Smokers Cough;
1 1/2 oz. Jagermeister
1 tsp. Mayonnaise
Pour into a shot glass and add a spoon of mayonaise.
shoot and enjoy!
old habits die hard i guess. that was my problem for a while with my ex. but then i just said f--k it and stopped and it made things so much easier on me
Power rangers.
Specifically Kimberly, the original pink ranger.
My first crush.
in california, if its not illegal then it'll give you cancer. use at your own risk
i shave my pits, cause armpit hair shouldnt be longer that the sleeves on your tshirts, like mine was. but thats as far as ill go shaving wise
just stop showing up. eventually theyll get the picture
cold turkeys probably the best way, but its real hard. im in the same boat as you
i would join, but keep looking for a better deal to come up. ive done that and it worked well for a while
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Pavane is easy. It starts with a diminished harmonic minor arpeggiated sequence of dominant tectonics, descending down in whole steps on the phryngian mode with a raised fourth.

lol wut?
rape and pillage
well your a hot n00b, so its ok. sounded good to me though
try a song by a band that doesnt use so many weird time signatures
i dont know about all of them, but i know that the Iceman is an awesome guitar
for mine, we had to call the different utility companies and set up accounts for the apartment we were getting before we could even sign the lease. im in texas though. it might be different in the UK
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unless its drugs. then whoever gets it will be happy
Dethklok rules!
i had the same problem. except i had different pickups. the pins on my switch were different than the ones in the diagram so i just did a lot of trial and error. and i mean A LOT
its not a choice, but im gonna go with Myself
i have the Zakk Wylde emg's. there arent pickup covers if thats what your talking about
and thats why i like Guitar Player more. me gusta variety
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They keep putting Dimebag and EVH on the cover. At least this month they have John Mayer, for a change.

they probably just want to cover the more well known guitar players, like the ones everyone knows. if they put lesser known players on the cover people probably wouldnt care enough to buy it. thats what i think at least
that kids a moron
put a killswitch in its place. thats always fun
i share my birthday with cliff burton. nuff said
thats something ive been wondering too. i also know my way around a few instruments but know know what else i would need
my brothers in philosophy, and smoking actually helps him. hes very philosophical to begin with though
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Getting it just for fun or because you don't think the stingray is good enough? Because I'm pretty sure that the stingray is a better sounding piece of musical equipment.

better sounding is a matter of personal opinion. looks is a different story. the stingray looks better so stick with that
a shot of whiskey before the show calms the nerves. or 2 shots. no, make it 4 shots
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If your already on a roll keep it going, you'll be passed out by noon anyway and feel great the next day. Legaly of coarse it depends on your oh so knowing government to decide when you can buy alcohol, its just been changed to 10am here rather than 8am.

in texas you cant buy from 12-7am. but texas is full of alcoholics, so they let us buy our beer nice and early. and just in time for me to get off work
send her a picture of your junk to show you trust her
Austin TX, the music capital of the world. SRV anyone?
you should probably attach the neck the right way eventually. wood glue isnt going to hold forever
jagerbombs... i just love 'em to death
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sorry to post twice but those guys who say its stupid because bass is usually mixed out, or because guitar is the main instrument in metal are stupid.

music is all about doing new things, go for it dude!

haha i was kidding. i think dudes idea would sound pretty cool. ive wanted to try similar things but couldnt find another bass player
yeah, the bass is always mixed out of the final product anyway, so no one would ever hear it. i am a bass player and i have come to terms with my place in the band
does floyd rose make anything that doesnt require routing? i want one on my strat but dont want to spend extra money on tools im not going to use regularly
i was thinking about getting a floyd rose trem for my strat. do they make any that are direct replacements for the stock trem? i dont want to have to do any routing or anything if i can avoid it