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Why do people discuss politics on what's supposed to be a music site?

because its the pit and they can talk about whatever they care to....
Damage plan

why havent i took a nap today?
yep... Absolute power breeds absolute corruption, itd end up just like the US. War it too profitable to have world peace.

and havent you ever heard?

you can please everyone sometimes
you can please someone everytime
but you cant please everyone everytime
i cant roll, i use my ghetto bong...

who wants to come with me to kill the directors of Twilight?
im still sad.... mabey ill get some weed tomorow...?
This question has been asked many times, and my answer is always Magic

why are my friends assholes?
because i gave up.....
because you dont have the guts to leave

why is this thread so quiet lately?
goddamn ive been a week w/o weed
that sounds awesome....
ive never done anything but pot
did you miss my post? i said call her, ask her out, and live happily ever after bitch!

why am i sad that im almost unhigh and i have no more?
no it had a weird name like AA or somthin...

anyone else know?>
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Just recently bought a pack of Bugler tobacco and I've already gotten like 6 cigarettes out of it, still have alot more. It's only 5 bucks, too.
Looking forward to a wake and bake tomorrow, and the purchase of two tabs for next weekend. I plan on just chilling in my room all night...dropping at like 11 and hopefully tripping until 4 A.M. or so. I'm excited as hell.
Suggest me some trip music, anyone?

Electric Funeral: Black Sabbath for starts
Crush My Battle Opponents Balls: Dethklok

i dunno, ive never tripped, but i know those ones are pretty good when im high on weed.. most dethklok is good on weed, so is black sabbath
you should call her, ask her out, and live happy ever after!

what is the name of the league that Farm Teams play on?
me neither... i think your freinds/family have a bad case of Douchbagitis....
So, i have been toking for a while, and i just tried a tobacco sig... rough as hell! are menthols any better?
I see.... ima just stick with my pot
its smoother and funner!
Ive seen a few others

fill me in ive just got back on the forums...

Fassa was a pretty bad Troll?
okay... ill stick with not smoking
Tobacco that is... :smoker:

EDIT: sorry, im still a bit rusty on the forum smilies, i just started using UG again a few days ago
a nail gun

i have heard rumors

Did Fassa get unbanned?
huh... flavored tobacco might be better... like Menthols?
Something awesome

why did i just try a ciggarett?
ugh.. they suck... it actually hurt!
ugh... ive smoked pot several times before. and always told people that pot is good, cigs are gross. I just tried a cig, and it sucks... its a lot harsher than weed... im gonna stick with what ive always said... yall smoke cigs?
wow.... id kill for some ganja right now
i just mad my first bong... pretty ghetto, but it works Mountain Dew bottle and a straw... now i need something to smoke
i always wanted to make an apple pipe, never really tried
because im high as a kite? also, your thingy says take your pants off, so i thought.....

why am i all out of pot?
sooo who wants to buy me pot?
because its a 6 hour porn marathon

why am i so hungry, but at the same time, too lazy to go eat?
T.T who wants to give me some?
one more day

you gonna be a pothead on vacation?
because there is

why do people not watch porn?
Awesome kind

Favorite kind of porn?