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Upload the file from your jamman to the computer via usb. Compress the file to a .zip. Don't know on windows vista, on mac you right click and select compress file. Then attach it to the thread.


EDIT: Wait, you can attach audio directly to the thread? I heard elsewhere that you couldn't.
Is it possible to post audio saved on a Digitech JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler?
My Grunge Picks
Alice In Chains
Pearl Jam

My Proto-Grunge Picks
Black Flag
My sister thought it was a TOOL song. That turned out not to be the case.
The Butthole Surfers.
You gotta love 'em.
Webcam videos cannot be uploaded to my profile.
Out of ideas, out of hope.
The Butthole Surfers, of course.

Favorite strange question?

EDIT: Taxi_06 beat me to the punch.
Superhero (2002) - Stephen Lynch
Generic (1982) - Flipper
MTV Unplugged (1996) - Alice in Chains
MTV Unplugged in New York (1994) - Nirvana
Hybrid Theory (2000) - Linkin Park
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why are you posting in this thread :-\

it's a year old

Extreme boredom and lack of social life.
Too much.

Who's funnier?

A) Butthole Surfers
B) Flight of the Concords
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So i was on Ebay looking to buy some traffic cones. (dont ask why) When i found this peculiar specimen.

If i could get to Scotland to pick him up, i'd buy him.

Seeing as i cant have him, I think it'd be nice to see him in the hands of a fellow UG'er

Anyone live near East Ayrshire whos willing to buy this for great justice? its only £1

Does he have any diseases? A horrible flesh-eating virus, perhaps.? Has he had his shots, yet? House-trained? Neutered?

Who would you rather get stuck in an elevator with?
A) A woman with a stomach virus that causes vomiting
B) A 600lb. fat man in daisy dukes and a half-shirt who farts alot
I hope that happens at my funeral. Good stuff.
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Freak out. I'm clausterphobic.

Would you date me if you lived in my area?

If you had a Y-chromosome.

Which is better; butter or margarine?
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OoOh, Nice comeback. I wasn't expected to be retorted to with near Shakespearian laws or grammar. But tbh, Macbeth didn't combat his brain going bat**** bonkers by a needle of heroin, and neither did Hamlet deal with the king of Denmark with a line of coke (Although that would've been a VERY different court scene if ha had). Whilst it's hardly a very dignified way to go, I still have very little sympathy for the guy - there are other avenues, and other ways.

I have sympathy for him but I don't blame anyone who doesn't. My post wasn't a comeback. I was just pointing out that his death is, by definition, tragic. I obsess over things like that.

By the way, I would really like to see the alternate version of the court scene.
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I have vista, and I run both GP5 and PTE. Stop whining. Now go to youtube, and you can record directly from your webcam. Then post the link here. And/or get PTE, and just export as a MIDI file.

Is there any way to put the webcam video directly on my profile?
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Not really. Brandon Lee was killed during the making of the Crow after an accident involving a stage gun. Heath Ledger died coked up to his eyeballs after and Overdose. Brandon lee's death was tragic. Heath Ledger's was just retarded.

Heath's death is tragic if you go by the strict definition of tragedy.
The following was taken the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Ed.

trag·e·dy (trăjĭ-dē
n. pl. trag·e·dies


a. A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances
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Download Powertab and upload the file with the rhythm, or somehow find a way to record your guitar. If you don't no one will get it, I will then be annoyed by this thread constantly re-appearing and end up closing it.

I just tried installing it but it's incompatible with Windowss Vista.

No one's answered my webcam question.
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Oh dear.

double posting is essentially against the rules but it's not SO bad in this thread because very minimial people actually use it and it sometimes needs bumping.

However, when you want to bump it (like if it's been a few hours)
Please try and include some form of wrestling.

Even if it's just.
"Just bumping this thread.
I just watched Smackdown, it was okay"

Or something like that

Thank you.
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I came to this thread intrigued.

But now I don't care about this douche.

You cared enough to post a comment. If you don't care about me, move on to a new thread. I don't need you taking up space on the page...douche.
Will this song ever be identified?
Will AtlantaHardcore receive his answer?
Will any more stupid questions be posed?
Tune in next week to "I Have No Life".
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Don't let the mods catch you double posting.

Although none of them look in here. So I could probably just say "DREADY IS A FOOL" and get away scot free.

(I'll be perma-banned tomorrow now, you just watch)

Why would I get in trouble? I was just trying to get someone else to post so that I wouldn't be the last one to post.
I hate being the last one to post. I feel so lonely.
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I'd wear that belt.

Why, it belongs in a pawn shop.
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Of all people Jeff Hardy? Chris Jericho is awesome.

Jeff is hotter than Jericho.
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WWE Divas Title:


That is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. It should melted down and never spoken of again. If you ever see tears streaming down the face of a woman who just won that belt, they're not tears of joy.
The Dudley Boyz are the greatest tag team to ever perform in a ring.
Anyone who's seen the Dudley Boyz' section of the "Misconceptions" shoot interview (as seen on YouTube) knows that they're pretty funny, too.
You guys, I think we're all fucking gay.
I think you're right.
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*Walks in*
*Reads about Jeff Hardy*
*Prepares to rant for 3 hours*
*Can't be arsed so leaves it for now*
*Very angry*

and TV wrestlings on the steady up mate, i'd seriously reccommend watching this past weeks RAW or even next weeks.
It's been good TV, the in-ring actions gotten much better (Even the WWE divas are putting on solid matches ).

oh and Raven

I haven't watched it in a while so...(couldn't think of a way to end the thought).
The new WWE HD set is a huge turn off. How can you have a streamlined show and call it "RAW"? Same problem with TNA. Too much attention being payed to production. If WWE cut back on production, they wouldn't have to keep releasing wrestlers from their contracts. I prefer the grit of ECW (pre-revival) to the glamour of WWE and TNA. But I am glad hear that the shows are getting better.
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I was a big fan when I was younger and didn't notice how sloppy his ring work was, then I got older and started noticing it......

hes always been great on the mic though...

Cute, too. Anyway, I don't watch wrestling on TV anymore. The quality of televised werstling matches (some; not all) has been in a steep decline ever since 2001. I still love wrestling and I still watch my DVDs (I especially enjoy watching old school ECW clips on YouTube). Every time I watch anything involving Raven, I'm reminded of how misused he was in WWE. He would have been an awesome world champion.
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whenever he stopped doin smack....

That sucks.

Switching subjects, is anyone on this thread a Raven fan?
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If by "weight" you mean gold, then yes, Cadj was crying.

Did he put on that weight after he left TNA, or towards the end of his tenure there?
Was anyone else depressed when Jeff Hardy gained weight?
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What was the style of the song? Was it a kinda generic rock sound? Was it heavy? What sort of distortion/overdrive if any in this riff? What was the singing style? And if you can remember the vocal melody get out your guitar and match it to notes and tab that aswell. These things should help.

In terms of style, it sounds akin to "Song 2" by Blur. Does anyone know if webcam video can be post on my UG profile from the Philips VLounge program?
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Alex Band

WOW!!! That's one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen!
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I am thinking that the song is Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin. I'm not sure though. The tab I have of that song isn't exactly like what you have.

Definitely not. Thanks, anyway.