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"I'm not funny."

- captaincrunk

There's nothing funny about this situation
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That's the spirit. Everyone who fetishized Mueller looks really smart right now, and absolutely nobody is tired of this shit. Please never change. 

Leave Britney Alone!
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Sure is! Lets just hope the Democrats are stupid enough to go after Trump for maybe possibly obstructing an almost certainly illegal investigation that ended without a shred of evidence supporting the investigation's hypothesis.

There was nothing illegal about the investigation, and it lead to several convictions. Do you not remember that part?

Your fragility is showing.
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So far all i see of a smoking gun is "you obstructed us from finding out you were innocent"
not the best look for Trump but far from what the American public was promised.
And the whole thing makes Russia look like incompetent boobs.
At this point i think its just a case of to what degree the media will face further humiliation.

Is obstruction of Justice illegal?
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I mean I already have school shooter politics because I read academic literature

You aren't in a position in which you'd never even consider the concept so there is absolutely no reason to discuss it with you.
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Don't talk about made up bullshit in front of me

You sound pretty fragile right now actually. You may be more familiar than you think!
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thats because men and women are different 

but it does make the problem different too, and there's no point in pretending it doesn't have something to do with fragile masculinity
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crime in general is disproportionately male across all countries and demographics

but for these mass shootings it is overwhelmingly male
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Sucks. Wouldve been nice to have a non white Male school shooter for once.

Think about that for a second. It would be nice if she killed people first?
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homie she's dead

Oh right she killed herself or something
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I dont understand the context. Is the girl transitioning or something.

She was arrested for something related to her obsession with Columbine
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everybody here already knows im at least 100× more stupid than anyone who has ever or will ever post on this message board. Big fucking deal.

Ever consider doing better?
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It's almost like you're too stupid to understand context.
Jesus wept. And then dabbed.
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European governments hide the identities of the attackers and just say its due to mental health issues if they get leaked
vague descriptions like "two teenage boys did it" or "x age man did it" never pictures of them or their names or identities.
They refuse to acknowledge that the attacks are related to anti-Christian ideals.

You want them to leak details about minors?
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As long as you dont upset any brown people

or jews

Yeah they might Lynch you.

Oh wait that's the christians
After reading your posts I have decided that christians deserve it and I will now begin a series of attacks in which I Photoshop crosses to look like stick figures defecating.
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Whats the verbal condemnation?

You mean like this?

"I was actually interviewed by one of your members, Jeff Goldberg. (Applause.) And Jeff reminded me that he once called me “the first Jewish President.” (Laughter.) Now, since some people still seem to be wondering about my faith -- (laughter) -- I should make clear this was an honorary title. (Laughter.) But I was flattered."
------ Barack Obama - May, 2015

or is this the verbal condemnation?

"And as an honorary member of the tribe, not to mention somebody who’s hosted seven White House Seders and been advised by -- (applause) -- and been advised by two Jewish chiefs of staff, I can also proudly say that I’m getting a little bit of the hang of the lingo. (Laughter.) But I will not use any of the Yiddish-isms that Rahm Emanuel taught me because -- (laughter) -- I want to be invited back. (Laughter.) Let’s just say he had some creative new synonyms for “Shalom.” (Laughter.)"
------- Barack Obama - May, 2015

How about here?

"It would be a moral failing on the part of the U.S. government and the American people, it would be a moral failing on my part if we did not stand up firmly, steadfastly not just on behalf of Israel’s right to exist, but its right to thrive and prosper. (Applause.) Because it would ignore the history that brought the state of Israel about."
--------- Barack Obama, May 2015

Are you telling me that you want the American presidents during Jewish heritage month to talk shit about the Jews
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I had candidates working for major marketing agencies with philosophy and accounting degrees. The problem was they were hired 10+ years ago when it was a different job market. They knew that a degree wasn't necessary and would happily have hired someone who had the skills and desire to learn.

The issue was that HR departments write the job descriptions and put the "tertiary degree in a relevant field" filter on, so the candidates that reach the manager have already been screened by HR (not in every case, I'm talking generally of how most organisations work here) and the ones without degrees have been rejected

Philosophy degrees end up everywhere. I had no idea what I was going to do when I graduated.
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They don't give you a bucket load of debt you'll never pay off either

Is that because the socialists made it free though?
Not to mention that we already have machine guns and nothing says we won't still use them too.
Accountant files my taxes to whom I do not lie or cheat. I have never once smoked marijuana. Jay walking is a misdemeanor and we are not talking about other countries, we are talking about the US. where I’m quite certain those prisoners are warm dry and fed. As far as I’m concerned that is all you deserve as a prisoner.

Do you believe any of our laws should be changed?

If they have food and a dry bed what more do prisoners warrant.? I just feel like if they don’t like it maybe they should quit breaking the law. It’s really not hard, look I just didn’t break the law, and again......wait wait wait, nope still not breaking the law. Shew man i thought that would be harder. Lol

Only losers obey unjust laws.
Prison conditions are often awful in the US, but the south is often the worst. Mississippi, Alabama, etc. Partly because it's gross and hot, but more often because no one in charge gives a shit about the inmates.
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A program I did some work with a while back that has had great success was Circles of Support and Accountability, which works with released sex offenders:

It's essentially the opposite of what people would intuitively want to do with sex offenders. Unlike what they want to do, however, it works. 

I will read it another time. I did some work with sex offenders and it's really challenging. But like anyone else they're all unique and different people have different capacities to change.
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A program I did some work with a while back that has had great success was Circles of Support and Accountability, which works with released sex offenders:

It's essentially the opposite of what people would intuitively want to do with sex offenders. Unlike what they want to do, however, it works. 

Not reading the post, just saying I am glad to see you're alive and well
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It's almost like I prefer different candidates from you
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A lot of behavioral therapists disagree with you. Pain is an excellent teacher

As a behavioral therapist I guess I agree with me. I have actually worked with federal inmates and seen progress. Plus literally hundreds of felons. Hard time doesn't do anything to reduce crime other than remove criminals temporarily. I know you think it's fun to hurt people but that doesn't make it effective, or moral.
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Define what you mean by "behavioral adjustment."  Plenty of people live (or have lived) very cushy lives and yet are or were still criminals, so it isn't like you can buy their way to conformity.  Therefore, you must be talking about mind control: behavioral modification through the use of drugs and/or negative stimuli.  I rather doubt that many people would agree with that course of action, since it is fundamentally a policy of stripping people of all freedoms.  The Soviets tried it and it didn't work, even though they ended up with some of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the world.

If there is a problem with the current system of criminal justice in the United States, it is that it curtails too many personal freedoms while at the same time does not dissuade people from committing crimes.  What I think we require is more personal freedoms combined with more serious punishments for abusing those freedoms.  Currently, good people do not believe that their government trusts them, while bad people aren't afraid of going to prison for abusing their freedoms.  That state of affairs must be reversed.

Good fucking Lord your post took a turn. I am a behaviorist by trade so I guess I use the word differently than you. I mean education, moral training, job skills, etc. Less expensive than full time incarceration and often more effective at getting us the desired pro-social behavior. Or at least less anti-social.

There are several decent models out there. I would treat it more like we treat school aged kids with individualized education plans. There will always be people who simply cannot safely live in society but that's a very small number compared to who is there now. I worked with one called the RDAP program in Federal prison for drug dealers/users that was pretty good. Stuff like that should be the norm, not a special case. More mental health courts, more drug courts, etc. This is the low hanging fruit easy shit that nearly everyone supports.
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I want to see a primary between:

Kamala Harris
Amy Klobuchar
Julian Castro
Beto O'Rourke
Pete Buttjudge

and that's it

All the worst ones, got it. Maybe they could all lose?
It needs to be dismantled and remade in an image of behavioral adjustment instead of punishment.
Two books just to outline some steps, and this dude wants me to fix it all in one post
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i follow harris on twitter, but it's pretty much the same stuff regurgitated by every other democratic candidate. buttigieg is kind of young for the position, but I think he has the best character by far. he seems like he could bring in a lot of independents or maybe some dissatisfied republicans. im not sure about a lot of policies beside wanting to stop the indefinite deployment across the world in endless wars. I know he's generally progressive but know the exact points

I doubt most Republicans would vote for someone who is gay.
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Not at all.  You asked what should be done with those responsible for their wrongful conviction and I said nothing, because that is the system.  They did their job and the evidence convinced them all that the defendants were guilty, so nothing should be done to them for reaching that conclusion.

I never said that people who are innocent should be kept in prison.  I said that under the system, they frequently are kept there.  Big difference.

And asking you to come up with a better system is hardly ludicrous.  As everybody's grandmother has said at one time or another, "Never criticize unless you can do better yourself."  Sound advice.  If you would knock the system, then you should be prepared to offer a better alternative.  If not, then just accept it with all of its flaws as the best that we can do under the circumstances.  We have far too many people in the world (and more than a dozen of them currently running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination) who relentlessly bash the system, but offer no realistic alternatives.  Why would you bother with those who just criticize but can offer no better solutions?

It would take hours, probably days, to rewrite the system. Quit pretending it's something I could do in 5 minutes.
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I came here for this
Which part of your post was the part in which you didn't advocate for the continued imprisonment of innocent people? Because right now you're very Leibniz-like here, like this is the best of all possible outcomes and we are somehow better off with Innocents in prison.

Edit: also stop demanding I rewrite our entire legal system, that's a ludicrous demand.
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Nobody worships it, and the challenge remains for you: if you would do away with the system, then with what would you replace it?  The state must maintain a monopoly on punitive justice, or else we descend into anarchy and the law of the jungle.  The criminal justice system in the United States is a process with several safeguards incorporated into it, but it is not and never will be perfect.  In the immortal words of Harry Callahan, "The system stinks.  But until someone comes up with a better one, then I'll stick with it."

You are advocating for the continued imprisonment of factually innocent individuals based on a lack of legal recourse for appeals.
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In short, we do it because we have to.  That is the system, and no one has ever come up with a better one.  The system is inherently flawed, as is any system that involves people.  So unless you want us to allow ourselves to be judged by machines, we have to stick with what works best.  It does not work perfectly, but so far, it is the best that we can do and the people involved in it recognize that.

Given that it's fallible we should treat it as such instead of mindlessly worshipping it
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For some reason my harddrive came with two free gift cards for Neverwinter and Star Trek online. Ugh pass.

Sell them for half price
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They both suck and are losers. 

So you really don't? It's not a trap or something, I just expected different from you.