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I've heard people laugh and give crap people for using them. Out of curiosity, why is it frowned upon? I don't seem to come across it very much in anything I listen to.

The genres that it is used in, it's horribly over-used.
It's called a subdrop. I highly advise you not to do so with your band.
I'm sure you could easily in a lot that isn't locally managed.
If you can scratch or rub it off, it's most likely dried sweat.

I have to take a wet toothbrush to my whole fingerboard when changing strings to get rid of it all.
This is your second thread tonight about your starter Ibanez.

Just save up and buy a decent one.
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and how dare you say shit like that. you don't know anything about her circumstances and what caused her to do it (you know bi-polar depression stuff like that) she was a fantastic and caring person, and one of the nicest i've ever had the pleasure of knowing

I have every mental condition in the book. It's no excuse.
I'm not a troll. I speak my own opinion.

Should I report all of you for your opinions?
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If suicide is so easy then why doesn't everyone do it? Suicide isn't easy. The guy was obviously brave enough to do it.

If you consider that brave then you have some issues.
If you can't suck it up and accept the fact your friend was a pussy, then you might as well follow his lead.

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you're not cool and neither is he. you're not funny either. i can take a joke but you're just a scummy person if you crack jokes about this.

You are a pussy as well. I suggest you do the same.
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Also, you kids are dorks. However, R.E.M. is awesome.
Go back to playing air guitar.
THREAD RUINER: It's your pipes. You just don't notice it in the daytime.

You may now continue to make up ridiculous shit in an attempt to seem funny, pitfags.
TS is either 7-13 or autistic.

Or both.
Bought an old Marshall 15watt from one when I first started playing for $50. No idea what it was exactly but it sounded like dog turds.
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I can seem to figure out what brand this is.

So whats the problem?
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I'd close my eyes and scream like a little girl before I posted on UG in that situation.

I'd check the house rather than ignore my surroundings just to inform all the idiots in the pit.
This is happening and you choose to post a thread on UG?

That's highly believable.
I facepalmed when I saw this thread.
Also, use any money earned for drugs and alcohol.

Because fuck Haiti.
Dress in an African ensemble and throw spears around.
When Bob Rock has nothing to do with it.
K-lite codec pack.
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You seemed to be suggesting that people with british accents agree to be portrayed on TV as smart because they want to seem smart

Certainly not all of them. But it's clearly obvious some do.
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Do you think people play terrorists in movies becuase they want to be seen as terrorists?

Well.. yes. I don't see how your logic is meant to make any sense.
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Then it's hardly the kids who will grow up and 'use their accent to sound smart'.

It would be your media who decide to use it, and create the stereotype

Someone has to agree to do it, no?
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That's what's known as a media stereotype.

I am aware.
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If you had, you wouldn't think it made them sound smart lol

I don't think they do. However, here in America any kind of British accent on television, radio, etc is portrayed to sound smart.
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You obviously have never heard a brummy accent.

As a matter of fact, I have.
Yet they'll still grow up and use their British accents to sound smart.
Suck it up, Britfag.
Probably doesn't make sense because you can't type English worth crap.
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Pick up smoking, do it constantly around your guitar.

And make absolutely no effort to protect it from sunlight.
Every aspect of a guitar can determine your technique. This is why people who actually care about their playing choose a specific guitar.

Did you really need a new thread to figure this out?
I start with my ass.
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I didn't know if there was some kind of magical conversion you could do.

Yes, do more math.
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yeah my bad, 120 times .75 equals some other number. good job.

Just stop.
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You'll want some lipstick to go with that rouge.