I usually only go for the cheap ones ($13-$22), but yeah, they can get hella expensive. I think I payed something like $50 for The Wall.

It's kinda more of a thing where you get your favorite records and pass up all the rest. That's what you got your digital copies and CDs for

And...yes and no to your other question. I would say prices have risen a little bit in the past 6 years or so, but there's always been expensive ones and I find that the cheaper records haven't changed much in price. CDs, when they're new, often go for about the same price.
Honestly it doesn't matter to me. Whatever tickles your pickle. I don't really look at it like it's this 'big advantage' for girls. If it helps them with confidence and whatever, then more power to them. To me that sounds like it'd be worth the extra 20 minutes.

I mean, when it comes to attraction it can throw a knife in things, but so can wearing badly out of style clothes or a fedora. It's all part of the initial attraction and if you're not hooked and 'her natural face' or whatever is too unattractive to you, then you're doing her a favor just as much as yourself to get out of there.
I used to. It's kind of a waste of time. I'll do it if I'm feeling really stressed (it's kinda good for that), but other than that, **** it.

You want to position yourself, back straight, sitting down. You close your eyes, and then count each breath. In. Out. 1.

You do that in sets of 7 (the breathing) and try not to think of anything else at all. If a thought comes into your mind, you tag the thought and move on.

There are like a few different types of meditation. That one's supposed to be stress relieving. I feel that it works after about 10-15 minutes but I know some people go for like an hour or whatever. That's when it gets so super unnecessary.
Well I think first you have to ask yourself: Are YOU happy with the way you're singing when you're alone?

Record yourself singing and then make that judgement. Not everyone can sing well and that's ok but you need to work on it until you're content with the way it sounds.

After that, you really have to stop caring what people think. If closing your eyes while singing helps, then go for it (I used to totally do this and it helps!).

It's really just like public speaking (all performance is, really). You just have to let it out and fake confidence if you don't have any. You can't think about how these people are going to judge your singing, but rather think that you're out there to impress them with your awesome vocal skills. That just goes back to thinking you're good and being happy with the way you sound. If you think you sound good, then so shouldn't others?
I think my biggest mistake was always stopping when I made a mistake and starting over.

If you make a mistake, finish the song anyway!

Also, identify where your mistakes are and what you're doing or not doing that's causing them. In most cases you can make a mental note or notes about something that will help you get through the whole thing.

Also, what BoL7z said. Metronome OR at the very least, foot tap the rhythm while you practice and actually do it a couple of times (tapping dat foot) while just listening to the song and pay attention to how the beats interact with the notes. That can help immensely in working out problems.

Good luck with the performance and stay cool! You'll be fine Well, as long as you keep practicing this and get it right.
Belly or back. She can't get pregnant though so I could technically leave it inside but then the cleanup gets complicated...

No way! I've only ever heard of Brest Cancer. What's Breast Cancer like?
I wash it every other day, rinse it every day and use wax in the morning. I never brush it.
I sing songs I don't know. Most melodies and lyrics are predictable.

It annoys the shit out of some of my friends when they try to show me a new band and I start singing along to it without knowing the song.
God I love this kind of stuff :-) Keep it up. You earned yourself a follower today.
If girls avoid you like the plague, you're either creeping them out or you smell bad. Probably both.
I have some limited experience here. I used to do it on weekends and then later during that summer at a bar on their patio.

It really depended on the area, the foot traffic / people eating and if what you were playing matched what people in that area like (I was lucky and lived in a 'hick town' of sorts and they love classic rock. I never played country. I would have made more if I did. They love Kieth Urban down there )

Anywhere from $10/hour to $30/hour.

EDIT: Boost profits by figuring out what the area likes music wise. If Neil Young happens to be extremely popular there, you best know how to play Rockin in the Free World and The Needle and The Damage Done.

Also, be flashy with your guitar playing. Use dynamics so that when you kind of work up from just playing some chords at say, a medium velocity, and then switch to some harder strumming it looks like you're rocking the **** out. Most people won't know that you're not at all rocking out and just playing regularly.

If you have a choice between Dreadnought and Cutaway, go with the dread. The louder and fuller you sound is directly proportional to how talented the average person thinks you are.

Deep cuts. If you know the people in your area love Zeppelin, Stairway won't get you that far (although it'll get you somewhere). Pick Over the Hills and Far Away or Tangerine or Thank You. These people will have an eargasm because they used to love those songs but they forgot they existed. It's all about knowing the crowd though.
Meh. Not my favorite kind of music.

That tends to happen when you don't love it in the first place and then have a roommate for two years who fancies himself an indie/scene/folk rock singer.

But it must be a good genre since it's still pretty successful.
It depends.

You already have a loud as hell amp (30watt tube, right?). You should be able to play that thing in any venue without mic'ing up unless we're talking a stadium or arena (in which case you probably don't need to be deciding between a new guitar or a new amp, right?) As long as the cleans sound good to you, then why get anything different?

On the other had, if you feel that the amp's sound could be better (I can see by your signature that you already have some decent guitars rolling too), then get the amp.

Fender amps are great for clean and then running some pedals up front. They generally take pedals quite well. I'm actually running a Fender Champ 25SE (old 25 watt tube from the 90s that got discontinued) that I picked up for next to nothing (<$200). The overdrive channel is garbage, but the clean is like any fender and it takes my board, well, like a champ lol.

If you go the amp route, you could always pick up some pickups if you need to get a better sound out of your guitar. Pickups are relatively easy to install (Just need a soldering iron) and can radically change the sound of a guitar.

I come from the camp that tone is everything (after you've gotten good at your instrument anyway). So if you're not happy with the amp, buy a new amp. If you're not feeling the guitar's tone, get some new pickups. OR you could pick up some new pedals (honestly, that would be my first choice. I have mad GAS for pedals).

The only reason I would think to get a new guitar is if I either couldn't do what I wanted with it (i.e. Doesn't have a trem system and I need one) or if the neck isn't up to par. Anything else can be fixed, be it new tuners, pickup replacement, truss rod adjustment, or a bridge replacement. Aesthetics shouldn't be your first concern when you buy gear.

After you sound great and play great, you can worry about looking great
Eh. Although ear training is a necessity to becoming a decent musician, there's absolutely nothing wrong with tabs.

You use whatever tools help you to learn your instrument and to learn music. Be it tabs, chord books, sheet music, your ears, jamming to backing tracks, or even rocksmith.

The end result, if you went about everything right, is to have mastery over your instrument and part of that is, well, a good ear. You'll get there if you really truly learned your shit.
Little plastic rings that stay in place that you can put between the knob and the enclosure on a guitar pedal that will sort of 'lock into place' the setting you want. You can still move the knob of course, but it'll make the transition between it a little more difficult so that when you click that pedal that's in between two pedals you don't mess with the settings on the adjacent pedals.
I have Home Recording For Musician's For Dummies laying around somewhere.

The internet is great, and I've learned a ton on it, but sometimes you need to have something that straight tells you what's up rather than listening to a bunch of know-it-alls with differing opinions and bad grammar try to explain it.

It's laughable asking people on Reddit what the difference between 'Mixing' and 'Mastering' is or to explain what a 'bass trap' is and how to fix it.
You can make some money busking. I used to do it on weekends.

Just get a little set together of about 5 songs you know backwards and forwards and can play with some energy and you'll be good. Singing helps (A LOT!) but it's not necessarily required.

Also, restaurants/bars love free entertainment. Go around and ask if you can busk in their establishment or when the weather gets nicer, on their patio or whatever. As long as you don't suck nads, it's a great way to get some experience and I've found that people old enough to go to pubs and spend money on food tend to appreciate stuff like Zeppelin and Floyd more. Just realize that you have to put together a bigger set (30-40 minutes) if you plan on doing the restaurant/bar thing.

Good luck, and one more tip: Write down your songs on a sheet of paper and keep it in your pocket. There's something about playing in front of people: You instantly forget what songs you know.
Just recently picked up a used Fender Champ 25 SE (25 watt tube. 1x12) for $230 at Guitar Center (overpriced! ebay dealers sell them for around $200).

Unlike most fenders I've played, you can get down to those bedroom volumes and it still sounds good and like all fenders they have those glistening cleans :-)

When we're talking gig-worthy? DEFINITELY. I mean this thing at like 3 volume and 6 gain was giving my buddy's 100w fender solid state amp a run for it's money at 6 gain and 6 volume.

If you can find one, it's worth it. My only problem with it (which isn't even really a problem) is the OD channel. It sucks. Like a lot. I already was running a 'semi-pro' pedal board to begin with, so it wasn't a problem for me, but if you're looking for an amp with a usable OD channel, this isn't the one for you. If not, I recommend giving it a crack.

I recently did a quick demo for a dude on Reddit that I haven't taken down from my Soundcloud yet out of laziness. If you want to hear how it sounds, here are the samples I did (all recorded with the volume at 2 and gain at 6 with an SM58). I did dry then some with some reverb and then demo'd what it sounds like with a few dirt pedals and then with my full setup. It was super bad playing (tired and hungover), so if you don't mind that, give it a listen and see what you think. I'm deleting them on Sunday so...yeah.
I think it'll be here for a long while.

I like to think of it this way: Guitars have been around for a long-long time already. About 800-ish years if you want to count the Spanish.

Electric guitar was invented in the 30s and really took the instrument in an entirely new direction. So although guitar is super old, it's been given some new life. Much like synths did for keys.

Of course stuff like screaming 20-minute solos seem to be falling by the wayside, but rock (in the broadest sense of the term) is still a very major part of popular music.

Who knows where music will go in the next 20, 30, 60 years, but I don't see the guitar disappearing. Not if it made it through the 80s And who knows? maybe screaming solos will come back in style.

The great thing about music nowadays is you really can go out and do (and release) anything (even if jazz harpsicord is your thing) as long as you don't harbor delusions of becoming a 'rock star'. Just do everyone a favor and get good at your instrument first
What happened to this? Are we doing this? Or am I just out of the loop because I'm facebook-less?
Quote by tonibet72
there was nothing wrong with my question, it's just that the answer needed careful consideration, both you and 20 ended up admitting you'd read the post wrong, but I got slanged for it!!

my brother sister and most of their friends are Gen-Y's, so too is my girl friend, they all reckon a few of ya's just need to lighten up a bit... (some were actually saying... yeah that's so true), so yeah maybe it's all a matter of perspective?

just for the record, when I first asked the GY qstn, I never actually gave a reason to why I was asking BUT most people seemed to know what was being said, or at least assumed they did... pity how they can't "read between the lines" when trying to decipher a somewhat complicated music theory question... hmmm

and if you think no one else here hasn't had something stupid to say, yr dreamin... go back and read the posts...
i'm wrong, unclear, only understood 10% of it... mate! how would you have asked the question? *more stuff*

More simply, to put it blunt.

There was a A LOT of fluff in your original post. It was hard to understand, and as pointed out, some of the tabs were either incorrectly formatted or incorrect all together. If I were to ask such a question, I'd makes sure everything was as correct as possible (there is also an 'edit' button for mistakes in formatting or wording). You can't expect people to understand a mis-communicated idea, especially on the internet.

A good practice is to read back exactly what you've written to make sure it all makes sense before posting. Don't skim it, either. Make sure every sentence is correct and doesn't cause confusion. Also, cut out unnecessary sections/sentences.
Quote by tonibet72
It was just a typical Gen-Y response that's all (...turns out I guessed ya's both right anyhow - that's gotta be tellin ya something!), I digress...

just so ya know: you opened your post by saying ya don't understand, if only as much as 10%, then began to deliver a theory regardless... a little cocky don't ya think?
and when you stated that a I-IV-V prog involves no other chords and topped it off with "simple as that" I was like okay I guess i'll disregard anything joe pass said about embelishment and substitution etc...

altho I appreciate yr input, I was actually raising what I thort was an interesting issue to which with your opening line in your reply seemed to just dismiss as drivel (turns out other people were a lot more engaging and actually remarked that they too, had mis-understood at first) - I actually DID state TWICE in my original post that people please consider their answers before they replied... it just felt like I just didn't get that sort of consideration from your "knee jerk reaction" response that's all.

In actual fact usually it's my girl friend who's constantly bickering about "good ol'e Gen-Y thinking they know everything all the time" only for me to remind her that she's of that generation herself (i'm an X myself) her argument is she's in sales so she meet's everyone so.... "what would I know?" lol :-)

A generalisation? - Sure!
did yr comments kinda fall into that bracket?
please dude please don't just go shooting back now and be all offended like, you asked and I took the time and repect to honestly respond, and I am_ sure that I may very well require your feedback on future posts for any issues I may have.

and I myself will pormise to keep the extemporaneous floccinaucinihilipilification to a minimum...

Hey, I tried to help you out man. I'm sorry if it came off as arrogant or whatever you think is so typical to 'gen-Y's'. I think everyone else covered what you were actually asking (20Tigers and The4thhorseman, especially. Kudos to them! I tried but my knowledge just wasn't on-par. They put up some golden info on this topic), but just a word of advice on dealing with other people: acceptance and understanding.

I truly wasn't trying to come off as 'arrogant', a 'know-it-all', or whatever. I know I don't know shit. Music is a journey and takes years of learning beyond what I've lived to truly understand. I saw no replies so I added one in hopes that you would either revise what you were asking or maybe, on an off-chance, what I said would answer your question. Thankfully you revised it as I wasn't the only one completely confused by your post. Was it that offending that no one understood what you were trying to say that you had to go after an entire generation of people?

If it's any consolation, I DID think about what I was posting. In fact, I edited it 3 times. When I started writing it it was 4 times as long and AeolianWolf hadn't even posted yet. I just really wasn't sure what you were asking, and I wanted to make sure my info was relevant to the best of my abilities. Maybe it's typical for the 'Y-Generation', but I believe that some information is better than no information.
I run a powerstrip out of my Pedal Power unit. That'll get it to lay flat and you'll have some more outlets for if you decide to get a few pedals that sound better at 18v
Quote by Minicaxotinho
What was supposed to happen was in the end, after the song was done, someone with good equipment and playing skills would be randomly chosen to record the final thing. Since you're not involved in the making of the song, you could participate by doing this. (This isn't decided yet though, it seems we're having some problems communicating )

(Again, guys:
-Facebook group
-UG group or band profile

(It seems like this thread is a small room and someone ripped a huge fart and everyone stopped showing up )

UG Group actually sounds the best as long as everyone remembers to check back. It's kind of the only common factor for everyone. I don't have facebook and I have no idea what Tinychat is. I'm sure I'm not the only one in that situation.

I think you should make a UG group and then invite everyone on the list of participants.
Quote by tonibet72
and you too MJones1992: you just gotta be Gen-Y by your name tag!!

What does my generation have to do with anything? BTW, 20Tigers, great write-up. I learned some stuffs :-)
I'm not 100% sure about what you're asking (actually only about 10% sure here) but I think you're thinking about this too hard.

When you add more chords, it's no longer a I-IV-V progression. Simple as that. Even if I add one single other chord, it changes. Example: C F G is a I-IV-V. If I add an Am at the end (C F G Am) it becomes I-IV-V-VI, so there's that.
I clicked other because I'm not confident in my vocal abilites, but I'd be willing to do backup.

And..yeah. If anyone cares I mostly play a blues/jazz/classic rock style on guitar. Don't know if that was necessary or whatever, but I thought I'd throw that in.

Also, I has recording equipment (a few mics and a ZED FX-10 and Ableton)

EDIT: I'm assuming no recording will really be done in the next week, but my amp is out of commission. New one in the mail but it'll probably get here like middle of next week.
Quote by jamesiles2004
Is the tab 100% correct?

Maybe, maybe not. Use your ears and find out! If a part doesn't sound right when you play it to the record, then it's not right
Looks a lot like an ART but I don't know which model. I could be wrong though.
Quote by jamesiles2004

F|----------------------------------------------------------| X6

Or is the chorus the intro?

Why does the tab list the chorus at the start?

They might be using the chorus as an intro (some songwriters do that)

EDIT: Out of curiosity I listened to the song. That's exactly what's happening.
Quote by Vanhalaf
*More Sherlock Holmes crap*

I really want to believe you, but I just can't. The way you communicate is a huge red flag to me. It really makes you sound like you have a micropenis and you're trying to compensate by being some pretentious 'smart' guy.

To me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one here, you're this guy (but with a fedora):

Quote by Vanhalaf
*nonsensical Sherlock Holmes speak.*

If I'm understanding correctly: You've never had sex, and yet you discourage having it, based on behaviors you've 'observed' that 'resemble' drug addiction? Sounds like you're either sexually frustrated, were molested as a child or may suffer from a mental disorder relating to your emotional capacity? I'm hoping for your sake it's the first one.

It might be overblown by the media, but sex is kinda vital. It's like, ingrained in our biology. Even if you like to pretend that you don't need it, you don't want it, or you're somehow some sort of asexual human who reproduces by shooting brain waves out of your ass, you're probably thinking about it all the time and it's eating at you that you haven't gotten any.

For someone who pretends to be so very intelligent, you seem to be failing to grasp that we're all mammals that have instincts just as strong as hunger and thirst that tell us to reproduce.

Relationship thread is down the hall and to the left. Read it all very carefully.
You just kinda have to get out there and be somewhat social.

Don't try to be something you're not, but be confident. Asking a girl to coffee isn't likely going to creep a girl out, but if it does, she's a bitch
I think it's 1000x better when it's intimate, but there's nothing wrong with just having sex to have sex (or to get paid) as long as it's between two consenting adults.
Quote by sickman411
yea agre such basline smells familiar though

I wrote some lyrics based off that baseline:

" Load up on guns, bring your friends
It's fun to lose and to pretend
She's overbored and self-assured
Oh, no, I know a dirty word

Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low (x3)
Hello, Hello, Hello

With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us "

What do you guys think?
Blues is a relatively broad genre. I'm going to generalize A LOT here:

We can go all the way back to 'Delta Blues' (actually a little earlier, but whatever) players back in the late 20-30s like Robert Johnson (considered the father of blues), Tommy Johnson, and Son House.

That might not be your cup of tea though, so lets jump to the 40s to folk-blues/east coast blues. Check out Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee as well as Bull City Red.

If that's still not your cup of tea, the late 50s-60s-70s saw the electric guitar becoming a staple in blues as well as blues evolving into Rock & Roll. That's where we see guys like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton (Cream, and solo work), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin, Yardbirds), Willie Dixon, B.B. King, Joe Lois Walker, John Lee Hooker, Otis Rush, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, John Mayall, etc.

If you want more recent, I've been recently getting into Guthrie Trapp. Also, John Mayer Trio (avoid his solo records!) is worth a listen. Jack White, as pretentious as the guy is, has a few decent blues tracks. Joe Bonamassa is pretty damn good.

Anyway, that's all I could muster off the top of my head but I'm sure you'll stumble on other stuff as you're listening to all that. If you're trying to learn blues guitar, I recommend picking a few of those guys you like and learning as much as you can from them. You'll find that a lot of blues uses the same licks, progressions, and what-not. What makes most of these guys unique is their styling of those licks and progressions. Good luck!
People will always complain about other people working harder than they are. Especially on the internet, because they feel like they should be working instead of diddling around on forums and facebook.

Don't let it get to your head bro, and good luck with the learning!
I guess I'm in.