ernie ball musicman
i just an ltd B-50 for christmas and it rocks for £193
i went to the local guitar shop. one of the best weeks ever, polished, tuned and played all the guitars and got a lovely yamaha rgx 1200s out of it. although, the school arranged for me to go there so i didn't need to contact the shop before, but ask them, I'm sure they'll take you, it's just a case of whether the school will let you go. although i don't see why they wouldn't.
the devil horns!! \m/ (slashes are fingers, the 'm' is the knuckles)
my friend plays through a electro harmonix metal muff into a peavey classic 50, sounds ****ing awesome!

each one of the silver ends goes to the pedals, and the adapter plugs into a wall socket
learn to juggle
check out this song by children of bodm:

lot's of cool keyboard parts
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on a similar note, is it Ee-banez, eye-banez, or ee-barn-ez (I've heard Swedish people prounce it this way, highlighting the barn and focusing less on the ee.

all my friends and i call it eye-banez. don't think i've ever heard anyone call it ee-banez
dude, it's my 15th today!
what about circle?
the little bushing in side my tremolo arm has becomes loose, causing he arm swing around whenever i move my guitar. is there a quick fix for this or will i have to buy a new tremolo arm?
i found an accurate tab in the 2006 readers awards issue of total guitar, i think you can order previous issues:
try a silver permanent marker, they're easy to control, looks good and hey joe satriani uses one
could someone please tell me the right way to pronounce "Yngwie", I've been calling him 'ing-wee' but I'm not sure if that's right.
an open fmaj chord, is like an f barre chord, except you don't need to play the top two strings (E and A). this means that you only have to barre your first finger over the b and e strings (1st fret)