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I posted this thread in the recording section. 0 Replies. I posted it here. 14. Go figure.

doesnt mean it belongs here buddie.
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You CAN get a USB guitar cable that just plugs straight from the guitar into a USB port. If you're using electric it might be easier than using a mic.

first. he said going out to buy something is out of the question.

i have the lightsnake usb-1/4 inch cable. its ****ing garbage. 80 bucks and latency on live recording.
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Basically the lowest form of humour.

actually i would say its well above mom jokes.

log into any first person shooter, 9/10 of them have apparently slept with your mother recently.

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I value privacy over security.

then go through the pat down line you whiney kid.

i usually opt to go through the scanner lines with a rock hard boner. so they can be just as uncomfortable as me.
i got the runs during a solo once. i slipped and fell in it. cleanest id been in months.
im kind of into midget porn. are they cool with that over there?
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Just let them get their recognition however they may like TS. The only thing it's hurting is the quality of the youtube community and that's like making a skunk's turd smell even worse--no real harm done.

idk. maybe its cuz attention *****s urk me. (irl as well). definately didnt rant though. it was more of an i said 0_o
radioactive noodles. thought of this n the lunchline in 7th grade, as i watched the lady fling the slop on my tray(jesus i just chucked at that...)

masturbation squad.

no-name nelson.
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I once had the top comment on a video. My comment was a Henry Rollins quote. It had 161 upvotes. I'm pretty sure the only reason it got so many votes is because I got lucky with the timing of that video making it to reddit's front page.

It's also interesting to know that the comment with the most thumbs up doesn't always get shown as the top comments permanently. On the video's page now the top comment shown has +25 and you can only see mine if view all comments. My comment is 4 months old though and the newer "top comments" are more recent.

again. getting lucky, cool. but its like fishing for thumbs up. "i need people to like my posts so i can feel better!!!".

another example of this is, picture of innocent girl. 6000 likes and the doctor wil do her operation!..........................
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i will pay you for a link to the original picture.
i hate you with every fiber of my being. i wish you and your family a slow painful death, one that will haunt you and your descendants for eternity.
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I think this is a really important issue

very pressing. almost as important as jersey shore and ghost hunters. srs business.
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this is actually funny.

i dont care about getting the top comment, its the fact that people TRY to do this. they say to set goals but im not quite sure thats what they meant...
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perfect example.
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thumbs up if OP should chill

i totally just<noticed> got this.
and yes it is chuckle worthy. but if people just wanna go with the idiot route ill just ignore the whole thread altogether. as i said. an honest inquiry.
lol holy crap Xd how do people think im mad! im eating doughnuts. and petting the prettiest cat ever. im chill. dw. it was an honest inquiry =P
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u mad bra?

im going to ignore this.
pachebells cannon in d major... U MAD?
ever notice how the top comments on youtube videos tend to be either completely unrelated or a blatant attempt to get top comment?

"thumbs up if you like this band!"

before i go on an all terrain homicidal rampage, let me first ask. is this something that happens naturally? because it certainly doesnt seem that way.

anyone else want to rip these peoples heads off?
or is there some secret society of youtube *****s where you get points for this?...
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Anyone who supports the death penalty should watch the film 'dancer in the dark'. After you've stopped crying, you'll change the error of your ways.

well in america, i dont intend for my tax dollars to be spent keeping murders alive for their whole life sentences. theyre a waste of space and should not be allowed to live.

on the flip side, they need to be more thorough before carrying out a death sentence, as the possibility of innocence is always there, since polygraphs are not accepted as evidence in us courts.
shit your pants. just for the lulz. breathe really loudly the whole time.
just kidding.

on topic.

EYE CONTACT! MAKE EYE CONTACT! but dont do it in an agressive stare a hole in them kind of way.

if they hand you something READ it! even if you just skim through it really quick. make it look like youre really interested, and are grasping to get everything you can out of the visit.
ask questions.(intelligent ones)

greet him/her.

ask "hows your day been?" then show a bit of interest wherever possible.

these will set you apart INSTANTLY.
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The decision to add facial hair or not is based on wether the creature lived before or after then invention of the razor.

the brain is strong with this one.
phsycosocial/baby jbeebz.
but somehow when you mix the two, its erily awesome... but dont take my word for it. look at the lightsaber. tis a green one =O
what an honest opinion?

first. shave. a beard is sexy as hell but only with the right consistency. stay clean shaven. the right hairstyle can make or break your looks. when i wake up in the morning i look something like sloth from the goonies. i take a shower, shave wash my hair. dont jell your hair. girls apparently hate that nowadays. if you must use that axe stuff. stay in shape i honestly think that at the right bmi you could look REALLY good with spiked/ish hair and a clean shaven face. what matters the ABSOLUTE most is confidence. if you feel good, it will show. no one wants to be with the loser who mopes around with shoulders drooped and neck looking like a girrafe (trust me i know this). and correct posture will change how you look in a matter of seconds. but i want you to read this last part very carefully. if they dont like you are. FXCK them. because thats not who you should be with or persuing in the first place.
and with this i include this picture.

i wish i had gotten here sooner. you could have posed some obscure reason as to why he was moving and how much he would miss all his friends. then confess his love for the least attractive friend he had on his list.
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The evidence that God exists is similar.

evidence of god is not the same as evidence in court or in character. most people ask god for what they may interpret as "success" or "evidence" through a physical manifestation ( money, riches, fame, or women). sorry guys, but god does NOT care about the paper in your wallet, the how many zeros are in your bank account or your nba career.

ask god for success, and he/she will give it to you as he/she sees fit. but always remember. that believing in god or praying is not something you can only do when you NEED or want something. always remember to pray to god in both bad times in good alike for the best results.

heres my evidence

he decision to let god in, i can safely say, was the ONLY thing in my life i did not wait to take action on, or procrastinate with. i took action where i stood (in the beer room at outback steakhouse if you must know, and yes i was having a SHIT day on the job) i prayed silently asking for strength, will, and serenity. and went about my work.

i saw results immediately, in various forms. the slacker guy(as we called him) out of NOWHERE started asking if i needed help,furthermore he picked up MORE than his share of work for the rest of the day. the other 2 people that were due in that day? they showed up early, the snappy waitress that was always on my back started popping jokes with me. if something ticked me off, i told myself these exact words. "god will do whats best for me"

if a cancer patient wakes up feeling like hes the shxt, hes still gonna take his meds right? because he knows those meds dont need HIM. HE needs those meds. no matter what he may think, they can only help him. stay faithful. its a relationship, like any other, and you must love "for better or for worse" as they say.
well since someone started the topic for me.

mind you, the only time im like this is in bed. or in private.

its past the level of bondage or rape fantasy. completely belittling and disgracing a woman during sex just gives me the heebie jeebies. something about forcing a woman to the floor, practically beating her senseless while also giving her vast amounts of pleasure, its just satisfying. as far as feet go...theyre for walking you sick freaks...
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Baby Baby is one of the greatest musical masterpieces of the 21st century.

troll it up slave boy.

ONTOPIC. i thought this was stupid beyond belief. but

"check out the phsycosocial/baby mashup" baby by j-beebz and phsycosocial by slipknot.

i was like...GTFO.

then i watched the actual video (not the parody of the parody(mindfxck)

and i daresay that was some clean editing and it was catchy. i liked it.
even more? corey taylor has a response video and he liked it as well and goes on to express how well edited it was.
i need help. i smoke spice (herbal incense) by CHOICE for employment reasons and because weed gives me headaches and shit. but i moved to illinois after living in arizona with a smokeshop right acrossed the street. but they banned it from this county after some stupid ****ing kids werent careful and killed themselves (i smoke the Red bull 8x blend and im fine)

ordering it by mail seems like a good option and i also have a friend that i hooked up on other shit, but lives in another state.(ie he agreed to mail it)

any conflicts?
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Star wars. Outside the movies it's universe is seems infinite. By that I mean it has so many stories, characters, weapons, ships, items, books, and games. But Star Trek is has a very good concept too.

clearly you were beaten during infancy. repeatedly. star wars has a SET storyline all occuring within a relatively set course of years. with no time travel or anything even moderately related to modern man.

star trek doesnt just go through different generations of captains and ships, but it includes time travel, cultural differences and conflicts similar to the those on modern earth, politics(star wars had MORE of that though i will admit) and jesus christ stephen hawking himself managed to make it on the holodeck of the enterprise! it encourages people to imagine and inspires creativity through introducing different concepts, all of scientific relevance.


dont get me wrong, i was raised on star wars and had many a lightsaber battle myelf
but any storyline involving anything bearing a resemblance to a "death ray" if plain stupid when you think about it...
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Wingardium leviosa, bitch.

your logic is sound.

sorry i could not even try to resist, that would have been futile.
not bragging. i stole the shit from best buy. 2 different HDTVs a g510 keyboard razer carcharias, an hdmi cable and BF3. .

edit. they were open and i wasnt employed there either also no friends worked there at the time(s) lol. and i walked out the front door.....yeah it sounds like bullshxt but i like to use a rather clever approach for things

pretend you have nothing to hide and no one will think you do ;]

however i ended up returning what i could ( they aint taking my steam account if im alive). id rather have a debt to my government than a debt to god.
Hey guys i was gonna buy this for pc (yes i can run it dont ask me) because i play a similar game (warrock) except theres loads of hackers and its really expensive to keep playing.

my questions are, are there a ridiculous amount of hackers on bf3?

do the admins ever actively ban people in game?

is it a peer to peer game? or does everyone connect to a server?

hey. i play on the pc and im really into the survival mode. i was wondering if anyone wanted to add me on steam ( l2apsux*its a lower case L ) and maybe voice chat while we go at it. ive got some nasty tactics too. ive always had a knack for anything survival related. (although my online kd for multiplayer is fkin low lol) please dont add me if youre under 17 because i dont want some little kid telling me everytime he gets a headshot. just let me know youre from UG. HMU!!!!
hey ive got an issue with gfx. ive got 2 different graphics cards in my laptop. ones an iintel hd the others an nvidia gt420m. now i run games like COD and NFS shift 2 on MAX graphics so i know its not that my gfx card is shxtty. so heres the problem

I want this game "war rock" to run on the nvidia but the only thing i can get to is the launcher. i wouldnt know where to start to get the actuall game to run with the nvidia. ive seen people get some NICE graphics on this game so i KNOW its possible.

firsty you click launcher, then it goes to updater, then the hackshield loads then the game window comes up. is a full screen game but im on windows 7 and i prefer it resizes to 600/800 so it does that. any ideas?
I spent awhile googling this and didnt have much luck. I need a wiring diagram for the following setup.

Bridge pickup - P-rails shpr-2

Middle pickup- "Cool rails for strat".

2 push pull Tone pots (5k)

1 "3 way" switch

1 master volume (with a capacitor for treble bypass.)

1 standard output jack.

i googled the hell out of this and got some allmost similar ish stuff but it wasnt what i was loking for. thanks =D
well heres my list of woods of different types and their current values(2011).

1 piece mahogany 125.
2 pc mahog 90.
2 pc swamp ash 80.
2 pc alder 75.

figured walnut 40.-60
figured koa- 50-90
indian/cambodian rosewood (2pc) 45
indian rosewood(3pc) 25
flamed maple(30.-50.)
quilted maple 40.-75
sycamore 45.

im in school rightnow and thats the prices were paying for the woods to make these guitars. and lol btw i made a tele body out of popler which is cheappppp. but yeah.
string length- great. u can bend to high heaven with the arrangement uve got going on.

invisible center seam. classy lol

other than that the pics are too far back for me to give any usefull input.1
naptha. in our shop this seems to work to take off ANYTHING adhesive and doesnt damage wood. it evaporates IMMETDIATELY off a hard surface.. im not too sure how youd feel about it and your finnish.