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The second one. Although the first ones more of an AMV with Desertpunk, the second looks like it took more work since the syncing is very well done. Both are very nice though.

Thank you anyone else i asked just said idk there(they're) both good
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I can. I'm farely decent at it, BUT I have nothing to show you since I erase everything off my youtube account since its only for covers. Do you need help on anything?

Yeah i wanted an opinion from another editors view on between which of these two videos would be better for a competition submission
Well i was told this would be a better place to try to find someone who is good at making AMVs
Anyone here good at making AMVs
and cheese nuff said
save it for a rainy day
words but the thoughts come out like I'm talking to myself
saying a musician needs to be able to read sheet music is like saying your gay if you have more than one friend thats a girl
I'll supper double whammy your..... nevermind
go to youtube type in dirtfish band watch any video that looks like its at a concert

in truth the only funny thing(not rlly) is the failure of the camera man
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i take it you want ideas for what will be in the video?

yes please
I need some help thinking up some ideas for a cover of the song:
Valenine's Day by Linkin Park
Please and Thank You
I wish
Last summer-lostprophets
Burn Burn-Lostprophets
the sound of madness-shinedown
never too late- three days grace
go and buy JVC gummy headphones they are about $8 and they are loud
cyanide sweet tooth suicide-shinedown