So given that this is nominally a forum for musicians...

Is anyone else really enjoying Jim Johnston's metal phase? Like, Ryback's theme is doomy as fuck. I could see him coming out to Wrestlemania with the lights down and fog machines and shit while Sunn 0))) plays "Meat on the Table" at half tempo.

Also, the Shield's theme. And D-Bry's theme is totally something a power metal dude would do in his bedroom while screwing around.
You people watch too much porn.

I watch too much porn and I'm worried.
3.0 really grew on me last year. Probably after they had that abortion of a title reign. The funny stuff is hit and miss, but they've gotten to be really good in the ring.
'08er, what what. Think I lurked since '07? Haven't been on here in ages. I kind of miss the crushing overdrive and Herman Ri jokes. And shoop threads with asianface and that bassist in the BTBAM shirt.

I don't miss the recycled 4chan memes, though.
I had a physics teacher who liked to fire plastic darts out of a blowgun at kids. That was a fun class.
This . Maybe only because I learned how to play the bass line, but it's not the bass line getting stuck in my head .
Did you hang your head?
Early one morning, while making the rounds, I took a shot of cocaine and i shot my woman down.
If Jello Biafra could sing, the Dead Kennedys would be AWFUL.
I'm saying Flyers in 6, but that's probably gonna change after the game.

That is all.
I have the same problem. Find a good tab, sit down, and spend a couple hours learning the song. Also, practice along with recordings if you want to learn full songs.
There's a riff in "Solar Winds" by Devin Townsend that is mind-blowingly epic. It makes me want to climb a mountain and masturbate from the summit for some reason. I really don't know where I get that idea from, but that's what I really think when I hear it.
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Don't forget Mexico, they had basically the most awesome athlete in the entire games:
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And now the bitterness will commence like never before. The bottom line is crosby put that muh ****a behind the line, GOOOOLLLLLDDDDD

I'm a Philly fan. I'm extra bitter about Crosby and our Penguin neighbors.

EDIT: I love how the US looks like they raped in the medal count until you see Canada's 14 golds.
Crosby. Why did it have to be Crosby? Why couldn't it have been someone who actually contributed to the game, like Toews or Getzlaf?

Despite being American, I'm pretty glad the Canadians won. They deserved it. Oh, and if Thrashtastic15 is referring to Ryan Miller, he's an idiot.
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I think the announcers should be Jim Jackson, Bill Clement, Steve Coates, and Keith Jones.

Just sayin'.

YES. "Aaaaaannnnd a pleasant good evening to you, I'm Jim Jackson and welcome to Olympic hockey."
UG,, allmusic, guitar magazines, and going to shows/fests where I hardly know any of the bands.
7/10. Never seen it before, but it's pretty unique.
The acoustic section of Starship Trooper by Yes. It's simultaneous bass patterns and melody, and REALLY FRIGGING FAST.
Still hooked up to my TV. And how has no one mentioned Pokemon Snap yet? Also, Star Wars Episode 1: Podracer for the win. Watching my poorly rendered pod-thing hurtle around at 160 mph while my character emits random alien shrieks=pure bliss.
I'm gonna go with Johnny Cash and Mikael Akerfeldt, the two singers I know who come closest to hitting the brown note.
Arrrrrrrrrrr, I'm believin' another dose of Alestorm be in order, me hearties.
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they declared war on kittens. And freedom. And ice cream.
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I don't understand why the hell this **** is on the evening news....

SECONDED. I honestly do not give a ****, and spent the past seven hours in school hearing people treating it like the North Koreans had just declared a war on kittens.

Also, Kanye is way better than either Taylor Swift or Beyonce (and he's only got about three songs I actually like).
Knock Off

A horrible blowjob.
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 59
Eric Clapton - 3 hurt
David Gilmour - 87
Steve Vai - 61 heal
Santana - 58
Billy Gibbons - 13
Randy Rhoads - 40

I have no idea why they signed him or how they want to use him, but I know the fans will be the funniest thing to watch for a while.
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i raise you a pint of ale

I raise you a hangover.
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I'm not joking, my mother was having a whale of a time, she took it away to tease him and he shrieked, and just sort of looked at her.

I'm trying to picture a shrieking turtle, and it's hard to believe it could be anything other than epic.
I just got a used Ibanez SA, and it has a tremolo bridge, but no actual bar. I know I can buy a tremolo arm easily off of Warmoth or something, but do I have to worry about specifications? Would I need to worry about thread count or anything?
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Am I the only person who felt sad when Dobby died in Deathly Hallows?

I feel your pain.
I love how due to Harry's raging hormones, there were suddenly random people making out in a corner of every hallway in Hogwarts. They seemed to be there during every "walk down a hallway arguing with Ron and Hermione" scene.

Also, I would tap Helena Bonham Carter like a Van Halen solo.

EDIT: Dumbledore is a raging homosexual. This does not diminish his awesomeness, however.
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Wait, did you just call Stairway to Heaven a very obscure song?

I think he means that the lyrics are obscure. I mean, what in the crap is a "bustle in your hedgerow"?

As far as the actual thread, I'm gonna say Opeth just to hear Mikael sing it, like Lt. Shinysides said. Also, it'd be damn awesome to see what Hendrix would have done with it.
I raise you Socrates


Zeus' other naughty lover.
Whenever I get a haircut, I always think it's to short, end up growing it out too long, go and get it cut too short, and begin the cycle again. About an hour ago, I got a haircut, so the cycle has officially begun!