So Pit, after a morning of fruitless searching the interwebz, I need the help of wisdom-in-crowds to help me find this cool decorative illusion from the film La Piscine (1969)....or things similar to it.

also here at 54:33

Force India to Aston Martin Racing, is on the cards
The "Infiniti" engine is interesting, should have expected RBR to have some sort of engine development program. What Ron Dennis said about the new engines is true, you need to be your own manufacturer, i.e Williams will never beat Mercedes in an out-right fight with the same engine, because its built to match their bespoke optimum aero package.

Does any news outlet say it will be '15 or '16 PUs?
lol Peter Windsor trying to initiate beef with Kimi and Bottas around 9:30. Kimi gets a bit riled
anyone have a feed for quali?
Let me be the first to congratulate Nico's epic win in Le Mans at the weekend

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Well the Williams looks like shit this weekend

No downforce
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Has Catalunya ever had an exciting race?

All the main Spanish circuits are all essentially motorbike tracks, long sustained flowing corners, little opportunities for cars passing.
That new formula E short circuits chicane looks total bullshit, so much car trouble there.
Button hasnt been racing this far down the grid since the last time he drove for Honda
If Monaco actually paid for its grand prix, maybe it could subsidize the other GPs by $1mil each?
Learning french over the last year, any tips or techniques handy for practicing listening to everyday conversation?
in case anyone is interested,

red bulls looking unreliable, the top 10 could be interesting
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Guys, since Wiziwig is down, where can I find some streams for the race/qualifying?

vipbox or cricfree are what I use for non-BBC if I cant leech someones SkyGo
Wheres the GP Predictor this year?
Manor Racing have a real fighting spirit and them making the grid at some point in the season means more to me than any driver on the grid winning a championship.

Tous avec Jules

Bonne chance en IndyCar Max!
I think we will see an improvement in Lotus this year, hopefully more so in Grosjean rather than MaldonardoKart.
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That's terrible

McHonda to be revealed Jan 29.

Predicting an orange and white livery in a similar vein to the previous McHonda partnership, without the Marlboro red obvs
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When I lost my net it was like page 153? You guys should be ashamed!

whats that in 40 post pages
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Correct decision.

Especially competing against the other big teams

Ferrari - Vettel/Raikkonene
Mercedes - Hamilton/Rosberg
Williams - Massa/Bottas

If McLaren were spending all this money on a new engine deal, they may as well pay for the 2 best drivers they can get. Let Magnussen test, he'll get Buttons drive in 2016
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Button would be good for a team like Force India. Not a team just hiring one of the top 3 drivers and going for the championship


Button in the same car as Alonso, this will be a real eye opener

Most of the trophies in that cabinet were replicas
Great to see the FIA putting both hands in the air over the responsibility for the Bianchi crash

Alonso is also tipped to be in the car with Hulkenburg at Le Mans 2015
I think its great Lewis has a musical outlet, I'm not expecting masterpieces, but it'd be great to hear an album
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God damn you DiversionGP

Nah well done man. It was yours to lose really.

Haha was slightly worried I might lose it in the last race, my faith in Bottas all year has given me some good points.

Hoping Jolyon Palmer gets the seat at Force India and that McLaren come to their senses and give Button an extra year, otherwise McLaren are going nowhere with just Alonso

Alonso, Fizzy, Button, Webber
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That moment pulled at the heartstrings for me too. He handled the whole situation impeccably though so fair play to him.

Glad the season is over now. I couldn't handle any more of that

That was a lovely moment, reminds me of Webber somehow.

But at long last, Vettel's stranglehold over the WDC has come to an end; bookended by British champions....Here's Lee McKenzie with the last one
I almost cried with Hamilton when his eyes were welling up on the podium
Final results for this year, congrats everyone

Honda obviously want Button and if the car is going to be competitive through developing, they need the 2 most experienced drivers with nearly 30 years racing between them.

Its just a question of can McLaren afford to keep Button or are they thinking about Magnussen in the long term in the same way they held onto Hakkinen for so many years.