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Did you see the car with around 7 exhaust pipe?

hey, the more fart pipes the better. each one adds like 5 horsepower.
flame stickers on the side add 10 hp. and the bigger the wing on the back the better you cut through the air, meaning even more faster
i was told not to shave my head. apparently if you shave your head at my work youll be invited to a klan meeting
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Test it out with a strap to make sure it's comfortable. G-400s are known to neck dive. That's something a lot of people refuse to deal with. Playing while standing can be a pain.

neck dive is actually really easy to fix. you just have to move the top strap lock to a different spot
yeah, i have a goth thunderbird, and it plays exactly like all the other epiphone thunderbirds. its all in the looks
that was kinda sloppy, but it did sound cool
get an ibanez iceman. those are great all around guitars
yeah switching from passive to active is a pain, but its worth it
i say go with some nice emg's. emg ftw
yeah, i've had that problem, minus the calling it MY band. theres really no easy way to call them out, but sometimes its necessary for the sake of the music. heres what you can do; kick them out, move to austin tx, and take me on as the bass player.
cant forget the battery to power the preamp
yeah, cops are dicks. i have vandalism on my record cause me and a friend were playing wall ball in a tennis court. breaking and entering would have made sense seeing as how it was a gated tennis court. but vandalism? come on
have you tried changing the batteries?
yeah, make sure you know what your doing. i installed some emg's on my bass. being colorblind makes wiring a little difficult. so now the sound comes and goes and somehow my volume knob got reversed. louder is now quieter
looks like i win
briefcase full of guts; dethklok
sounds like a rip-off to me
im lookin for a guns n roses avatar. dont really care what. just the logo would be cool. the original logo, not the chinese democracy one
my leather drives the ladies wild too
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Not if you're this guy:

even for jim it was a sweaty mess, he was just too high to care. and baby powder helps with the sweat. trust me on that
leather pants are awesome though. and leather underwear. and leather socks.
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You're 13. Maybe you should wait till after you've hit puberty and buy a jacket that will fit you then as opposed to buying one which might only last you a year or two.

^this, and leather anything isnt going to be cheap.
$2 hookers. that always inspires me.
just kidding. seriously though, im feeling the same way right now
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Steve Jobs cannot deflect torpedos

itunes cant either. launch torpedoes at itunes, blow it up, show the man whos boss. dont tell me i have to buy the whole album when i only want one song. thats why i keep my torpedoes at the ready at all times
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Tornado's won't help for shit here. What the hell...

what about torpedoes? those can be pretty helpful
maybe the actions set too low>
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That's not even a guitar.

nor a laptop/

thank you for crushing my dreams
i was thinking of something more like this
but more computery and full playable size
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I don't believe it...UG is voting laptop over guitar...

techinically i voted guitar
get a guitar with a laptop built in. that would be AWESOME
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One of the better relicing jobs... Its not that it looks authentic (it dosent), just has a cool punk attitude

i wasnt really going for an authentic look, i just got lazy while i was sanding.
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You mean the size of the file, or the size of the image? I have two solutions if it's the latter...

i got the size of the file smaller, but the image is still too big
i would put a picture of mine on here but the files too big and idk how to make it smaller. yall should see it though. its AMAZING
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Red hot chili peppers stuff is easy to pull off as a trio, as long as 2 of you can sing

Californication ftw
or In Bloom by Nirvana
apply at walmart. theyll hire anyone. i mean, they hired me, so i think theyll take whatever they can get
switch to BASS
i say just buy a new bass if you want the 5 strings. you can never have too many basses!
just buy as many strings as you can, that way when one breaks you dont have to waste a trip to go buy more. it always sucks having to waste a trip to the store for 1 pack of strings