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What would you guys recommend to a guy who's never owned a gun before - what is a respectably decent first gun ?

Rifle, shotgun, or pistol?
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22 would be a good idea. You can get a Sig Mosquito for cheap cheap cheap.

The local DNR ranges here are free and unsupervised. It's nice.

The sig mosquito is bad and only feeds certain ammo well. The m&p is similarly priced and better. Or like a ruger mark whatever, they're all good.
You guys really think well adjusted adults walk around punching people on a regular basis
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This is leftists.

How often do you sucker punch people?

Edit: also if you dumb dumbs think I am a pacifist check the firearms thread
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And you never chewed gum in high school because it was against the rules.

I guess only bad people commit crimes, huh mr. Social worker?

How many people have you sucker punched?
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*Richard Spencer gif*

Nazis aren't people
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What about like boxing. And cultures that value minor physical disputes to settle some difference instead words, the law, or other lasting problems. If you aren't outright trying to kill someone, there's a lot be said about squashing the beef (huu JustRooster ) in a good ol' wrestling/fighting/boxing bout and gaining that measure of respect for the opponent, taking some beatings yourself, etc.

I'm kind of a big fan of that, tbh.

We live in a culture where punching people without permission is a crime.
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can it be counted on two hands how many people have punched you in the face, or would we need an excel sheet

Zero, because in the real word only shitty people punch other adults.
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Hope you had a good experience at the dealer, i've read a lot of stories about Volvo dealer experiences being really subpar, like they actively make it very difficult to buy the car you want lol

also slightly on topic to that test drive, but am i the only person that absolutely hates all this safety nanny tech? I feel like it actually is producing poorer drivers by allowing them to pay less attention to what they are doing and get away with being less aware of their surroundings. Why develop good driving habits and skills when a computer is just going to compensate for your dumb ass? I strongly dislike the side effects of such technologies

Perceived side effects. I would bet that the end result is still safer.
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Have you read Charlie Wilson's War? It's right up this alley. There's a movie, too.

You didn't even read the article. You just responded earnestly to a meme statement. You really have no idea how your words make you viewed on here, do you?

Why would I read an article pitched as being written by communist libertarians
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Pretty great article (archive? Editorial curation?) detailing far-left/far-right alliances on support for dictators in pursuit of anti-west/-imperialist/-colonialist/-semitic/-CIA/-globalization or whatever else policy arises in these circles.

I thought this was a newer phenomenon spurred by Russian propaganda but there's a real history here. Note: this is pretty long so feel free to skip a few decades.

Ignore the site's weird ass "communist libertarian" Beyonce/Lamb of God mashup ideology, doesn't come up in the article.

Ah yes the communist libertarians. Those are the people to listen to on this issue.
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Yeah they look really good in person. I want he T5 Inscription, but they didn't have any of the T5 models on the lot, so I drove a T4 R-design. Super smooth ride, comfortable seats. Didn't get to really do much, but I did try out the lane keeping and car following on the freeway which was pretty wild

If you dont need a car right away, being patient can pay off big time
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Bouta go test drive a Volvo XC40. Refund came in and it's time to get out of my Kia

I think those look pretty cool.
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My company offered me a bonus to move to st Louis. Is the clayton area nice?

Youd be less then two hours from me. I think k youd hate that
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can we make wrongful use of apostrophes a warning

I mean Christ almighty I feel physically ill and unsafe from that

Jesus's Chris't
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X-127 I understand why you take this personally, given the history of your post's.  However, when I said you were criticizing those who ACTUALLY serve that's exactly what you were doing.  Essentially you said, "My 'Brothers in Arm's' are fraudsters and liars for saying they have PTSD."  The words "actually served" were aimed at those you criticized as opposed to the 99% who DO NOT serve.

So, why would you make this clear mistake?  I'm assuming English is your second language and when you say you "served" you actually served for the other side.  I tried to look up 'Sergeant x-127" but only found references to porn and Poke'mon.

I do admit it is an excellent moniker for a Russian who claims American soldiers are liars and fraudsters in an effort to discourage military service in the U.S.A.

Either that or you are saying the equivalent of "I don't have cancer, therefore every one who claims they have cancer are liars and fraudsters."

Either way, I cannot respect, in any way, someone who trashes my Brother's in Arm's, especially given they put so much on the line for this country.

Do svidaniya, comrade.

Lol he is an army ranger dude
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oh nice is this from the office i love that show

Law and Order SVU, obviously. That guy murdered six kids and fed them to Canadian geese. It's a very topical meme
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yeah pretty sure gonzaw's from Uruguay

i remember because of the "lol Urgay" jokes 😉

That's what I thought. Pretty sure in fact
I thought gonzaw was from south america

gonzaw I wonder why I thought that
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I love this section of forums. Only read one page and you guys know how to spar.

You only feel that way because stewieswan deleted his account
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So what's your best guess as to the point of falsely alleging PTSD - marijuana prescription? free health care for mental health issues unrelated to service? free meds? disability payments?  I'm having trouble grasping why someone would bother with the hassle on a practical level. 

Being told that you matter and that you did your best on a regular basis from most people you meet.  You don't get that if there's "nothing wrong with you".  If anything, it's not a problem with PTSD itself, more a problem with our society not valuing people by default.  We feel like we need to earn respect and compassion from others and some diagnoses can be that ticket.  Even if it isn't done by a doctor, how do you look someone in the face and say "I bet you don't have PTSD?"  Few people would challenge it.

Also, self-diagnosis is always more likely to find something than a doctor would.  Go read web-md for an hour and you'll have about 100 different maladies, definitely for sure gonna die within a week.

Tons and tons of people struggle with PTSD.  In my opinion the solution isn't demanding everyone prove they have the diagnosis.  Most of the fakers probably don't stick with treatment very long anyway, and just want to be able to feel important and special.  Let them, life sucks enough without feeling worthless all the time.  Figure out how to solve that problem, and the self-diagnosis problem is less bad.

inb4 stewie and xaioxi say people should feel bad by default and no one deserves to be happy unless they are economically valuable
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UBI would work in a perfect world with perfect people. In the real world though, it's a shitty idea. A welfare system is a better system for those who need it.

They're not much different
Gonzaw I am sorry but I don't have time to read that.
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I offer now as the time for you to repost your "fact check" website for credibility context

The website content was true. Just looks like they missed something on YouTube.
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just a quick search

If you look for the full length he goes on looking for sympathy for his plights.
He doesn't mention he went AWOL though......

I see he did say Vietnam vet that time. Thanks for the link, not a big fan of that
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So that's the answer? Have you been on Medicare? I am not, I have good health insurance and I pay for it. Next is go look at other countries health care systems run by the Government and tell me how great it is. Really lets see how your health care will be when the bankrupt government is deciding your option by their pocket book balance.

I have been on state insurance before, and it was dope. I paid 25 dollars a month and they covered everything I needed.

Edit: also dude, it's possible to imagine a world in which private insurance is allowed and everyone still has coverage if they need it.
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whatcha gonna do if the toothbrush is in his bedroom though? 

Call the police immediately and have the sheriff retrieve the brush
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That’s what they keep saying but I just prefer the feel of a real newspaper.

I never put a condom on my newspaper anymore. I know it's dangerous but it feels so right
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What are you talking about? I have no problem with someone being an activist but I do have a problem with guys like him lying about being treated badly when he came back from Vietnam and the Ani-Semitism he spews off. The guy is a drunk looking to blame everyone else for his faults and problems like 1/2 the Liberal party IMO.

You still havent shown the video where he says he was in vietnam
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Nope I am a real hard working taxpayer waiting for any kind of explanation from the Lib's how to pay for any of it or even how it benefits us in the long run? When you ask you get these childish replies or called a racist or stupid or anything really except address the actual questions. Just look at all the childish replies to me asking those questions.

They throw out crazy ideas but can't really explain any of them or a decent reason why they are good for us or how to pay for any of these crazy ideas so they revert to antics.

How does healthcare benefit you now? That's how healthcare would benefit our nation in the long run. Seems easy enough.
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So you served stateside during the war?

Is that better somehow?

He said he served overseas during a war.
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Sorry that comment was for the guy defending the fake Vietnam Veteran who served state side after the war was basically over.

You think activist is an insult. There is nothing to discuss.
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Exactly the reply I would expect after seeing some of the intelligent ones posted. You smart guys who want all this stuff. Show us where it's worked before? Show us those success stories? You know all those countries like Russia/North Korea/China or even Canada. It is fact that people around the world look to us for Health Care correct? Our Health Care system isn't cheap I grant you that but it's the best in the world. Let's let the Government take it over and put 10 million people out of work and start deciding what's best for you by how much it affects their pocket book. Let's shut down fossil fuels and put many more millions out of work and the government running our transportation since we won't have cars or planes. Let's go ahead an retro fit every building in the USA. According to the experts it will take 30,000 buildings a day to meet their 10 year plan. Ok so we got rid of all those jobs in Health Care and Fossil Fuels so now lets go ahead and tear down the walls and borders so millions more can poor in and suck up your tax dollars.

Now please explain how we pay for all this and the super trains to other countries. Just explain how we pay for one part of it!

We are gonna raid your house and steal your toothbrush and sell it for healthcare.
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No actually that alternative green new deal specifically calls for wealth, inheritance, and increased income tax among the upper-middle class who are no where near billionaires let alone millionaires.

But who cares right? Screw your retirement.

To be clear, were talking 120,000 households and up. So two people making 60k would classify. Which is like, a lot of people. Bunch of rich fucks right?

I didn't write the green new deal.
I am not sure what's worse, the idea that leftists want the money personally to cover some perceived financial failure, or the idea that we just want to punish the wealthy for being "successful" at something. Like it's out of jealousy. It speaks more to the accuser, that they think jealousy is the motivator of taxation, than it would ever speak to the accused.
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You seem to imply a hypocrisy but those are different tactics.

Okay, if you say so. At any rate, it's a weak distraction from discussing whether or not taxation is acceptable.
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There is not enough wealth you can tax to solve the healthcare coverage issue. The problems of criminally bloated costs lie within the purposefully byzantine processes of the healthcare industry.

Single payer healthcare.

Edit: private pay and private insurance still being an option. Don't use someone else's bill to argue this on me.

Throwing money at the problem is just adding gasoline to the fire. College tuition didn't get to where it is today without the generosity and kind heartedness of a naive government.

Money seems to help keep you in healthcare. It keeps me in healthcare. I suspect money might be helpful.

Libtards' answer to everything is to spend more money. This is not surprising given that they have no idea how to manage their own finances, which extends out to their pathetic outlook on other people's money.

Doing fine pal.
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Again, I'm no victim. You have bad tactics.

Oh well.

Rooster- I am gonna bully crunk. It will be helpful.
Rooster later- character assassination is bad!
Let's not pretend this conversation is just about pensions anymore, like it's just one old dude getting fucked to provide all the tax money. We are talking about taxing wealth.

"Sorry Billy, you cant have all 6 million of your dad's money he earned. We are going to collect taxes on the sixth million. You'll only have 5.x million dollars now."