, and frankly I don't think i could sum up how stupid this post was in a single post. Please, anyone, do not listen to this unless your going for a punk matte look that has a lot of blemishes in it... which i highly doubt you are since it sounds like you want a prized guitar.

TS when you paint you have to control your environment and prevent random debris (hair, dust, etc.) from getting into the paint, control temp to prevent runs, prevent over spray, etc. etc. its not an easy process to do a professional looking job.

I can say that while you could take it to an autobody place, they will charge you a great deal of money, especially since working on guitars is not there forte. In the US, I could see where you could get charged anywhere from $800-$2000 at a middle of the road respectable body shop (depending on how much prep had already been done). Most shops just aren't going to be willing to cut you a deal here especially since there is less room to make money ( for reference, a full body paintjob with quality paint is usually $7-$10k, if your paying less expect peeling in 1-2 years), but if you know a hookup then by all means go there. Just make sure its been hit with primer and its ready to go.

My honest opinion, since this seems like a fairly simple design/job) would be to take it to a luthier/guitar tech who builds his own guitars. He'll have a lot more experience with wood painting and will probably be able to do the job much cheaper (spray guns are a bit overkill for this). Since your talking about 3 different stripes (which does add heavily to the process time), i'd say $250-350 US is reasonable for a really nice job.

Good luck TS!.
Why would you even buy a ps3 right now? The ps4 will be out as early as this summer and as late as Christmas time.

I can confirm what the other post said given i've taken mine apart a few times and done a bit of work before. As long as its the same hdd speed it really doesn't matter, other than voiding warranty if you care.
I'm a Texan , and here is just my 2 cents.

Unfortunately, i don't think this is necessarily a bragging point considering our school systems have struggled so greatly due to the spending cuts that have been made by our Texas government.

Lets face it, the public school sector (on average) is a holding cell/day care for most Texas schools. I was lucky to avoid this but it is the sad "norm", and this would explain why our state consistently lands at the bottom of state education and test scores.

Not to mention Texas has done almost nothing to combat the skyrocketing tuition rates (that really plague the country as a whole unfortunately). Now students come out buried in debt while our state government sits on a surplus of revenue that could easily have been utilized in our education system, or further used to entice more competitive companies to come to Texas and consequently attract more competitive residents.

I was lucky to get a job, and i'm an engineering grad with honors... What the hell does that tell you? A lot of my friends in engineering are still unemployed in what is supposed to be a "booming Texas economy". Our state government continues to tout the good things we have and continuously cast a blind blame at another party and our central government for our downfalls.

I love my state, but you might be missing some big issues here... Saving and planning is great, we need more of it in the U.S. as a whole, but you don't need to hoard while the real working people suffer and fail to thrive for the sake of partisan ideals.
I had an older epiphone (probably early 2000's) that came with a gibson truss rod cover out of the box so it is pretty plausible its legit. It may not have the original pups but if it feels good and looks good to you at 300 id go for it.

Personally, I've yet to play on any epiphone that i actually liked the factory pups, so if they sound weak to your ears just get some new pups for it.
So i'm going to have to be flying across the US for business fairly often now(usually for a week at a time) and i want to be able to continue to play guitar since i'll be having a lot of down time. Considering i'll be flying what should i go with?

I tried out one of the travel guitars at guitar center today and i really wasn't happy enough to justify the money for it. I'd rather just bring a regular guitar and something small to play with, but what would be best for amplification. I've got a rackmount pod hd series (a bit big) which i'll probably just have to shove into my luggage but i was wondering if anyone had any better ideas.

I need some type of system for making a tolerable-good metal/djentish tone (play mostly BTBAM, Black Dahlia Murder, Corelia, Periphery, etc.) but hopefully something that can do a decent clean as well (I play some jazz).

Ideas guys??? Feel free to thow out anything price wise, i'm more concerned about being happy since i'll be doing this about 1/5 of the year (and more so in the future). I'm open to travel guitars that are nice as well. Maybe Steinberger's?

wow broz you shoulzzz learnzz to shredzdzdzd and notttzz complains and stuff.

Seriously man...

To TS: i think we all have these periods. I'm going through it now since i had a really tough last year in school where i was working full time and doing engineering school full time as well. Needless to say i'm not "myself" on the guitar.

I think the only thing to do though is to try to push through it. Its easy to feel frustrated with it (I know i do right now) but in some ways it can be refreshing musically. Let me explain...

You now are limited and you are struggling to create what you feel or hear in your mind, just as you had done before. Its not just a step back, it is a chance to reapproach your playing and musical style and reconsider what you know. For me the most beautiful form of art is the art that was produced from a struggle, from doubt, from pain, etc.

So harness that and learn to "bleed" through the guitar again, but in a way you haven't done before (no one wants to see your "old war wound" ). I can't glamorize the fact that your most hated friend the metronome will have to come back into your life for a while, but lets face it we all need a friend to hate.

With all of that said, now consider where you are and where you want to be. Good luck
Sounds like a filter they put over it, maybe a bit crusher ? I'm really not sure though. Cool song btw, i guess i'll have to check these guys out.
So i've got the pod hd pro and i'm going to give you my personal take. I'm running mine into a rocktron velocity 300 and into a orange 2x12 with vintage 30's. It sounds wonderful and imo beats out a lot of midrange tube amps if you take a little time to play with the amp settings.

You can run the pod into a tube power amp but personally it takes away a lot of the advantages of the unit in the first place. Your going to have to deal with tube maintenance and you'll have to still crank your amp (to an extent) to get the right tone.

IMO, the Rocktron 300's tube warmth sim paired with the pod hd's tube sims working together makes a really good tone that is very close to a tube but also has a lot of clarity which can be hard to do with a lot of tube rigs. Not to mention the cost of that ss power amp is much less.

TLDR Tubes are good but you can still get a very good tone with a SS power amp like the Rocktron 300 and avoid the drawbacks of going tube. You won't beat out a mesa dual recto or a Splawn head but you'll sound awesome. Make sure you change the setting of the pod to match what type of cab you use (combo, 4x12, etc).

Hope a different perspective from someone who has had a lot of experience with tube amps helps.
Thats pretty well what i thought, i just wanted someone to clear it up. Also if anyone has had any experience with the spector legend classic 5, please chime in. They've got those in stock at my local shop.
How big of a difference is it going to make on the instrument? I'm not a bassist myself (buying a bass for my gf) so any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

These are the two were looking at

We're limited to ESP right now since we can get a good deal on ESP instruments and these were her favorites. If i went with the B-5e id swap the pups and probably the tuners (I think she'd like it more because of the looks, and i'm leaning towards it as well).

Quote by trashedlostfdup

Ibanez Prestige/regular/Gio (however it is going to be interesting to see what comes of the Premium line that is more recent.

Very much agree about the premium series. I've yet to find an Indonesian made guitar that i actually liked and it is an interesting situation.

The fact that they have established there own factory there under (supposedly) the head luthiers of the Japanese plant to oversee the project would in theory cut out the quality issues that tend to show up and make for a great guitar. So far i've been hearing limited extreme hit and miss comments though which i hope isn't the case.

Back on topic...It would make more sense though to ditch the squier name i'd think. Its probably coming.
Clearly only good for kindle and awkwardly sized toilet paper compared to my gibson....

Seriously i don't see a problem here. I imagine these are just like the Squiers in quality but now it says Fender for a bit more "prestige" for entry level buyers.
Quote by Vital-Signs
For $700 you could get most if not all of the pedals you would need.
Boss Digi Delay: 140
Ibanez TS9: 100
Boss DS1 distortion: 40
Danelectro Equalizer: 25
Dunlop crybaby wah: 70
Boss RC-3 loop: 200
EHX big muff: 80

Total: 655

You can mix and max, that is what I would grab if I was putting together a pedal board.

Your missing an amp in that range to compare it really (not to mention home recording equipment if you use it for that too) and mine was $600 new (which is beside the point).

I understand your bias because line 6 has made some sh*t cheap products, however saying all of there amp sims suck is pretty far from true unless you talking about cheap multi fx boards or spider series. Not everyone can crank a tube for home recording since they live in an apartments with very thin walls (my half stack is sadly getting dusty ), so what good does a pedal board do you for that large chunk of musicians?
Have you heard their new pod hd pro's amp sim capability? There are a lot of people who are buying that right now as a cheaper alternative to the axe fx? Yes, it is actually that good, i was a bit shocked too. Not quite as good, but still impressive.


However, if money is no object... Look for a used Axe FX... I've seen them go for $1000-1500 on craigslist. They have all the convenience of Guitar Rig, and very nearly the right feel and sound of a real amp.

Also, check out Overloud TH-2. It's a program similar to Guitar Rig and Amplitube, but IMO both the clean and super hi gain tones are much better. Be warned though, it's not nearly as user friendly.

Couldn't you just get the plugins from TH-2 and use them through guitar rig? The big advantage to guitar rig or amplitube is the ease of use which really makes it attractive.

Idk if Axe FX would be good for me YET (because of all the expenses that would go with it), although i'm definitely going to research this thing some more. Thanks for the introduction to it, i didn't realize this is what Periphery are running now.
Quote by kyle62
Get the Lunchbox amp for sure, then get a copy of Amplitube 3 FREE.
The sound and response is generally better than GR5, and there's more than enough stuff included in the free version for most recording and practice use.

Amplitude 3 Free looks interesting, but i don't think it would provide the tonal diversification i'm looking for (i only saw a lead brit/"marshall" amp for distorted tones) and i don't think that would be quite enough to cover the "heavier" tones.
Quote by Xeron Brigs
I have been using Guitar Rig since Guitar Rig 3, and I have found it to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. I use it 95% of the time when practicing at home.

I normally use a 50W Mesa Stiletto Ace for band practice or jamming, but while I was having some work done on the Stiletto I used Guitar Rig 4. It worked quite well - I just plugged into one of my monitors and I was set.

Also, as far as recording, Guitar Rig is great for when I have inspiration hit at 3 AM, and I just can't play through my normal rig due to neighbors.

Overall, I would recommend Guitar Rig 5 more than a Lunchbox Amp IF you are just going to use it primarily for practice or to jam with. However, due to potential computer problems I wouldn't recommend using Guitar Rig 5 at an actual gig.

Wow its good to hear something like that. I'm definitely falling into the practice area and i doubt i'll be gigging any time soon so its looking like guitar pro might deserve more research. Thanks for the advice
Quote by Mahabajaba
My vote goes to Guitar Rig 5. It provides the best digital sound to date in my opinion and it gives you a huge amount of sound options for a relatively small price. The only thing I find with it, is that you also need a set of pretty sweet headphones to match, otherwise you lose a lot of your tone.

Luckily i've already got a set of akg mkii 240's which are friken sweet. I was considering trying to run it through my surround sound system for the hell of it though.
So i'll be living in an apartment for a while and i've been toying with the idea of getting a lunchbox amp (specifically the orange dark terror or the new mesa mini rectifier) for quieter playing and just pure ease of transporting to play with friends.

However, I had a realization that i could just get guitar rig 5 and run it through some monitors or headphones which would take care of the noise factor. I have an old Roland cube that i could still use for practice with friends or maybe i could use my laptop and just bring a 1*12 to go through guitar pro (input guys?).

What do you guys think on:

1. Will the lunchboxes be quiet enough?

2. Is guitar rig 5 worth it/ a better choice over the lunchboxes?

3. Could guitar rig 5 be used "on the go" effectively?

Money isn't really an issue right now and I think it could be nice to have something like guitar rig to make recording/demoing a possibility in my apartment. BTW i mostly play modern metal like BTBAM and Black Dahlia Murder. Any advice on any of these guys? Thanks for reading.
Your playing is solid. I think what is most important is how you're complimenting the band as a whole, which imo your doing a very strong job. I think just about every guitar player could use a bit more "tightness" and technical proficiency even if you won't actually use those techniques for songs that make the album/ep/ whatever, and the things that jumped out to me have already been pointed out by ciano so i'll just add good job and good tunes.
Quote by L2112Lif
Fo' reals, I went and checked the serial numbers on the guitar.

Its between a 70-72 from the Kalamazoo plant, worth between 12 and 14 dollars. Nice find!

You think you can trust a guy with an avatar of a pop tart cat shittin rainbows for evaluating your instrument? I don't think so...

He is definitely low balling you broseph... its at least worth double that. When can i pick it up?

Seriously, sell something else. If you wait a couple more years you'll get way more i'm sure
Quote by MrBillion
You should let the guy write the solos that you would let him play.You know how in Metallica James writes most of the solos but he only plays solos in slower songs like nothing else matters and the first unforgiven solo.Let him play the simple solos in your slower songs unless they are all slow.

This is a excellent example. I'd also recommend just maybe writing some basic harmony leads for the guitars and maybe leaving some room for simple lead lines that can be added in later by the guitarist (or come up with something borderline generic and tell the rhythm guitarist to make it his own).

Of course there are a few rhythm guitarist who would rather hide behind a bass player and do have some strict rhythm attitudes like you asked about, so just talk to whoever takes the position and find out what he would like to do. Chances are he'll be pretty happy with taking parts that are written and collaborating a bit to make it a band effort (so try to be open minded to changes, even if the project is your baby). Pretty simple advice even though its easy to forget it when you're writing the majority of the material. Good luck to you.
I don't really care to read all of the posts, but to a hardcore shooter fan each of the COD's since 4 have played very differently. Try comparing MW2 to Black ops, extremely different in actual play and team strategy. I could make a huge list for it, but i'm sure you could find that elsewhere and you would probably just troll more anyways.

I think you share the majority opinion since they are similar games, but honestly what do you expect? Why would you drastically change a series that is the most successful in the industry?

The only thing i agreed with was that the pricing for dlc is nuts. The COD elite service is going to be mostly free by the way, but it really should be completely free honestly.
Quote by GS LEAD 5
Both are basic guitars.
Try both out. Buy whichever feels more comfortable.
I've played the EX- I found it bloody uncomfortable to play on your lap.

I have the ex400 and it feels great to me when your sitting (fits write in on your leg). Don't know what your talking about... maybe a similar model from esp (fx maybe??)

The ltd will have a thinner neck (the ex)so its up to you, do you want a thin neck or a thicker neck (the schecter)?

to me, the ex wins hands down.

Edit: quality will be about the same on both (esp in my experience has generally produced higher quality guitars than schecter overall) and there both going to have mediocre pickups but they'll both still do what you want well enough.
blocked by wmg in my country for "copyright content"
Quote by JCPrevenge

please no a7x. Lets just call them metal for all intensive purposes and leave them out of the thread. I'm really trying to stay true to the "rock" requirement.
Quote by steven seagull

Despite how it sometimes seems because the amount of guitarists that wank over it, sweeping is a niche technique...

Yeah, it is generally a pretty niche technique for guitar fappery, not always, but mostly. It just seems like that there would at least be one major rock song with it in there for just a second or two though, especially when you consider the amount of time some musicians put into their craft and technique and that many are much more technically proficient than what shows up on the record (to the trololol's: Notice i said some).
So i was trying to think of a few songs that have sweep picking in them that would fall more into the rock (not metal) category and were somewhat main stream but i sadly couldn't think of one. I'm sure there is some super easy ones i'm just forgetting about but i just can't think of any right now.

Any help guys

EDIT: No a7x guys... sorry i'm grouping them into "metal" despite the ongoing argument on that (and if you want to discuss that then please thread hop out)... I'm thinking about giving a brief presentation on guitar techniques for a speech class and was thinking about including sweeping but i really didn't want to put a metal group in.
don't bother with emg's until you get a tube amp. Your roland is fine, just upgrade to a tube amp when you have the money and then get emg's in the ltd or just get an ltd with emg's installed.
the dsl's are super loud. You won't notice much of a difference between them though. with my current knowledge, i definitely would have purchased a 50 watt since there are less tubes to replace. Its still going to have to be somewhat louder than what you would like for bedroom levels to get a solid tone, the 50 will perform marginally better (if its really noticeable at all for the dsl's)

tldr: Get the 50 watt DSL
Please take my word on this one. active pups won't help you. Save up and get a decent tube amp before buying new pickups.
sound files you find on the net are going to be very misleading. A poor recording quality, bad amp, a bad player, or simply a bad micing (most likely cause) can completely distort your views on tone.

Find a guitar with emgs or blackouts and play it through your amp if possible, if not something similar.
"The 2,000 arrests on choking charges in the first 15 weeks since the law took effect"

TS got too excited i think. its was 15
11s will be a bit floppy. Realistically you can get away with doing nothing but if your planning on keeping it in there tuning (which i'm pretty sure you'll have to since there stuff requires a lot of time) adjusting the truss rod and intonation would be a good idea. Another factor to consider is that if you go to a heavier gauge it may not be as important to adjust the truss rod considering your already tuning down and the higher gauge would compensate for some of the tension loss.
Quote by djentdjent
Beats by Dr. Dre are good, depending on which one you buy. My only complaint is you truly can't hear anything outside of the headphones if they are at a decent level of volume and that they let A LOT of sound out. If it's loud to you, it will be loud to anyone near you. Sound quality is pretty damn amazing though.

I hate to troll but this is a terrible suggestion. These things are good for listening to music, but considering they are designed with a certain emphasis on certain frequencies to improve playback for casual listeners they probably aren't the best for production work. Not to mention the build quality, I know a couple of people who got these and there made of some of the cheapest plastic. The Fry's electronic store near me can't keep there demo pair working for more than a few days. Not trying to insult you and be a UG troll, but those aren't production headphones

TS: Check these out. AKG is a great company and these are one of the standard headphones that you'll find at any major studio. I managed to get mine new off ebay for about $160 american and this is a steal of deal. These will give you a really true sound to whats really going on. They are open ear so you can hear whats going on around you, but keep in mind almost everyone else can hear what you hear as well.
I hate the wii, i hate kinect (mainly due to the fanboys), but i'm intrigued and so far impressed with the PS move. It may not be "original" considering the wii design, but neither is kinect (see eye toy) and everyone is jumping on microsoft's dick for that periph.

The only motion control right now that has any "serious" gaming potential is PS move. The level of precision on the move is just purely awesome. I've been playing killzone 3 with the move and while at first it was extremely difficult to even walk for me, i soon was able to adapt i was having the most fun i've had on any FPS in a long time. Its truly impressive, and while the wii sports knock off is a turn off for the blatantly ripped factor, it is a lot of fun due to the high level of precision of the controls.

I'd really say the tech lends itself more to rail shooters but it works with a higher level of precision than a standard gaming controller. I'm very aware of how bold of a statement that is, but thats my honest opinion. I fear that a lot of gamers won't embrace the tech since microsoft has marketed there system rather well and made it appear to be the cheaper and better choice, However this is the first tech that really impresses me since it actually does what you want (and very well) instead of relying upon flailing like the wii.
Everyone on UG is all over "Schecter's dick". There not bad guitars, but there is much better out there for pretty much all of the price ranges available. They tend to have very thick necks, which i'm personally not a fan of, and unfortunately from what i've seen sub par build quality for their price. I've seen some good high end schecters in the $700+ (american) price range excluding a few models.

In short i'd need a price range and model to give you a direct answer, and don't expect an objective opinion about Schecters on these forums, everyone has a tendency to over hype them. If you like really thick necks though try them out some more.