Hey guys,

Managed to churn out another track following my last effort 'Emerge' - a new track called 'Old Ways'.

Very much inspired by a lot of Tesseract's more ambient stuff, plus my own love for downtempo dubstep/electronica. Focused more on melody and atmosphere than any showy stuff like the last song I posted. Comments on production would be welcome but any general comments would be welcome also!

Like always, leave me a comment and a link, I'll get back to you with a crit!

Interesting groove the piece in 5/8 immediately gets my attention, it works really well in imitating that heartbeat sound like you mention.
The main groove/melody sounds very 'theme'-like, the drums and echoey stuff compliment each other very well, production is quiet but sounds good across the board with levels/clarity!

The distorted guitar that comes in is beautifully written, the phrasing and playing here is spot on! Middle section works well to break up the track too, cool change to 6/8. 2:53 onwards reminds me a lot of "Siobhan's Song" by Psyopus with the eerie harmonised leads in the background.

Overall this is a solid track man, thoroughly enjoyed it and would kill to see something like this played in a live setup. Good work!

If you want some more instrumental stuff to check out, mind checking out my track?:
Hey man, sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the crit, here's yours:
Explosive intro - kind of Mars Volta-ish, although the guitar tone from the get-go seems very tinny (unless this was intentional), needs to beef up those mids/low mids!

The lead lines/pedal melodies are really cool and work really well for the beginning sections. The bass lines are also really well crafted and have a good tone that makes them stick out nicely. Around about 1:30 the guitar tone doesn't lend much to this part as it's quite difficult to make out the notes in this riff, but the change of pace is welcomed.

Really dig the main hook/progression in this one, epic feel to it! Just need to get a bit more clarity to those guitar tones so we can hear what's going on a bit clearer - I'd be interested to hear what you use for your guitar tone? All in all a neat track though man, keep it up.
Hey man, appreciate the feedback on my track, here's the crit back!:

Cool lead section to start the track off, interesting groove on this part as well! The transitions between the clean parts are a little sketchy - could maybe do with some sort of swell into them so they don't seem too drastic? Either way both sections as they stand are cool as they both play on the same riff but in different ways. When it changes around 1:25 on the clean section it sounds a lot more pleasant productionwise too.

Introduction of the piano later on is a welcome one, just need to get a nicer sound synth/sample for it to make it blend a bit better but it adds to the guitar well. 3:55 onwards sound awesome even it if it's the outro - you should try making some ambient/drone music as the dreamy pads sound great.

Overall the track works well compositionally, just tighten up some of the production elements to it and the track will sound even better. Good work bud!
Hey man, thanks for the crit, as soon as I opened the video and recognised it was you I knew I'd be in for something interesting!:

The style of the song is clearly something that you are comfortable in; reminds me a lot of the odd/tongue-in-cheek style that Frank Zappa used on his tracks. The theatrical combined with the guitar works well albeit restricted by the artificial synth sounds against the harsh guitar. I'm sure it would sound sweet with a real string section playing those parts though!

The guitar phrases though are written well and the stop/start nature of these parts are pretty sweet. Vocals work in this manic style quite well - you definitely sound like you'd have good delivery on a ska style track (maybe give it a go if it's your style? hah!) but nonetheless this is clearly a style that works for you.

Not my immediate go-to type of track but solid nonetheless, cool stuff man.
Hey man, cheers for the crit!:

Through Dark Decay - very Numan-esque style synths with creepy harmonic minor style leads, works so far! The guitar that joins in background does so seamlessly and doesn't intrude on the synths too much.

Vocals work well with this style, the eclectic style overall melds with the erratic vocal lines. The drums that join around 1:17 should be more present as they sound pretty awesome and would take the thing in a way more industrial direction! The chords up are a good break into the more bass present section (which has a nice tone by the way), the vocal melodies around this section are slightly reminiscent of Muse's Matt Bellamy albeit with a punky finesse to them.

I think the dark wave-come-punk style suits you quite well man, definitely a comfortable style for you anyway. Keep it up!
Hey guys, been a while since I lasted got around to writing/recording anything but here's my latest effort, "Emerge".

Been listening to a lot of Chon recently and wanted to try writing a jazzy instrumental track that's interesting enough to hold it's own without vocals. So mostly feedback on my playing and any parts of the song would be great!

Kept the mixing quite simplistic, almost like it's in a live room/rehearsal. Tried a few different things with regards to the mixing so maybe not my best - any comments would be cool though.

As per, leave me a comment + a link to your work and I'll check it out!

Thanks for the kind words man, here's your crit:

Haha I see what you mean by a 'total change', this has a pretty whimsical and folky vibe the it, especially in the delivery of your vocals. It actually reminds me of a lot of the bands from the Canterbury scene, or 'Canterbury Sound' as it's sort of folk-come-prog that has a very honest delivery to it.

Production is really on point - some of the string parts sound really great as I can't tell what is synthesised or real! There's really quite an orchestral feel to it as the rhythm and delivery of the music seems to naturally flow between differing tempos which is really cool. The chorus definitely has a big Beatles feel on it too, nice work.

You're clearly a guy who has no bother expressing himself through music, regardless of how out there it is haha, I both commend and envy you for that!
Hey guys,

Been practicing a lot with my screaming/shouted voice as I'm a massive fan of hardcore punk - stuff like Trash Talk, Converge, Counterparts etc. so I've really been wanting to try my own vocals in a song of that style. Basically I'm just looking for some comments on my vocal style and what works/doesn't work/parts that stand out, that sort of thing.

Went for a different production style on this track as well, more garagey sounding and less clean than my other recordings to bring out some rawness in the track so comments about production would be handy too!

As always, write me a critique and leave a link so I can post a similarly post in lengthy-ness! I'll try and get back to you as soon as I have a good amount of time to dedicate listening to tracks.

Hey man, thanks for the crit, here's what I reckon:

Nicely written track dude, I wasn't too sure on the intro clean chorus'd guitar but once everything kicked in it I was digging the riffs. The mix is pretty good as well, it just needs mastering to bring it up in volume a tad (I also like the presence of the bass, feels similar to the mix on JFAC's new album albeit lacking slightly in the lower end).

Like I said the track itself is well written, sort of a black metal influence to it at points which is cool (like 2:00ish to 2:10ish especially!). Solo section at 2:20 was definitely a welcome change and does well to divide the track up a bit, nice smooth legato as well. Drums match the song really well, just a shame they're done with EZ Drummer but needs must!

Neat track dude, just beef up the overall mix in the low end, some more volume overall and it'd be even better.
Hey man, appreciate the crit, sorry for the late reply!:

Funny that you label this indie as it's almost got a ska/punk-y feel to it! The mix is a little thin but I always reckoned this style of music benefited from live performances than anything else as this captures the idea the best.

The main riff that comes in and out again has a real brit poppy feel to it and works well as a hook. Drumming around 1:40 is pretty tight, so kudos for the drummer's playing at that part!

Overall a track that would probably feel quite like Reel Big Fish if mixed and mastered professionally. Cool stuff!
Hey man, thanks for the crit, apologies for the laaate reply:

Nice intro man, you really preserved the dynamics/faded in in just right and it's really atmospheric to the track. The lead tone is really great and there's some nice melodies in there - the harmonised guitar lines in the background aren't to my taste exactly but they work nonetheless!

Drums are reaaaaally buried in the mix man, I don't know if this was intentional but if you were wanting a big reveal they definitely need a bit more oomph! Guitar is really the standout part on his track and it seems like there's so much going on but it all works together, nice track man.
Hey man, thanks for the crit, apologies for the late reply!

I knew I recognised this track as soon as I heard it having commented on it before! But here's something a bit more substantial/your return crit:

Dude from the get go this is a great mix! Really nice playing/style as well you've got in your playing, I know a friend who is really into this kind of music. The progression in the track are safe but you've really managed to embellish them and use a lot of interesting chord voicings! Interested to know what mics were used on the guitar too.

Not a massive listener of this style of music but all I can say is you're an outstanding player and the track is beautifully composed too. Great work man.
Hey man, thanks for the crit as per! (sorry for the late reply but better late than never!) So here's for See The Light:

Definitely got the trademark aaron sound to it like usual with some daring vocal melodies which are quite out there. Kudos for the layered effect/double tracked vocals as I find this works well to get parts to stand out. All feels very David Bowie-esque on this track with the funky/retro instrumentation, I dig it.

Only reservation is the mix really! The drums just need a bit more oomph/compression/eq'ing to bring them forward a bit in the mix against your vocals and the synth. Other than that though it's exactly what I'd expect from you, good work.
Hey man, sorry for the late reply, better now than never!

Wow some bassline in this man, pretty crazy! Works well though with the guitar comping it, adds to the funk feel. Reckon you could bring the bass down to match the guitar's volume but aside from this I'm digging the tones across the board.

I'm liking the progression at 1:20, bassline has a good hook to it and generally works in leading the song. The track is overall pretty neat, maybe next time some more lead guitar type stuff? Definitely nailed the bass though, good work man.
Hey man, sorry for the late response, hadn't checked back on my thread in a while as you can see!

Production of the track seems good - the drums especially are nice and clear in the mix. something that I struggle with from time to time. Guitar tones could do with a little less of the 'hissy' high mids but apart from that the tone is good!

Interesting progression through the track, I like the interweaving lead-y parts with more riff based sections, a bass track could definitely help beef up some of the heavier parts for sure.

Solo sections have a good looseness/free feel to them at points that avoids them getting tangled among the other parts in the rhythm section, definitely a benefit to the overall feel of the track.

The overall mix could do with some beefiness but nonetheless a solid track by itself!
Hey folks,

Trying newer styles again as per, thought I'd try my hand at a track that was heavily inspired by the likes of Miles Davis' modal stuff (Kind of Blue-era). Had two of my friends play on this one (drums + trumpet) which was a good change to the horrible programmed stuff I use normally.

Wrote the track and played all the instruments - bar the piano which was written (very meticulously) in GP5 then exported to a nice piano sampler in Reason, opinions on how this sounds would be good - but any critique wouldn't go amiss!

C4C as usual, write me a comment and I'll get back to you with one of similar lengthyness!

Guitar playing is pretty quiet in relation to the vocals, but this is probably due to mic placement/using only one mic. I'm liking some of the lyrics with some witty stuff but there are some really throwaway lines too! The chord progression is nice if not a bit predictable and could really have done with some more variation in the patterns/picked sections to spice it up a bit as it seems quite plain as is. Neat little song but could probably really benefit from better recording/more instrumentation.
Hey man, thanks for the useful feedback, double tracking vocals in our songs is something I've considered but never bothered with so far but I'll definitely give it a go next time! Anyway, here's your crit:

Sounds pretty massive man, I'd love to see this kinda wall-of-sound stuff live - it would probably have a very My Bloody Valentine type feel to it with a full band playing it in your face. I don't suppose you're a fan of Nine Inch Nails either are you? Just the middle section 1:25 - 1:50ish has a really cool industrial vibe to it. You do the song a favour by savouring the loud guitar sections and focusing on the quieter more synth/piano driven stuff. I know it's post-rock but this song would probably work with vocals really well too!

Nice work man.
Hey dude, cheers for the crit!:

Nice sounding mix for a demo, the washy reverb works quite well at beefing up a relatively simple setup. Very Oasis-ey/Bob-Dylan feel to it (take that as a compliment haha!) and it really works with your voice. The song carries a good rhythm as well, I could totally see this working really well with a full band!
Hey man, thanks for the useful feedback, definitely gonna try that method when I'm next mixing drums for our future stuff:

Which brings me onto your track and I'm immediately noticing how well it's mixed (especially the drums!). Really liking your style man, experimental hip-hop styles definitely agree with me. You've used samples really well in the track and you've done a great job mixing natural sounds with electronic/sampled sounds, so kudos for that.

I'll follow you on our soundcloud (King Quazi), I'd be really interested at possibly collaborating on a track with you man if you'd be up for it! I can definitely see our MC digging this style.
Hey aaron, cheers for the crit as per! Listening to Heart Melt:

Nice perc flavour to begin with which molds well with your new-wavey style! Your vocals in this track are really fitting man, got loadsa expression to them which you really pull off well in this track. Track really flows well, nice work as always man.
Hey man, thanks for the crit!:

Pretty nice solo man, you build it up really well with no tasteless shredding either! All very well thought out, especially digging the little tap slides near the beginning. Very tasteful use of chromatics during sections which worked pretty awesome. Liking the big hook at 1:06ish with the harmonies too - would be interested to hear some of your playing in your band's context!
Hey guys, been a while:

Been busy with one of my 'side' projects King Quazi - basically a alternative style hip-hop duo consisting of myself (production side) and one of my friends (lyricist/rapper/singer). Kinda in the vein of Gorillaz as well as people like Action Bronson. May seem quite left of field for this forum but I figured it's also quite open minded here!

Anyway we've just released a 15 track mixtape and one of the tracks later on is one of my favourites so I was looking for some feedback! Anything from production to the musical/lyrical content of the track would be great, like always you leave me a comment and I'll check out your stuff.

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd plug another wee project of mine here - me and my friend have a two man hip-hop project called King Quazi. It's a lot different to the guitar stuff/bands that I'm in but is a lot of fun to get creative with.

We've just released a mixtape with some international amateur rappers on a few tracks which we put a lot of work into! It's probably a bit left of field for this forum but worth the shameless advertising!

Thanks for the crit as always man, although I do apologise for my late response!:

Neat track as always - got a cool new-wave punky feel to it! Although I'd say the production lets down the track a bit as the drums are very low in the mix as are the guitars. The bass tone sounds fantastic for the track though, just need everything to match it's volume maybe? Hope this helps!
Sorry for the delayed crit man, taken your crit on board! Here's yours:

I think this is a great sounding track man, production is dead on with this one and overall it's definitely a style I like (not too unlike one of the bands I'm in, we'd make a good pairing!) but there's not much I can fault with this track. Vocals are very Alex Turner-esque at points without sounding like a cheap ripoff.

You guys definitely have nailed a sound with this one!
Hey man, sorry for the delay in returning the crit!:

Overall the style of the track is definitely something I could get into but I think it's the vocals that hold me back? On paper these vocals suit the style perfectly but I think the problem is definitely how they've been mixed in especially as well as a few timing issues in the verse.

The overall production is great but the vocals are perhaps a bit too dry in the mix if that makes sense? Either way I hope this helps man.
Hey guys,

Just started posting up stuff from another project I'm working on with my friend - a 2-man bass/drum band that is very similar to Death From Above 1979 (given we're both enthusiasts of bass and drums!).

The project is mostly fun one and less of a serious project but either way I'd like to hear some feedback on the first track. I've went for a wall-of-sound style production so I'm wondering if that works at all on this track. Any comments on the song itself would be great too as we've literally written tracks 50/50 on our E.P.

Leave me a comment/crit and I'll give you one back!

Hey guys,

Just finished up a cover I've done of the track Blackfield... by Blackfield. Given I'm a massive fan of Steven Wilson it was fun to see just what instrumentation goes into his tracks especially in this setting alongside Aviv Geffen.

Looking for feedback on instrumentation and mix especially, I'm aware singing isn't my strong point but feedback on this would be cool as well.

As always, write me a comment and leave a link and I'll get back to you!

Returning a crit that I totally forgot to return! I do apologise, here's one for 'Conversation';

Interesting drum and perc combo, funky and I'm liking it! Bass synth that kicks in with the guitar is little bit too loud imo, but the guitar is sitting nicely - very 80's hair metal sounding guitars aha.

Nice breakdown at 0:50, works well as a pause between sections. Liking the synthy sound I'm now getting, comes in slightly from nowhere but it's nothing too harsh.
Synths at the end sound pretty cool and lead the track out nicely.

Neat little track as usual man, little bit disjointed by the end but it holds up well altogether.
Hey guys,

Just scouting out to look for a sax player that would be interested on playing an extended jazz piece that I've based in a similar style to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus - nothing overly complicated but more to do with dynamics for the main 'theme' and then a solo for one section.

If you're interested drop me a message here and I'll show you the piece (.gp5 format). It's a work in progress at the moment but I'm hoping to have the piece finished soon with drums and bass recorded first.

Hey guys,

Recently for my 3rd year project at University we were to set up a business/solo project and I've decided to do a composition/production service and I was looking for some feedback on a free sample library I'm slowly adding to.

Basically I'm trying to cover as many genres as possible to have some variety as well as to demonstrate my versatility. So feedback on if the styles/genres are any good would be handy as well as some feedback on the quality would be very useful!

As always, leave me a comment (can even be on one particular track, they're all about 30 seconds long) and post something to return the critique.

Thanks for the crit man, here's yours;

Very synth based as I always expect, sounds old school but I dig it enough.

Lead guitar line is a cool hook - not sure about the vocals and how they're sitting in the mix. If you bring them down a bit and take some low end off of them they'd probably fit better.

Liking the synth solo, sounds so angsty haha.

Neat track man.
Thanks for the crit man, useful tips that I'll work on! Here's yours:

Liking the synth effect, got a retroey feel in places but it all works well.

The kick in at 1:29 is a good change although the drums could do with more oomph I guess? A hard kick on the first beat of every bar could help.

2:00 - 2:30 has a cool ambient feel, I like it.

You cut the track off a good point, doesn't seem to repetitive at this stage and there's enough going on to keep it interesting. Good stuff.
Hey guys,

Gone for a familiar style of mine which is a dance/rock fusion style of song - the lyrics are my best but I'm definitely more interested in what the production sounds like as there's quite a lot soundwise going on in this song and I wanted everything to shine through.

But as always, any general comments on the music are welcome! Leave me a crit and I'll give you a crit to the same standard.

Hey guys,

For my 3rd year project I'm running a composition service called Dot Dash Nothing, if you need a composition or know anybody who needs one for a media project, hit me up and I can see if I can help.

On top of this, if a track needs the quick once over production to it, I'd be happy to take a look for you.

Check out some free sample stuff on the soundcloud:

And give us a like on Facebook
Sorry for the late-ish reply man, thanks for the review;

Interesting sounds as always man, the sample over the top really worked well. Your production is definitely sounding tighter as well!

Solid track but I would maybe emphasise the change of progression you have in the middle to add a bit of variety. Either way, good stuff man.
Hey guys,

I'm not one to record tracks like this myself but I really wanted to make a gritty, loud, dissonant track that avoids a real form of strict tempo/timing/groove. Pretty much down to my tastes in heavy dissonant music.

The mix is made to reflect this (with my vocals recorded through a bass amp setting) and so I'd like comment mostly on composition and my vocals for what it's worth.

If you leave me a crit, leave me a link and I'll get back to you asap.

Sorry for the late reply, been very busy as of late and not had a chance to have a sit down and listen!:

Anyway, I'm digging the main riff this track although it sounds quite 'dark' in relation to everything else - could maybe do with a boost around the upper mids to bring it out a bit more. Love the unique sound of this track though, it's quite thrashy at points but suddenly very deathy aha.

Vocals fit really well with the riff, locking in nicely - good sounding voice for the track. I would only maybe say that they vocals seem quite compressed; it is difficult to compress the dynamic vocals you get in metal tracks but you have done a good job in the overall mix.

It's a neat track with some good composition going on too. Good stuff.