It be empty in here right now, any one care to join?
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A thousand thank yous
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What color are they?

They're black guys but I didn't want to sound racist lol
This has been killing me for weeks so I made this thread.

The entire music video is in black and white with two colored guys tap dancing in slow motion.

As far as the music goes I think it's an indie song with girl vox(but I could be wrong)

It'd be nice if someone can help out
New Born of Osiris stuff
Any police scanner, so I can stop crime
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I just don't have the money for any kind of custom kit at the moment, I currently play a Mapex Meridian. The only real plus for me for a custom would be a custom finish, my preferred specs for kits are already available from most manufacturers haha

Btw, I really like the look of that custom kit your friend made. Was it completely build by him, or was it another kit that he re-finished and then sold on?

He made it completely made from him out of fiberglass.
Anyone have any experience with buying custom drums?

I've been thinking about saving up and buying some for myself.

Although I don't know really where to start :p

Pic related: my friend used to make these but couldn't afford to keep doing it :/

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I have this hat and some random 3 color beanie.

Check this out

Same guy that makes the on in the OP. Lizard brim
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The only ones that I'll wear regularly are a Mets hat that I bought in New York, and a Bulls hat that I bought online, both flatbill.

And I've got a normal Purdue baseball cap that I also wear occasionally.

All fitted. None of that pussy snapback stuff.

I only have one snapback, I have three fitted. The one in my pic is strapback, crazy shit
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I swear to god we just had a hat thread like 5 days ago

Well shit son
What kind of hats does the Pit wear? Snapbacks? Beanies? Ascop?

I've been trying to save up for one of these

I like the brostep Skrillex makes but not most of the rave type shit. Drumstep is where it's at
Oh **** lol

EDIT: This made my night lol
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My fattest friend is a tank at shot-put.

This, a lot of throwers I meet at other meets are fat but they're mostly muscle
Title says it all

Any of you ever be part of the track or XC team?

I myself started my first season this year with throwing shot-put and discus.
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FIrst time I saw meme on Facebook, I died a little inside of me...
but seriously once in a while it's funny but when my friends do it in real life, and they do it everyday, I can't stand it !!!

New York Dolls for The Killers
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Look theres nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone air guitars, yes even your dad air guitars.

It's natural part of being human.

You're avatar made me lol for several minutes

I hate most modern horror movies, they just try to put sex in with a few "boo!" holy shit moments :/
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Flight of the Concords

That did end >.>, still sad though,

Breaking Bad
Always Sunny
Bump for more people ;_;
You, get the **** out of here now.
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my partents met online....

Your parents are weird....
I've seen a Gypsy camp near a lake in a town about a mile away from my house, I hope that's the closest they'll get to me >

God damn this took me forever to finally master
I'd love some feedback on my shit I've been messing around with, mostly the more recent ones, the first ones are my testing shit, thanks in advance
There's probably been a thread like this, but I'm too lazy to search through everything.
You know who this thread goes. GO

First up MF Doom, I just downloaded Madvillainy, good start or somewhere else?
Animals as Leaders

Most recent snap of my kit, a little different set up but yeah...
Down and Feeds plus mostly everything else posted
So What - Miles Davis
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I play this game every god-damn day
Was going to do Winter Drumline with my high school (8th grader), but our drum coordinator moved like three hours away from us
I play my quints!