I really like the Yellow Channel for mid gain old school rock tones.
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If you can bend the plain strings, then you can bend the wraped strings. I'd just go full 11!
'Picked up an EMG Afterburner. 20db of clean gain. It's 100% transparent, and doesn't change your tone at all. Pretty cool.

This is maxed out gain.
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Aight, so would it be smart to slave the JMP-1 through my TSL 60, or buy a power amp, and if I should buy the power amp, what's the average price, and good brands.

YOu can use the power section of your TSL untill you get a power amp. JMP-1 out to the TSL effects return. This will bypass the tone controls of the TSL.
Digital can be programmed, and recalled. With Analog, you're stuck with the 1 setting unless you get down and twist knobs.

Digital has infinite repeats with clairity. Analog repeats get muffled with each repeat. Some like this sound.

I prefer the precision and programability of Digital. It comes off as more polished to me.
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So I just got the Decimator Pro Rack G and I wanted to know how to hook it up in my 6505+ with my BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer and how to run my Wah through the signal chain?
Thanks for any help,

Take the BBE, tie a cinder block to it, drive to a bridge that crosses some deep water, throw it over...

Run the Pro G in the loop, and the Wha into the guitar input of the amp.
You dont need a mixer to record and a USB mixer will only mix to a single stereo track to your computer...Useless fore recording anything these days.


This is half correct. You can still use the sub outs to go into the sound card for 6 total outputs at once.
YOu want something like this. A USB mixer that you can hook up to a computer. This one has compressors on 6 channels, so use those for drums, and you're half way there.

Get some recording software, and you could do great recordings with this thing.
If you really wanna' record your band, I'd look into spending your money on a good mixer. Get the most channels you can afford.
The iMultiMix 16 USB is more what you want. But remember that you don't have a multi track recorder, only a stereo recorder.
Reading a little further, it seems that you can only record a stereo 2-track mix, and not multi tracks. Bummer. THis limits what you can do a lot. It's basically a CD recorder in a mixer.

I'd say no, because you can't change anything post production. I'd look into some kind of 8-track if you really want to do band demos. It would be cool to record you band practice, but you'd need a lot of gear to do everything right.
I seen these. It looks real cool and portable. Great for recording bands and then taking it home to your home studio for mixing.

You'd need a bigger mixer along with that setup to do a full band well, but the concept is cool.

Everything is getting smaller!
Digitech has been around at least since the 80's. They know what they're doing. Besides, he asked which one of the 2.

If it was up to me, I'd tell him to cut to the chase, and just go rack with an old Alesis Qudraverb 2. Those are great, and are fully programable. It would come in a lot cheaper than a floor based FX unit.
That's a killer amp for the price. I wouldn't worry untill you've tried it.
I like the layout of the RP500 better. It looks much nicer than the other.

The switches are spaced more apart, and look easier to see on the floor.
None of you butt loafs have any EQ's on there???...

Did you know you can put the bass EQ's on there too? They have way more bass accesory EQ's. I'm thinking about running one of them.
What it is. Back in the 80's, I had an SPC with a PA2 booster with my 60, and 85. It was metal mayhem.

What do you like?
I use to run 18 volts, but it gives the sound to much bass. It sounds better to just run 9 volts. It keeps the guitar in the guitar range of the mix if that makes any sence.
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So basically what I'm looking for is that "80's sound". Somethin along the lines of scorpions... I'm kinda sure they used marshall amps. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio, but a crappy walmart amp :P
I'm a "Noob" when it comes to amplifiers, so any help is good.
My budget is somewhere around 700$ but is a little flexible.

Any EL34 power tube amp, and any stomp box distortion should get you there.
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Here's a few more pics.

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From Jemsite:


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Do you think this is worth $274? I got it from Legacy One Guitars.

I did the effects loop jumper. This must run throught the other half of the opamp that drives the reverb. It adds a solid state feel to the sound, and I found that it clips easy, and gives the tone a buzzy sheen.

I had already replaced that opamp with a Burr Brown OPA2604, (which has a lot of headroom) and it still clipped.

It should be good when running effects though, because you can control the level of return so you don't get any clipping.
I tried the jack mod. I didn't hear any difference. YMMV.
Put a 12AT7 in V3. (closest to the tubes on the 112) You get more clairity and dynamics. There's still plenty of gain left.
THat's crap. I have a Fender with SA's, a Charvel with 85/60's, and an Ibanez with 707/707-TW's.

All different guitars, each has EMG's, and each one sounds different. If it was true, no one would spend big bucks on overpriced guitars. YOu could get the cheapest Piesce Of Shit to sound like the mostest metal master if it were.

Don't be fooled by internet opinions. Take them with a grain of salt.
I used DR's, but it seems like I remember the wraps going dull to quickly. YOu can't go wrong with EB, DD, or GHS.
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Banged it around? As in what? Putting roughly or something? I'm not quite sure what you mean, but it worked for the second I plugged it in, then something happened....

BTW, the more shit you run through an amp (pedals, ect... ) the harder you run the preamp tubes. Especially distortion boxes, and volume pedals.

Try swapping out tubes to find a bad one.
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I wish, but thanks!
Get a known to work preamp tube, and start swapping them 1 by 1 in the VK. If that doesn't work, try it with the power tubes. I bet you banged around the amp to hard, and shorted a tube.

Let us know how u make out.
If you want to run 2-4x12's, then having the ability to utilize stereo effects would be using 2 cabs to the fullest.

Wether you need all' that gear for a 300 seat dirtbag club is beside the point. No crappy, boxy ass sounding 1x12 combo will ever sound as good as 8-12" speakers. You don't need to blast the roof off' the place just because you have the power to do it. If you want to know what a rockstar rig sounds like, having 2-4x12 cabs in stereo will get you there.

Having some corksniffer tell you you're not getting the best tone because you can't get into power clip in a tiny club is just splitting hairs. You'll still sound better than a washy combo...

The short long of this would to pick up a JMP-1 preamp, and a Marshall EL34 50/50, or 100/100. The 50/50 would get you into power amp distortion quicker, and is still plenty loud for a bonzo drummer. I'm sure the JMP-1 preamp will get the same tones as a DSL. It has a ton of gain if you need it, and you can program everything. That means you're not stuck with 2 channels like you would be if you ran just a DSL. You can program all of you effects to go with each tone you make, so you don't have to worry about stomping shitty pedals. You can just hit 1 button on your MIDI controller.

Plus, having 1 rack will be less gear than 2 heads, and a plague of crappy floor pedals. Moreover, you'll have a good rack to protect everything.

Lets be honest. If you had the opportunity to own a amp and a cab, or a rockstar setup, which one would you choose?