Music - 1
English - 2
Biology - 2
German - 2
Admin - 2
P.E - 2
Geography - 2
Maths - 3

Looks like crash higher maths for me (y)

Well done everyone else
morgan freeman has the most wonderful voice in the world, i adore it!
hope he's okay.
I just have to stay in my higher classes to get into uni instead of being shoved into int 2 classes, don't want to do "re-sit" sort of things
Standard grade, int 1, int 2, higher and advanced higher results will be on every students doorstep in 4th - 6th year tomorrow morning.
Who's scared?!
Anyone confident?

Personally, i don't want to wake up in the morning

Quote by Empty_Bullet
No, why would a girl want to go out with a guy that looks like an infant??

haha naah, i wouldn't anyway
Hallelujah - Original version, cause its just actually amazing
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica, cause it was played at my friends funeral :'(
sex me tehe.
Ioubou123 - yer cats amazing haha
the word dude annoys me
Not came across a thread like this, although there probably is one, but anyway.

What is yours?
It doesnt have to be an item, it can be a person or just a "thing"
Being UG i suppose there may be a lot of "my guitar"
But mine is definitely my family.
Quote by Calabur
GCSE results.

Same for me, but SQA being scottish haha.
nadal won
poor federer
Dell inspirons, you get to customise them n all that when you buy them direct from dell
and they're good value
but take like 4 weeks to get made and shipped...
downhilling all the way!
You are my North, my South, my East and West

blahblahblah, i love that poem
Quote by RevaM1ssP1ss

A question to TS: Won't you get in trouble for that at school?

Nah, my schools not bothered about it at all
all they are bothered about is uniform ¬_¬ but i don't listen to that either
i did zebra stripes once before, worked soo well

and i have stargazer shocking pink right beside me aswell
i know a girl also the spitting image of the one from Lazytown
she's sounddd
stargazer hair dyes are pretty good
kinna gutted the poll results are sooo close :| ahaha
it's not really helping :P
do i tell my ex i still like him?
we've been on and off for the past 9 months
and we're really close still
and i really really like him still :/
advice anyone?
Quote by CrazyDavey
Has this thread helped you reach a conslusion yet? :P

sort of.
blue slashes to begin with
after i get sick of that
flo. green and shocking pink slashes...i think
oh and base colour darkdark brown
they don't fade that fast :|
like 2 weeks maybe before they start to fade, but i can dye it again and again cause ill have the dyes at home
unfortunatly x/taluha left UG yesterday, great shame, the slegery in this Pit was nice
oreo cookie idea sounds good
but pink and green togethers winning me over
my hairs been bleached before, and it took the bleach well
and darks good, but it needs more colour than just one i think.
yeah, it will be bleached before hand
Quote by OddOneOut
Dark brown with red slices
blue black.

sounds good, but the dark brown i've dyed it the now is fading to an unwanted ginger.
red though (Y)
no thanks to tie dye :|
Quote by Tom_hatton
x/tahula seems to have fuccked off after being owned by about 5 different people haha

I'd go for streaks of any of those, but I dont think you should dye your whole head. Unless its red

haha, owned by the pit :P
yeah, maybe not whole head, cause it damages my hair so much
but slashes through it
Quote by 1The_Trooper1
"Shocking Pink" AND "Flourescent Green"

That is the only option.

its been that mixture before, but as stripes over one side, and blue and pink on the other side in slashes...haha
I am 15
act your age and all that.
Quote by CrazyDavey
How does it feel to know that half of UG are doing you in their heads right now.

haha :|
Considering i'm a 15 year old girl.
Do the poll.
im scottish from perthshireeee
most scottish schools finished today for summer (Y)
it has to be blue, HAS
and they are amazing live, i seen them at the start of the month in Glasgow!
Nike 6.0 = my most worn shoes
a group of like 20 minging guy chavs almost jumped me once just cause i was hurling abuse at one for tripping...
love all the way!
money helps...
Billy Elliot!
don't ask! haha
Suggestions for a name for it?
Butch, manly names for it seeing as it belongs to Shredfest not me, but he's banned so i'm doing this!

Leave a suggestion please

Also, name for my Affinity Squire
scene kids are happyhappyhappy
emo on the other hand :| not so happy
scene has the best style aswell! and hairstyle is amazing! haha