I had a feeling it would be this video before I clicked the thread... Amazing.
Thanks guys! cdgraves' response in particular is very helpful.
I'd known about tritone substitution, but never realised it was actually part of the usual ii-V-I unit. I've expanded the progression and it now goes something like this:
Fm7 - Bb7 - Ebmaj7 - Am7b5 - Dm9 - G13 Db7 - Cmaj7

I've made it resolve to C, and I've also tried using more extensions to the chords. I've loved jazz for a long time, but never really looked past classical theory until now - so it's great hearing patterns I recognize!
Next up I'd recommend learning about common progressions and song structures. Then you could have a look into basic SATB writing and modulations.

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Sometimes I get the disturbing feeling that most of the people who discuss music theory on here have never read anything outside the forum. It would explain some of the weird memes that seem to pop up and now and again.

Just the forums obsession with modes proves this...
I was fiddling around on guitar with some jazz standards, and came across this quite cool progression.
I understand that it's a ii7 - V7 - Imaj7 in Eb - but why does the A chord work?
I'm guessing the full chord would be Am7b5 which seems odd in the key of Eb...
This progression loops around quite nicely, but where could it go next?
We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is a brilliant book in the same vein as Orwell.
Oooo, very nice! I recently got a new Edwards double plug bass and it's great!
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Yea, ya lost me right there.
G has 1 sharp, F#? Who knew?
I don't have this stuff memorized like you do.
That's why I need chord lookup charts.

If you don't know the absolute basics of theory such as keys and the circle of 5ths, I have no idea why you want to know about modes.
This is the first post I've made for 2 years, and oh god nostalgia.
DieGarbageMan, Firenze, the FoTB blogs, icyhot, Night of the pear, carrot skinning, Fassa, I cum blood, The Prestige, Frenchy, hot redhead thread, 09 MOD contest, Davross, SomeoneYouKnew...
The Galder shoop thread is still one of my favourite things on the internet.
I remember the guys from MT and building too (VeilOfMaya, Freepower, Ormsby and nuthinbuttrubl8)
Quite often Babykiller by Devourment.
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I just got over one of those a few days ago. It's especially unpleasant if you are a trombonist. If you even try to play, you are rewarded with an ungodly amount of pain.

Why is it that so many people are getting them at this time of the year?

Oh god yes. I know that feeling far too well.
I like it.
Euphonium. Honourable mention to bass trombone.
Why are you do desperate to learn modes?
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Not my country but I wish it was. I live there though
Cool anthem too (y)!

That anthem is amazing!

I rather like mine.
Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mâd, dros ryddid collasant eu gwaed!
C Bb E F# G D G#
Excision is beyond amazing.
One big hairpin with a circle on the end over all the bars.
Sounds like you have bad technique. Try to eliminate tension.
Inferno from Behemoth, but George Kollias from Nile is even more astounding. He is flawless, even live.
Personally, I think they should just man up and realise it's just a book.
Although, that pastor is also a complete idiot.
You shouldn't "lock" it, that just makes you more tense.
PC crashed, lost 3 stacks of iron and 10 diamonds. FML.
It could be atonal... but I'd just be tempted to call it an extended bout of outside playing!
How about Meshuggah's tapping solo lead things? They sound pretty atonal - especially the one in New Millennium Cyanide Christ.
It's stupid to hold grudges against entire countries/societies for anything, let alone something that happened 60 years ago.
Pretty good, considering how insanely difficult it is!
I use it quite often to have a low drone note an octave below the 3rd string. Also, try playing some Nile in standard tuning - not gonna happen unless you have an extra arm.
Capuzzi's Double Bass Concerto.
It'd be much easier to read if you gave us the names of the chords too...
For guitarists you could try Sor, Tarrega, Villa-Lobos, Joaquin Rodrigo, Piazzolla or some Bach transcriptions.
Penderecki, Rzewski, Bartok, Deshevov, Henry Cowell, Leo Ornstein, Samuel Barber, Alkan.
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Unless you're Bartok.

Or Rzewski.
Forget about modes for a long time - you're not ready for them.
1234 2234 3234 4234
Ok. I've got a 6 string fretless. I need flats or roundwounds and don't even know where to start looking. Thanks!
No, he asked a question about the Major scale. Not the Ionian mode.
I always do this. I just ignore it and carry on.