Done. Good luck to the next guy. Mine is kinda weird...
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So apparently there's one dude before me. Let's hope he doesn't take a week.

I have some shit going on tomorrow and Monday so I'll either have it done tonight or Tuesday (depending on when it's sent and if I decide to go to an open mic again tonight).

EDIT: But it looks like there's two guys after me and before you, unless I'm reading the list wrong (again).
Different spots are good for different sounds. I find the closer to the neck you are, the more mellow it sounds (to me, anyway). There's actually quite a bit your right hand can be doing when it comes to picking. Even angling the pick can change the timbre of your lines slightly.

Lately I've been experimenting with laying my palm on the bridge (floating trem) and shaking the trem block to effect. It's kinda cool
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Thanks for that. I'll take a look. Another good book on these lines is "Sweet anticipation" by David Huron.

cheers, Jerry

I'll definitely check it out Thanks!
I remember seeing that one awhile back. It's pretty cool

If you're interested in the subject, you should check out This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitin

It's more about music in general (playing and listening) and how it effects the brain. The guy did all kinds of tests and concluded that music is unique to all other art forms because it's the only one where we use all parts of our brain.

Along the way there's interesting stuff like how timbre and tempo are the most important parts of music and how any human can remember the tempo of a song +/- 10 bpm.

So pretty much what's in the video, but more in depth and stuff.
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lol you've spent a lot of time on the internet complaining about people spending a lot of time complaining of the internet there bud

It's addicting man! I only get on every few days, so I gotta 'scratch the itch' when I can

Plus, I needed something to do while these Amanitas take effect.
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More and more things

I'll say it again: context

You've repeatedly taken what I've said out of context. I think we're done with this lol. Between the attacks on character and cherry picking, you've made me not want to listen to a thing you say. It's just in bad taste, really. Try being less socially inept when you're 'changing people's minds'

The part about the Bill of Rights is especially laughable. You took my meaning to be exactly the opposite of what I said. How cute.

Think about your life, bro. Think about how much time has gone by and how much time you probably have left. Think about the vast number of problems there really are in society. Is it really worth soap-boxing all day to attempt to change minds?

You may change a few minds, but until people start doing things to change what they believe is wrong with society, it's just words on an internet forum and thoughts in people's heads.

The internet is exactly what you said, but it's formed a culture that would rather complain about problems than fix them. In the end, you're no better than me. Even by your own standards. Talking about it on the internet isn't preventing nor allowing these things to happen.

Good luck on your journey. I'm sure it's noble and that one day the God's of Times New Roman will fix all the problems of the world
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More things

Lol. What does age have anything to do with this? Yes, it is my age. Yes, I am an adult and entitled to my opinions and viewpoints. Your internet 'call-out' culture BS isn't going to sway my opinions or viewpoints. Looking at your profile I can see you're ~19. Explains a lot, actually (since we're bringing age into this).

Do I think sexual assault and objectifying women is morally wrong and inhibits our growth as a species? Yeah.

Do I think throwing a bunch of people who don't know how to act toward members of the opposite sex in prison will solve anything? No.

Do I even think that women oftentimes react positively to this sort of behavior? Yes, I do. It's sad, but true.

Get over it. I'm not even going to waste my time reading the rest of your post. Instead I'll pose the question: "What in the **** are you going to do about it?" Because no amount of soap-boxing on the internet is going to change anything. In fact, it's just wasting precious time you could be spending working toward fixing these issues.
Quote by chrismendiola

Context's a bitch, eh? I'm sorry you didn't understand.

I suggested we look into changing "the game" to fix this problem in an earlier post. I'm not shrugging my shoulders, but I'm suggesting that, much like throwing pot smokers in jail and fear-mongering children doesn't stop people from smoking pot, we need to look at alternatives to curving this sort of behavior rather than taking the 'knee-jerk' path of throwing everyone in jail.

Certainly it wouldn't stop things like this from happening completely (and honestly, changing the game is a feat in itself. Third-wave feminists tried. It didn't work out), but it would definitely change the methods by which PUAs operate.

Also, if I remember correctly from history class, the US constitution and Bill of Rights were basically copied verbatim after WW2 in Japan. It may have changed since then, but I would assume Japanese law is still very very similar to American, especially when we're looking at foundation type stuff

Have a nice day!
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Why do we bother arresting thieves?

Not exactly related

This guy's giving a talk about his supposed methods of picking up women. For all we know, the footage he's provided (if any in regards to sexual assault in the street) is fabricated, by him, to further his BS.

The cops should have arrested him if he's telling the truth and he did or does this, but that requires being caught in the act or with proof of some kind (I don't think a video taken by him or his friends for use in his talks count).

On the subject of PUAs in general, it's been done for a long time. Much of it is borderline, and even in some cases acceptable behavior in a bar/club scene. I'm not saying it's right, but no one's gone to jail for grinding in a club.

First and Fifth Amendment in the US. I can tell you all day about crimes I've done and even how I went about doing them. I can even give a public talk about them, but without valid evidence, it means nothing. It's just hearsay. I can claim I made it all up
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because he tells loads of guys to assault women on the street

Yeah, but so do other PUAs. It's a 'game' to them. This guy is just more outright about his doucheyness than most. They're like a cockroach infestation. It doesn't matter how many you kill, there will always be more.

I think changing the game would be a more appropriate solution.
Guy's a douche, but why try to 'take him down'? There will just be another douche to pop up in his place. In fact, there already are... He's not the first and he won't be the last douchey PUA.

As long as their methods/attitudes work and there are enough desperate and sexually frustrated men out there, then they'll exist, and let's face it: There's a fine line between douchebaggery and confidence (especially when you don't know the person and you bring alcohol into the equation), and there will always be desperate and sexually frustrated men...
what are you general thoughts on drug legalization? - I think in-home use should be allowed. Educate the people (and not by means of fear-mongering BS like the D.A.R.E. program) on health risks and what to expect while taking them.

what should the legal status of the following drugs or drug groups be?
marijuana: legal
psychedelics: legal
heroin: legal
methamphetamine: legal
Note: Heroin and Meth are pretty much legal already if administered or prescribed by doctor. We just like to change a few things in the chemical make-up and call them pretty names like Aderall or Oxycontin.

do you believe an adult should have the right to consume whatever drugs they would like? Yes. In the privacy of his or her own home. I don't like the idea of people driving while under the influence. It's dangerous to others. New idea: Issue drug licenses. You can take as much as you want, but if you do something stupid like drive under the influence, it gets suspended. 3 strikes and you land yourself a permanent revocation and possible jail time depending on the offense. Of course, things like manslaughter and stuff still hold, even on first offense.
Ableton Live.

It's the only one I know how to use inside and out. Tried Protools and Cubase but I never bothered to learn them fully. Used Audacity for my first few demos (what a nightmare!)

People usually use it for sequencing / electronic, but it works just fine for any genre
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Wait so am I right in thinking I can play any of the patterns up the fretboard but depending on which note I start on decides what key it is in?

Yes. So if you were playing over a song that's in E minor, you would use that scale starting on the 12th fret (or starting in the open position) of the low E string, which are both E notes.

If you were playing over a song that's in A minor, you'd start the shape on the 5th (or 17th) fret or the low E string, which are both A notes.

If you were playing in D minor, you'd start that that shape on the 10th fret of the low E string, because that's a D note.

It changes a little with major keys, but it's the same shape. has some very accessible reading on all this stuff (and music in general). I'd recommend giving it a go

There's also some stickies over in musician's talk that might help you grasp some of this stuff.

I'd check out both!

EDIT: Here's an FAQ page off of Justinguitar about common scale questions

EDIT 2: Looks like you have a few positions down. Look back at those pages and determine the "Root"of each of those, in Chris's explanation above, the root is the lowest not of each of his examples. Those are the examples I was using when I wrote this post

^^ Did for awhile to get started (he breaks it up pretty well) then moved on to

worked for me
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Wow, your girlfriend has a slave? Not cool, man.

Lol well played
My girlfriend's mexican and we listen to 60s psychadelic rock and acid jazz together all the time. Does that count?
Do you know how to read music?

Back when I didn't know how, I'd load the guitar pro tabs up but hide the tabs so I could slow down passages or change instruments (guitars drowned in distortion isn't always the easiest thing, especially when you're still developing your ear).

Doing some ear training will help though. If you can take the time, jump on over to and check out the ear training exercises.

I'd start with the interval and chord identifications, then move on to scales. You can change what it's exercising you with, so you can certainly start small (i.e. the differences between a tritone, major 3rd, Perfect 5th, and Perfect 4th would be a fantastic place to start in the interval section!)

Anyway, try it out. It's actually kind of fun. I made it part of my daily routine at 15 minutes of each. It gets addicting though. You look at the clock and you've been IDing chords for 45 minutes lol. It helped me out a lot though Good luck!
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Not at all. But dude, you define rich as an asshole. That's just wrong.

Jake has a point, and Gene is an ass. I used to love KISS when I was younger, but he has some incredibly out of touch and downright ignorant viewpoints and prides himself on being a 'rich asshole'.

You can certainly be rich and not be an asshole, but if Gene Simmons is your idea of being rich and not being an asshole, I think most people will consider you an asshole whether you like it or not.

I feel like you're refusing to acknowledge the current state of the industry and would rather whine about it than adapt. This is the exact same attitude that the industry took on when the internet hit and now the entire industry looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic horror flick. A lot of good that attitude did.

Rock music isn't 'in'. If your goal when you picked up a guitar was to get rich and live out that 'rockstar dream', then yes, you were totally born in the wrong time. The fact is, the industry screwed itself in the bumhole with it's reaction to the internet and piracy. It's no longer commercially viable to take risks on acts that aren't working in genres that are tried and true at making money.

You can do 1 of 3 things:

1. Go sell that electric, go buy a nice acoustic-electric and start studying acoustic pop and electronic music. This will get you closer to what I believe your 'dream' is. Be sure to pay attention to what's going on in the Billboard 200. It'll still end up being more work than you thought it was.

2. Go make music you love and worry about bettering yourself as an artist and making enough to survive. This will require you to readjust your 'dream' quite a bit. No more fortune and fame, sorry! Just hard work. This is the 'for the love of music' approach.

3. Go find another career that pays well. Music can certainly be just a hobby. You can love your hobby. Hobbies are good Then you can stop worrying about this crap.
Currently putting together a start-up for shits and giggles. We're all working hard.

In my last band it was the drummer. His definition of 'practice' was at band practice. He didn't understand the concept of practicing his parts when we weren't all in the garage.
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good riddance

now lets have some proper music


I feel like I'm at a hipster party on a college campus drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon listening to a guy with a bad looking beard wearing Real-D glasses talking about his record collection when I listen to this..

I don't know how I feel about that.

EDIT: Scratch the Pabst. It's definitely a 'Summer Shandy' type party.
I have seen the film. Pretty cool watch

Don't worry so much, ok?

Just keep practicing and keep learning more about (and making) music.

Yes, through a combination of bad management and ill preparation during the rise of digitally recorded music as well as a refusal to adapt to the current market, Sound City closed. Yes, it had a Neve Console. Yes, a lot of amazing records by amazing musicians were made there. Is it kind of sad that you, me, and bob down the street will never ever have a chance to record a record there? Yes.

Does that mean that you should throw your guitar in the trash bin and give up? Hell no!

I'll admit the industry seems to be in a strange place right now and the prospects aren't very bright, but if this is something you want then you need to work hard and become 'the best' as well as figure out where the money can be made and how you can survive. You need to not be so worried about a recording studio that closed and more worried about becoming the kind of musician with the chops to record in a studio.

If you like the way traditionally recorded tunes sound, then make that a part of your process. You may have to make some compromises, but you can certainly record in that way. Just because a studio that was devoted to that process closed, doesn't mean that rock is dead lol.
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in that book how do you know when to move on from an exercise?

With any exercise in any book you move on when you can play it with complete effortlessness.

Effortlessness meaning you no longer have to think about what you're doing. Your fingers just do it because they know how. You've trained them to do it. It sounds clean and professional and you can effectively just listen to yourself play it rather than staring at the fret board to make sure you hit the right notes.

This does NOT simply mean being able to do it. If you're noticing any type of tension in your arms, wrist, or hands, or you screw it up after 2-3 sets or it's sounding choppy, it's not ingrained. You're still thinking about it. It's not fully developed.

I've always worked under the assumption that 20 hours (total) of truly focused practice on a single exercise is enough to ingrain that technique into your brain and hands.

It's a good thing to keep in mind that even techniques at drastically different speeds or moving in different directions may need separate 20 hour practices.

Also, it's important to figure out what the exercise is supposed to sound like and to identify common mistakes in technique. Watching some videos online is a great way to do that. There are tons of teachers out there on YouTube that know what they're doing

Now of course, you CAN move on if you're getting bored, but do yourself a favor and add more time when you come back to a certain technique (ex being, don't spend 5 hours on a sweeping exercise, stop, then come back 3 weeks later and expect to only have to practice it 15 hours to master it. Make it 18, or better yet start back at 20).

Someone described it to me as drawing lines in the sand. Every time you practice, you're drawing a line in the sand. Every day the wind blows and fills the line in a little bit with fresh sand. If you draw that line over and over for 20 hours (making the line deeper and deeper), it'll take a lot longer for the sand to fill that line back up.
Sounds like a Strymon Blue Sky. I believe it's set to do a modulated reverb with a delay. Check it out:

Here's a modulated reverb that would get you close (skip to about 3 minutes). Combine it with a digital delay and you'd pretty much be there:
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Okay, so the pain is good. But should I continue untill I really can't execute them properly anymore? Or should I just continue for a little bit after pain occurs, then stop.

Try to figure out what's causing the pain and relax that muscle.

If it's feeling like general muscle fatigue, that's ok and to be expected if you haven't been practicing as much. If it feels like your hands or arms or fingers are tightening up/slowing down, you need to find where you're applying too much pressure or slow down the exercise.

A good litmus test is to try and play as quietly as possible. Try to barely touch the instrument and get a sound. Slow it down significantly if you need too. See how that feels. If it's feeling a lot better, you were probably playing with way too much tension earlier

If you can't play the exercise without it hurting, it might be best to give your hands a rest for the day. Fish oil and some Ibuprofen in the morning before practicing seems to help immensely for me.
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Wow people on the Internet are terrible at analogies.

I don't know man. The way I see it, you paid for a subscription to the website content, not the app content. Seems fair to me.

'Bundling' aside, imagine you got yourself some car insurance. Your car breaks down and you drive your wife's motorcycle to work. You tap a bumper. Would you be pissed off at the cop who gave you a ticket for driving a motorcycle uninsured? Would you say the insurance company conned you?

Don't get pissed at UG because you didn't know what the deal was. You could have easily read up on it. That pain in your butt right now? That was your fault.
To start off, you'll want to go up and down the scale, so I guess generally you'd start on the low E string and go up the high e string then start on the high e string and go down to the low E string.

I think it might be smarter to pay attention to the tonic, 4th and 5th though and work on starting and ending riffs on those notes. That'll give you an idea of how to start using the scale in a musical context, but maybe that would be something to look into after you've got the scale shape down first.
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If you drill the hole right next to the broken screw, it is likely you will never see it. I would go just above the broken screw

Ah ok. I see what you're saying. I'll go try it out and report back lol. Hopefully I won't screw this up royally (no pun intended)

EDIT: Done. Sanding the screw was a pain in the ass but the little piece of felt covers the old hole nicely. Looks perfect Thanks again. I'm happy again lol
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the screw heads on those are a bit smaller than any standard screw. But you can drill a hole next to the broken screw and put the strap-lock there. You will have to grind a little of the head down to make it fit. But it is 100% doable because I have done it on more than 1 occasion.

I used Stainless steel #6x1" pan head screws and lightly grind the head down until it fits .

Hmmm. I think I have a screw that might actually fit without sanding. Thanks for the advice Time to bust out the cordless.

I guess I'll just have to deal with the cosmetic issue of having a hole in the guitar lol.
I don't think 15 minutes of each every day for a week would be the best plan, honestly. You may see some slight improvement, but it would be much more effective to pick just one of those areas and really hammer it out during the week.

I'm actually working on alternate picking speed at the moment (despite playing for 8 years, my picking is pretty lacking lol).

Any exercise would help, but don't try to work on too many things at once. The best way is to focus on one thing for each hand.

So for me, that meant using a metronome and choosing a repeatable pattern (this can be a scale or just chromatic runs) that runs along the whole neck. I started at 80 bpm doing 8th notes because I could do 100 bpm 8th notes perfectly. I would do that for 30 minutes and then jump it up to 140 bpm for 5 minutes. Then after a few hours total at 80 bpm, I jumped it up to 90 and then 100 and so on until I could do 160 bpm comfortably.

Then I moved on to 8th note triplets and did the same thing with a different left hand pattern.

Now I'm on 16th notes at 90 bpm. It took a week and a half and about 46 total hours of practice, but I can tell you the improvement is marked, and I would be practicing right now if my guitar hadn't broke (shoot me now!)

I guess the point is, if you want to really get better and be able to play comfortably and efficiently, take it slow. Pick something off that list of skills and really focus on it this week. You'll get better and you'll have really ingrained the technique into your brain. 15 minutes is like skimming 5 different text books on 5 different subjects and then expecting to ace the test in each subject. It's just not enough time.
Hope this is the right place to post this.

So I have a Fender MiM. I use these strap locks.

I was practicing today standing up and, well, the actual screw holding the strap button in snapped in half. Part of it's still in the guitar. Here's a pic.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Any advice on how to fix this at home? I'm a broke musician and I have a gig on Saturday, so taking in to have it worked on seems like a no-go.

I guess step one is getting the screw out but I have no idea how I would even go about doing that.
Why do the dinosaurs have shoes? O.o
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What happens if you die before retirement?

Then you get to be praised as a genius of your time and possibly one of the greatest musicians to have ever lived. The younger the better
I dunno. If it's an interesting concept, I play along.

I had a friend that believed in that Nibiru shit. It was a lot of fun listening to him tell the whole story and present all of the facts he uncovered about it and then engaging in 'what-ifs' and trying to make sense of it. Try it some time OP

The thing is, we're all highly suggestible creatures, and I think it's funny and interesting how our existence is shaped by society and our own beliefs, desires, and morals. Who's to say we can't believe in God or Nibiru? Who's to say they don't exist?

It's all just our perspective on the world and what we believe the truth really is. For all we know we're in the locker in M.I.B. We may never know, and as long as we keep telling ourselves that we're not, then in our own world, we're not.

Why not take a minute and believe something crazy that someone around you believes? It probably won't hurt you and you can stop believing it 5 minutes after the conversation is done. It'll probably even be fun and give you some new perspectives.

Sorry for the deep shit hehehe
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I've watched it about 50 times. Plus many of their other videos. Every member is really great, and with such a large band you really get a sense of their wide variety of influences when you listen to their albums.

I downloaded 'We Like It Here' just for that track, but I'm liking all of them so far. Amazing band, seriously.

I've been kinda grinding away lately with the practice and it's easy to lose sight of why you're doing it when you're practicing boring ass dexterity exercises 6 hours a day but this is seriously inspiration to up it to 10 hours a day. Just amazing.