crash a party

that's what i'm considering doing right now, but that may just be because i'm at a hotel

i'm extremely nervous for the future but i feel comfortable with who i am now more than i ever have, which is kind of a relief. i just am worried i will mess up my life with this year of school and the next year because everything relies on it so much.

forget it i should be taoist
ahhhhh spirit week spirit week!

hello left.

oh, & left again!
journey to the center of the earth
call in the wild
color of water
joy luck club

however i thoroughly enjoyed:
and then there were none, sister of my heart, secret life of bees, to kill a mockingbird...

most other school books i just don't read.
when you say "allow" it makes it seem like they are less than you are. there's no way you could outlaw the reproduction of the severely retarded, and i presume it'd be hard for you to try and prevent it...
i don't know, it doesn't really seem like your business.
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Double Hawk.

"I'm Awkward"

get a job...?
oh god i'd be precious

left. hello!
did not expect to see myself here...
...................... :|
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Then why the hell are you trying to make it longer? Making it longer will not get you a better grade in this instance. Remember, it's quality not quantity.

it is quantity for this teacher though.
she doesn't read essays when she assigns them.
you can write about something totally unrelated and she'll give you full marks.

sorry to make you pissed off...? erm..
but i don't want to write a better paper.
THANK YOU, why didn't i think of this?

i'm wasting time with it because it gives you like an extra half a page if you do it right, and i reeeaaalllllyyyy want to go to bed :]
through word.
it's late and i can't remember what it's under.
edit, format, etc.

i'm writing a paper, right?

and for some reason i can't remember how to do the period trick. you know, where you can go into the settings and replace all the periods that are size 12 with size 14?

could someone just really fast tell me how?
break it out - the rocket summer
seven years - saosin
landing feet first - bayside
oxford comma - vampire weekend
karma police - radiohead
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Dunkaroos, unless they still make those.

THEY DO, my school sells them.. it's like being five all over again
are you going to hurt me?
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First rule of Fit Club is you do not talk about Fit Club
Second rule of Fit Club is you do not talk about Fit Club

that's what i thought too

then again could i have expected any other reaction..?
e.e. cummings
edgar allan poe
robert frost
the 14 year old handicapped sister bit gets me, too. she's handicapped, what the hell is wrong with you..? seriously. he has a wife, why can't he just have sex with her? if his sex drive is something that's that big of an issue... this makes me so angry.
i love demetri.
i like the joke segments way better than most of his sketches though.
i feel like they'd be much funnier if told as stories than actually played out..
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i love the scroll-over for it though
"and now i might never get to again..."
...mary had a little lamb
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Could be siblings.

They hung a medal around a statue, which was erected in his memory.

i was wondering how long it'd take...
5'5'' & a half

oh hi, i'm bashful
thin mints frozen > thin mints at room temperature
it's 12:30 and i'm still awake and can't find anything better to do than post in this thread, but i really am tired, but i think that's because of the MEDZZZ. everything looks better with a z on it. z is such a jazzy letter. SEE? JAZZY HAS 2 Z'S IN IT. oh my god i didn't even plan that! wow, i'm delirious. this can't be normal. maybe i should sleep. oh my god i think i'm going crazy.
i don't know how i found this thread. people may hate me for bumping it up again. i think i just wasted ten minutes of my life reading everyone's posts but i kind of liked seeing into everyone's mind. that sounded creepier than i initially intended. i want to make a new collage on my wall because i'm tired of this one. maybe i should have hung my jacket up. i should also type quieter but if i type quieter i'll have to type slower and then i won't get all my thoughts out and i'll be doing it wrong, and wow am i really stressing out over this...??! punctuation is strange. i wonder who invented question marks. i think in spanish it makes more sense because you know the question is coming whereas in english it's always a surprise at the end. unless you like surprises. okay this is annoying i think too much. i'll post this now. okay really i'm done bye.
the 5 second rule is your friend!
also be careful how you judge distance.

good luck
1.50 something..?
nope, i'm in high school.
something like 7 or 8 $ an hour.
i save it all, almost.