Pick a really crappy song, it'll symbolize how much crap this book is worth.

Confusing piece of shit
wasteband man

Or cut a hole in your pocket, and insert there.
I saw that on the 10c boards, seems a little ridiculous to me about them being the best shows ever. The band is in a golden age right now in terms of having a great time playing and doing mini tours definitely enforces this. But setlist wise, they were awesome in regards to the tour, but I wasnt there, only a total of 40,000 people attended these 2 shows, even less because of the many 10c members that went both nights. So its unfair to rate a show as their best 2 days after, and no boot has come out for it yet.

But an amazing tour nonetheless, bummer I couldnt make they couldnt make it to Chicago this leg, and I couldnt make the Indy show. But overall amazing tour, they mixed it up with the rarities perfectly, a 10c members dream tour.
Whoo, White Sox are close to signing Damon, this team will be absolutely stacked if they do. Hell itll be stacked without it. I still think the White Sox will still struggle this year, but theyll make a decent run at the least.
Her: John!! John, oh my god I am so pissed off right now, you better get your ****in ass home right now or Im going to kill you!
Me:...........Who is this, may I ask?
Her:..... Is this John?
Me: Absolutely not.
Her: Oh, well hang up then.
Me: .....Listen lady, you ****in hang up, you called me you ass clown, learn some ****in sense and maybe then your husband or whatever wont cheat on you.

She hung up.
I cant find Muck anywhere
My college counselor was giving a presentation on decisions for colleges and stuff, and she told us her entire life story with her in highschool and college etc. Well after some talking and us asking questions, she came to the question

"Why do you think I became a counselor instead of a teacher?"

Now I didnt want to, I urged myself not to, I tried so hard not to... But I did

Me "Because you cant teach?" (D'OOOOOH!!!!!!)

My teacher then starts to hysterically yell at me, she then starts sobbing and runs out of the room, a week later, another counselor came to our class, saying that she quit. Well I guess the joke was on me.
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ok, today in physics we were talking about waves, more specifically sound waves.

anyway, at one point during class we went over frequencies and decibels. Upon learning about the decibels my teacher said that if sound was set to a high enough decibel it could kill someone.

Is this true. I've heard of people loosing their hearing from to many decibels of sound but never having it kill them.

So yeah, is this possible, and if so how?

Yea, Freddy Krueger kills someone in Nightmare on Elm St part 5 by this, he scratches his nails on a chalkboard, and its so high pitch, this guys head explodes.
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First time coming here.
I need help. I want to ask this one girl out but I keep getting nervous.
She goes to my university and she lives near me. I've talked to her a few times and have walked with her. She tends to laugh a lot around me, which is good.
It's almost winter break/exam time for us, and Tuesday's our last lecture. I want to ask her to a coffee but how should I approach this since she doesn't sit with me (she has her own group of friends and I have mine)?

Honestly dude, after class or something, even if shes in her group, just go up and ask if you can talk to her for a few minutes. And just ask if youd like to grab a coffee or something. Dont come on too strong, just be polite and try not to be nervous, you should always be as natural as are when youre with a girl you like. If youre nervous, just think how happy and excited youll be if she says yes, and something as innocent as sitting down getting a coffee Im sure shell have no problem with
Wait a minute, are you like asking after youre done jerkin the gerkin, if you lick your hand clean or something? That is completely messed up. Why would someone even consider doing that?

I dont care how I dress, as long as its comfy, this is my usual get up though. I wear sweatpants most of time but I love my shorts, even in Chicagos cold winter.
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Encore 1
The End
Red Mosquito
State Of Love And Trust
The Fixer

Weird spot for Indifference. And no Just Breathe

interesting spot indeed, but thats what I love about this band

I do wish they would play the original SOLAT though, the new one is good and has great energy live, but with the changed in Vedders voice, it does kinda sound lazy, but I love it
Once my teacher left our classroom for about 10 minutes, and we were all talking, and this kid went on and on about how much he hates the class and how he wants to transfer, I was sharpening my pencil and I said "So why dont you just stop being a bitch and transfer out of the class already?" And everyone started laughing so the kid got up and said "You think thats funny huh?" and shoved me, I took a step back, ended up falling backwards behind the recycling bin, everyone was shocked cuz I had a pretty pissed off look on my face, so i got up, let alone Im 6 inches taller, and obviously alot bigger then the kid. So I said "You thought that was funny?" and punched him right on the side of the head, knocked him out, he literally fell to the floor passed out. So we acted like he tripped on the desk and he banged his head. Never got caught
Im confused, didnt Ed have a mom? And dont we see her in episodes?
Hmm, Given to Fly opener, and Garden, kick ass! Thats a great set actually!

Fun fact: Brother was played once in the USA on this tour on Chicago night 2, the only time ever played in the USA before that was in 91 in Hollywood, pretty cool for anyone at Chicago.
I have green and brown, and blue and purple. Its fun seeing the sky as purple and peoples hair as green. I dont like brunettes, I like greenettes
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Dude, my nickname is like pearljammer, course i love them who doesn't.

Yea man, its nice to see Pearl Jam still reaching out to the youngins, their fanbase is now middle aged these days, even though Im 16, I can say I am one of a kind fan in my area.

You definitely dig there old stuff which is great too.

I wish people would recognize Pearl Jam more in my school, I wear my Ten of Clubs hoodie everyday, and I have a Vedder pin on my backpack, and I have stickers all over my notebooks, and people ask about them, but just say they know of them. Never met a true PJ fan my age yet
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Yeah seriously, if you go on the boards on PJ's website, people talk like they're the only ones going to the shows. They say absolutely ridiculous things like they should retire Corduroy or Even Flow or Yellow Ledbetter.

I know exactly what youre saying, but you cant let the message board there get to you, its just a bunch of 40 year old men who have nothing better to do then try to criticize Pearl Jam for everything they do they think is wrong.

And I havent been to every show this tour, Ive been to 5 though, both Chicago nights, LA 3, and Philly 3, 4. And with most of these shows, plus ACL on TV, and Australias shows being broadcasted online, I can personally express that I think Red Mosquito is being overplayed, Im not saying to retire it, its a kickass song, and I think its great theyre using Ben Harper to assist with it, I do think its being a tad overplayed atm. Who knows though, next tour, they may drop it for 10 years.
Thats a killer set!

I feel like theyre overusing Red Mosquito with Harper a bit though, its such an awesome song, but I hate it when they overplay songs more then once on consecutive nights, Im getting so sick of Just Breathe with that string quartet.
Listened to it, Im gonna be out of town for a while so I wont be able to buy it and listen to it til the 27th

But I gave in last night and downloaded it. I wont say much, but it wont disappoint
Chicagos alternative Rock station plays the Fixer every hour. They also have a rotation of Jeremy, Black, Alive, Even Flow, Elderly Woman, Daughter, Dissident, Betterman, Hail Hail, Given to Fly, and World Wide Suicide.

As for this new album, I thought it was going to suck, I hated the Fixer so much. Then I went to both shows in Chicago, and the song changed for me, I actually like it alot now. Amongst the Waves sounds amazing as well.
Just saw them both nights in Chicago, Im in awe. Both shows just awesome! Both nights setlists were great, but there was definitley more for Night 2 to enjoy. Great to hear a ton of classics as well as rarities. If Pearl Jam is coming to your town, get a ticket, its life changing
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Maybe we haven't lost a series against a first place team, but we can't seem to beat teams under .500. It's going to be the crappy games that we've lost against the Orioles and the Indians that we're going to look back at in October and wish we had won. I don't see the playoffs for us. Too streaky. Also our defense has fallen apart.

I know, I am in somewhat a denial with this team. We should be scoring 8 runs a game, but with Peavy coming up to fix our 5 spot pitcher, and if Freddy Garcia still shreds up the minors, our rotation could be set for September. If Rios comes, we dont really have room for him, but it could be forshadowing that Dyes leaving, which would be awful, Dye has been such a great guy for the team, let him finish his career here, but Rios also adds depth, so we can have Quentin sit out a game or two, because he needs to find his swing... badly.

But I agree, I dont like the direction were going in. These next two roadtrips to Boston and New York will prove if were for real. But the pitching and bullpens there. Defense and Offense need to improve, and offense has been slumping ever since the break. I still think we should have gotten Matt Holliday.

But 2008 was our year, if we had a healthy Quentin, Crede and Contreras, we would have cooked the Rays. Vasquez starting game 1 was the worst decision the franchise had made all that season. But having the opportunity to have attended the Blackout, it was worth it enough to have taken the division.
Good to see a White Sox winner, 2 back off Detroit, White Sox team are made for the playoffs. They havent lost a series against a first place team yet (excluding Detroit, which will not count once they take over 1st). See you in the playoffs Yankees/ Other Sox/ Angels
*reported* Dear Lord...... It Burns!!!!!!!!!!!

eh, I tried, kinda bad pic to shoop..
Ok ok, keep the ideas coming, just so everyone knows I cant use fire or shoot it, nor can i make love to it. But love the creativity, unfortunately, I like the cool whip idea. Im gonna go see if I have any.
So theres a wasp just sitting on my window, I think its on the brink of death cuz its been there for the past hour and its not moving, but the last one I thought was on my window and was dead was not dead and attacked in the middle of the night, so I want to kill it because its scaring the **** out of me, but what do u think is the best way to kill it? Any clever ideas? Ill film it too if its a really good idea.
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Hey man, that fly could have grown up to become a doctor, it wasnt fair!
Fall Out Boy started at my High School, I never thought they were good at all, and Pete Wentz was the biggest loser of all time there too.
I thought this was a pretty funny to share.

So I was with my Uncle tonight, who is this freaking rich, paranoid, and kinda spacey guy. Hes hilarious and a great guy, and we were watching baseball when he goes off on Barack Obama, and how much he dislikes him. Hes a huuuuuge Republican and he really gets into the election when it comes around, one of those people. So he gets up to go to the bathroom, and so I take his phone that was sitting next to his chair, I program my number into his phone as "Barack Obama"

I go home, call him, because hes pretty paranoid and spacey, I hear a nervous "hhh-hello?" So I say in a really deep voice and professional voice "Please hold for the President." And I go to and start playing voices from the soundboard, and I tried having a conversation with him, but then my mouse spazzed and pressed "You aint my bitch ******." instead of "How are you?" and then my Uncle just goes "Hey wait a minute... This isnt Barack Obama" and hangs up.

It was totally out of the moment too, one of my most clever pranks ever.
I was playing Guitar Hero 2, I was pretty far, and I think the song was called Freya? Anyways I was playing it on expert, and I was stuck on it for a week, and I finally beat it, but I didnt realize there was a 5 second bridge where there was no playing, then it goes into an intense solo for about 25 seconds then it ends. I take off the guitar thinking I won, I started dancing, I hear the song start again, I shriek, dive towards the guitar, and I end up failing. I picked up the guitar, and smashing it on the floor into peices, havent played guitar hero since.
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do you dream that your having sex first? or does it just happen?

Youre either having sex, that you actually orgasm and cum in your sleep. Or youre in some extremely odd situation, and you get turned on by something very odd, and you cum and then you wake up and your day is all screwed up because you got turned on by a flying car
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O_O what the hell is WaterBlue?

Waterblue is a Rom Hack, but it was never released by Nintendo or anything, I have no idea what he was trying to say.
In Chicago, we had a cicada infestation 2 summers ago. I woke up to see about 30,000 of them buzzing around my house, it sounded like a Nascar race, it was loud. I knew the only thing to stop this noise was to eliminate them myself. I thought what would be needed to eliminate them. I drew my Master Sword, as well as my Master Shield. I put on a pot over my head, it was go time.

I walked out into my backyard, they were flying everywhere, by my head, through my legs, there was no stopping them. I yelled out "THIS...IS...... SPARTA!!!!!!!" and starting swing my sword at these things, next thing I knew, I was moving in slow motion killing them by the dozens. A lot like 300esk. When they knew danger was near, the cicadas soon stopped flying, and they all formed into a super cicada, taking the shape of me, only 10 feet taller. I quickly ran to there legs, I took out one and it started to descend, it quickly reformed, but i kept going at the legs, and it soon collapsed fully and they were all dead, all 30,000 of them.

I thought I was done, I wiped my face of the blood and sweat and went to my back door. When suddenly, a loud buzzing sound came from behind me, louder then the sound of the cicadas before. I turned around to see a giant cicada come out of a tree, it was hovering, about 10 feet away from me, it was the size of a football. It made a loud buzzing sound and started flying at me, I quickly drew my shield, it hit the shield and it shatter to a million peices, it flew back, gave me a mean look, I knew that my death was imminent, i fell to my knees, the thing flew back for another attack, I had 1 second to swing my sword in hopes of slicing it in half, 300,000,000,000:1 odds of a direct slice. It flew, I closed my eyes in fear, the thing opened its mouth, I swung my sword in an absolute random direction, direct slice! cicada blood flies everywhere, the thing lays before me, in half, dead. Although my victory was ugly, it was sweet. The next day I woke up, a new hatch of cicadas came from the ground, I knew what I had to do, I took my sword and went outside for round 2.
i know right? New album then tour? this is like year of the Pearl Jam.
I played Black with him last night at my friends house, I asked him when they would be on tour and his response.......

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I don't think George was talking about the audio quality of the remasters. I think he was referring to the fact that you said there weren't a whole lot of differences in the remix.

Ah ok, well I have noticed alot of fun differences in the songs, but they are pretty subtle, i.e. during the porch solo you can hear Eddie talking in the background etc. The way I thought the remixes would be like it would include the new Alive solo thats on Rhapsody.