Very good cover indeed. I agree with everything that has been said in previous posts. Just watch the volume of the violin in future and perhaps add more aggression to the vocals. Other than that, I can't fault you.

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of mic are you using?
Having never heard the song, it pleases me to say that I really enjoyed watching this. Both your tone and playing are great.

I also gave you a "like" for your troubles.
There's some pretty damn good music to be found here. Music that I wouldn't hesitate to pay for.

Spare a like for a four-piece Irish alt rock band?



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But aside from the mix, it's good man, really good! Now do the proper, electric version, it's 10 times better

Ask and you shall receive.
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Pretty much the same opinion as Kylianvb.
Bass player sounds good, but drowns the guitar out completely. I liked the laid-back feeling the vocals had in the chorus, verses were okay, but not great. I think it's also because the girl doesn't have a lot of low end in her voice, which makes the original shine, in my opinion.

It's a shame the mix is so off. I subbed on YouTube by the way, yesterday or so.

I totally agree with your views on the mix. In more recent videos that problem has been fixed. Our next video should be uploaded in the next few days.

And thanks for the sub.
From reading the title, I was curious to know how this would sound and I think it works really well. The arrangement works very well and the quality of the recording is pretty decent.

If I had to pick something negative to say I would like to hear different vocals. Granted, the vocals aren't bad at all, but I think I'd prefer something more similar to the original. Maybe that's just me though.

All in all, a very respectable cover and one I enjoyed listening to.

A very good day to you.

Here is my bands take on the unplugged version of a Clapton classic. It's also our first Youtube upload so all feedback is appreciated.

I like to be clicked.

And of course, C4C.
I'll play. It's been way too long since I've played. Got a lot of winning to catch up on.
Fuck me, that was close.
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Una Healy

We have a winner.
Checkin' in.
I'll play if there's a few others.
Game set up now if anyone's interested.
I hope he's willy-ing to continue filming.

That was bad...
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Am I the only one seeing a little monkey face/skull in there?!

EDIT: Now it looks like a seal's face!

Mind = Blown.

This may have been posted already.

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Found this beauty of a picture:

Really just looks like a girl with her favourite duo and two random dudes who just happened to be nearby

That guy in the background is hilarious.
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"If at any time you experience a loud bang, a surge of heat, and the urge to pass away; chances are, we've hit the ground."
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So I've been thinking about it and this is what I reckon it is

So whats your viral video of the last decade?

0:29 and 1:11 absolutely killed me.
Checking in. This is hard.
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Well, there I was, happily browsing UG and chatting to my friend on Xbox Live, when my sister walks in and casually says, "Dave you have school tomorrow." Now I was fully ****ing convinced that I was going back to school on Monday the 11th. Not a ****ing Thursday. Who the **** goes back to school on a Thursday?
So that was a nice, swift kick to the balls.

So, what are your biggest 'Kick in the nuts' type moments or experiences?

Inb4 being kicked in the balls.

Is there not horrendous snow in Cork?

All I could think of.
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It's nearly christmas so...

What is pink and smells like Holly?

Ian Huntley's c ock.

Oh wow...
Father Pat and the Altar Boys
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He would die.

A series following his early life, before the birth of Harry.
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Maybe a series follwing James Potter? I mean we know how it ends but thats not the point really. It would be almost like a perfect prequel to the Harry Potter series.

Or a series following Snape, perhaps? I'd love to see how that would turn out.
If you're going to Spain and really want to take pictures, I'd recommend going to Seville. Beautiful city.

EDIT: And just come to Ireland dammit.

Are tennis balls green or yellow?
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it could be worse, they could sound like this:

Oh Dear God...
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enough already, i am the Nestor of tennis puns.

No, I'm the mAncic.
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The prosecution's really Agassive.

Del Potrocute people easily.
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That's how it is in the Federer-al Courts.

I know. It's Roddickulous.