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Do you have any mic that can plug into your comp's soundcard? Even if it's the cheapest 1/8 type that comes for using webcams. Or do you have a plug adapter to convert one end of a guitar cable to 1/8 inch? Or have a friend with a cell phone take a vid of the amp (provided it can capture sound as well). If you live in the states, I'll freaking call you and listen to you play over the phone.

I got a webcam recently but I know how well it will receive sounds. If it does work, how would I upload the video to UG? Can I upload it to a post on the thread?
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Well, post a clip of the riff, even if it means playing into a cell phone and posting the video. We can only hope that 1) you can play the riff accurately and 2) you tabbed it accurately. Where did you hear this song? Was it a video? Do you remember any lyrics? Do any of the players have distinctive looks? Bro give us something more substantial to work with, other than vague references that can apply to any of thousands of songs out there. If you want us to help you out, you need to help us as well. Otherwise, sorry.

I remember the vocal melody but not the lyrics. I heard on the radio so I don't know what the band looks like.. I forgot about it until recently when I heard it on the school news. I don't know how to upload anything. I don't have a cell phone. I do have an MBox and ProTools but my laptop uses Vista so I haven't been able to install them. Is there another way?
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OK, let's start from the beginning. How did you come about this tab? Was is some random tab you found and got intrigued by it? Is it a song you've heard before? How are you connecting THIS tab snippet to whatever song you are hearing in your mind?

No one can "play" this tab because there is no rhythm indicated. It's missing info for us to recognize what it might be. Unless you can give us more info, you'll never get your answer. This is one very generic chord progression that has been used countless times. Without rhythm to help make it more unique, we'll never guess it.

I heard it. I wrote this tab myself; it's my first one. I don't know how to indicate rhythm. The only way I can describe it is that it's played kind of fast. I think it's played at the same speed as "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Thanks for your help.
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I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a gender equalist. That being said, I think that Feminism has become the new sexism. The misandry in our culture is most obvious in the justice system. Woman are considered default parents in divorce court. When police officers are called to the scene of a domestic dispute, all a woman has to say is that the man hit her and he goes to jail without any question as to wether or not she's lying. Not that husbands don't lie; they do it all the time. But woman lie just as much as men. It's a sad fact that some people refuse to acknowledge; men and woman tell the same lies. The common perception of gender relations is that men are bastards and woman are the victims. Isn't that stereotyping? Susan B. Anthony not only fought against stereotyping and descrimination; she also fought against preferential treatment. Don't be a feminist. Be a gender equalist, instead. God that was long.
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Sound's a Lil' Bit like Bon Jovie, "It's my life"

I'm pretty sure it's a 90s song.
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It seems like Master Of Puppets

It isn't.
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Henry Rollins is way up there.

I was waiting for somebody to mention Hank.

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even if someone plays it to recognize it they won't know the tempo/phrasing

I think it has a moderate tempo. The chord that the guitarist lets ring gives the song a start/stop dynamic.
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Do you have powertab/guitar pro? Attaching a MIDI sound bite will yield much better results than a notated tab, as rhythm and pace are dictated.

It looks pretty generic, so I'm afraid all you're gonna get is guesses; don't yell at people who guess, because they might be right. You said yourself that you don't know, so if someone thinks it might be something then at least you can look up their guess and narrow it down.

I was hoping someone would play it and recognize it. I don't have Powertab or Guitar Pro. I'm hesitant about downloading them. I don't know why. Thanks for the advice.
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Electric Chair execution- Ride The Lightning by Metallica

Ride the Lightning would better if it was played just before the execution. The cruel thing about it is that in the song, the speaker wakes up just after the switch is thrown.

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Oooooo... I forgot about Jim Norton. He is so f*ckig sick.

Wanna play Monster Rain?
Where the hell do you find that?
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Brain Jones, and I think River Pheonix, too.

River was 23.
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Can I come, too?
Refer this thread to others, please.
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Then you'd scream as it took you from behind.
Fuck it.
People would be like "Yeah, homeboy fucked a martian once."

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I just got into it a few days ago through YouTube. The funniest episode I've seen so far is "Space Mutiny". "The Creeping Terror" was the first one I saw. Very funny.
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i was talkin bout the dude from House
bill kaulitz is like barbie doll cute

I know. His name is Hugh Laurie. He was the co-star of a show called "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" with best friend Stephen Fry. It was a big show on British television in the 80s. One of the things Hugh was known for was writing and performing funny songs, usually on piano. You can watch them on YouTube.
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Meh at his physical attractiveness but he's got one badass personality.

Have you heard his songs "Mystery" or "Little Girl"? I'm not sure if that's proper grammer.
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Episode on the show.

Was it the premise of an episode, one-off joke, a riff, or running gag? And what season?
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michael jackson when he was black was quite good looking. but now he looks like E.T.

You owe E.T. an apology.
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This is gonna turn into a Flight of the Conchords "it's not gay to spoon a man as long you pretend it's a woman" sort of discussion. I just know it.
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Is that the premise to a song of theirs or an episode of their show?
"Smoke on the Water" is played on the 3rd and 4th strings. They do share a simular structure though.

In the song I'm thinking of, the riff is played twice. After that, the guitarist plays this once and lets it ring. Verses are only sung during this part.


The main riff is played twice more, then another verse line. I don't know how many times it repeats nor do I know the chorus.
If the main riff is A and the riff I just spoke about is B then the song should look like this.

A A B... A A B...

I hope that helps.
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