ive not been to very many but the best was Maylene and the Sons of Disaster when they played at a local highschool.
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They're not proper Hardcore, and I'm sure there's already an Ax7 thread. Stop making threads about a band that are hated by pretty much the entire pit, in the wrong forum, and then whining when they get closed.

no they are not hardcore at all, go to a hardcore show and compare the two. who cares there's already a thread about a7x, they're worth a dozen threads. and they are not hated by most all the pit. maybe they're hated by morans like you, but they are still one of the best bands on the radio.
I Hate THE JONAS BROTHERS!!! They are so overated.... every girl in the nation is falling over backwards for them! They arent that talented and they just met the FREAKING QUEEN OF ENGLAND! the headline read, Jo Bros meet biggest fan. wat a joke
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There is a dark knight thread already

Now there's another one...
Thread for "Dark Knight" junkies and huge fans like me!! Post commets questions and opinions on the number 1 movie of the year!!!

when chuck norris was circumsiced, the rings of saturn were formed.

Chuck norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him a stripper was inside.

The day chuck norris was born, nobody cried but the doctor... never slap chuck norris.

Chuck Norris was originally cast as jack baur in 24, but was replaced when he killed all the terrorists in just 15 min. and 37 sec.
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the funniest joke is that if he sees this thread you're all gonna get sued.

thats the gayiest thing ive evr heard. would u sue if u were bombarded with hundreds of compliments.... fagget
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Chuck Norris is a fag.

Queer, you have NO imagination.
Who gets the award for funniest CN joke?!

Chuck Norris once went to the virgin islands... now they're just the islands!!!
5. Eliot from scrubs

4. Jessica Simpson

3. Kiera Knightley

2.Megan Fox

Movie: Austin Powers

You know, i have one simple request, and that is to have sharks with freaken lazer beems attached to their heads!- Dr. Evil in responce to ill-tempered sea bass
what was your favorite live show you've ever been to. Mine was a screamo show at a local high school and the last band of the night was a band called Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. it was freaking sweet. We were all crowd surfing, people were getting arrested, and there were like 12 fights in the pit. i cant wait to see them again. check'um out at their website(Invalid img)
I'm 14. i can play alot of clapton. i can play stairway to heaven through, most of eruption, but my favorite band to play is 3 doors down. i can play about 15 of their songs
netherlands? good luck with that. come down to mississippi and i'll hook you up
im scared of door knobs
i was wondering the other day, what the most popular band logos are with kids. i got to thinking mine was aerosmith's. i no this is pretty lame, but you did take the time to look at it so it must not be that bad.
i was reading the list of crap people did and i really wanted to post one but, i realized ive never done alot of crap like that, and if i did, the last thing i would do is FREAKING post it on a blog! who ever the heck Robbie N Strat is, is probably a very weird guy to hang out with. about every 30 seconds hell ask you drop your pants. i wonder if his boyfriend is as perverted.