equal rights

gay marriage
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Bitch, kindly get the **** out.....

Don't let the door hit you on your sphincter on the way out.

That's a nice doorway. Is that yours
hey, I know the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I've drank moonshine with them
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Guys who have never had sex.

carry on
Crazy Train
Walk This way
Beat it
House of the Rising Sun
Fire/Hey Joe/Voodoo Child
Little Wing
hotel California
Back in Black
La Grange
Jailhouse Rock
Day Tripper
Sweet Child o Mine/Welcome to the Jungle
Sweet Home Alabama
I'd like to have a HSS with a hawt bridge and a soft neck pup
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Learn some Chet Atkins
Good budget amps. I don't care what anyone says.
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Which one has Spawn?
Welcome to the Jungle. that song kicks ass
man, that sounds boring. I suggest learning a few songs.
Eat smaller meals more often, eat snacks. Stay away from processed food. Get plenty of sleep. Drink water and not soda, powerade, coffee, beer, etc. Eat plenty of fiber and protein.
U2 - With or without you
NIN - Piggy
I don't know. I just play the guitar
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It's true unfortunately. Here's a photo of the two together. It's sad chris turned to songplagiarizing.

You should get a used Squier. I've seen Squiers + amps for less than $100.
It'll come in time if you keep practicing. Its much more crucial to learn your way around the fretboard than to memorize shapes. I agree with whoever said to mimic vocals.
Takamine, Yamaha, Godin. I'd avoid Ibanez and Fender
Metal sucks
cool name dude. he's hella cooler than that no talent self taught heavy death core faggot who posted earlier
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Also, so lets say I wanted to join a band like a rock band or just an acoustic side band or something.

What would I need to know alltogether?

you need to know the music they're going to play
you need to understand the difference between good music and complete ****, like the music you posted
the root chord?
This just in: you can actually learn songs without tabs
this little homo probably likes korn, limp bizkit, and Avenged ****fold. What a little no talent faggot. he's probably self taught.
People sitting at a coffee shop listening to solo musicians probably aren't into heavy broottewl guitar and screamo. They're probably into the Beatles, Elvis, smooth jazz, etc. Use your head, kid
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how could someone learn sweep picking in a week? took me a few weeks just to sychronise the picking and fretting hands, once you have that you just have to use a metronome to build up speed from there...

oh **** dude. It probably won't happen. Don't worry, its just one of many techniques you'll never master. Paul Gilbert said it took him 5 years before he could play a moderately fast lick. I've been incorporating sweep techniques into my music for years. I don't play any metal or neo-classical. Its just one of those things that comes a little at a time. Throw it in as often as you can but don't let it sound like garbage.
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What I did to learn was just make up different sweep 'shapes' and practice them over... and over... and over again until they got much cleaner, then I would do them faster. I would go up and down the sweep so it was a constant tempo (something like that).
$20 says they're major and minor shapes.
I've lost so many damn melodies in my head.

The most annoying thing is having a song stuck in your head by an artist and no one else knows what song it is. I've had a tune stuck in my head for a good 8 years and no one else has ever heard it.
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I'd say that strats are overrated, but sometimes it seems as if everyone hates them. I guess they're either totally over or underrated. Consider the fact that about half of UG listens mainly to metal, and excludes anything with single coils for not being br00talz enough.

Strats are the ****! They might not be good for virgins/heavy br00t3l players but musicians love them.
Squier Strat $100 LMAO

get real
this fag wanted Johnny Blaze but it was taken