couple shots worth of cough syrup & a full glass of OJ is giving me mad dissociative flashbacks this is nutty
Heavy K use will **** you up. It's best to lay off it for a while, maybe find something else to keep your mind busy?
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Bizzle with a nizzle.

Shickle a pickle if ya know what I fizzle.
I'd kill for some ketamine right now.
Just threw together a weird 140 bpm tune this afternoon, would love some feedback. I think it's in 7/8.
yeah I really need to bring the sub lower so that it isn't eating up the head room.

mental I agree with you. people should not be concentrating on what they want to make, but rather what they have to make.
solo was pretty cool. I feel like the synth could be louder. the whole track feels like its lacking a bit of groove, its all cookie cutter. guitars sound absolutely brilliant though. I'd like to hear it once you've got vocals.

new bit I threw together:
LSD + snorkelling in mexico is one hell of a trip.
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I gave you some feedback in the DT. Check it.
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Try mixing the midrange bass lower a bit, it sticks out kinda harsh. Nice tune though, reminds me of this one .

edit: Compress the sub a bit and bring it up a tad in the mix too. The bass line will be smoother that way. Another trick is to duplicate the sub bass and pitch the second one up ~.25 of a note. Gives it some attitude.
Since our acquaintance was mumble, I rose up to speak but nothing was wiser than the elephant waiting with a most deadly bow and arrow (and everyone knows that Nevada Elephants are precise, with the bow and arrow). Hesitant, she rose but never minding the posture which was actually quite eloquent, the attention was diverted towards the tall mountains of metallic steel Los Angeles, though we were shot in the back from our crippling journey through blood and dust, the train arrived and left and kept going and turned around and left us all there wondering what had actually happened.
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disregard scholarly obligations,

construct percussive patterns.
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I'm trying MDMA for the first time pretty soon. What to expect?
drug noob here :/

Euphoria. Make a playlist with your favourite happy music. Bonus points if it's dance music.
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thanks mayne.

i need to get my stuff mastered by someone who knows what they're doing. all my songs are too quiet.

also got some super fire doses for a beautiful weekend, whenever one should arrive. very much looking forward to it now that the weather is turning around.

Send me a wav and I'll see what I can do, I've been reading up on mastering and self mastering my stuff. I can definitely make it louder. I'll mostly be learning / experimenting as I go along but if you like I can do some more.
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I don't smoke with younger people on the off chance they're dumb.

Chillin on this lemon trainwreck.

Some 145bpm skitchy bass vibes for ya.

dat beat. nice one.
zip zap doobidoo wap,

any of y'all who like dubstep might enjoy my mix:
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glitchity glitch glitch hop.

picked up summa dat green crack. shits so good.

everyone must listen to this.
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Now yours I'm not offering to do, just thinking that, like, someone should It would need a low-mid layer to the bass to make jtek work and that's not something I've ever been able to program.

lol, gotchya.
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I kind of want to remix the second one, buzz >_>

SHEdit: ^ I hope so, fukken sick and I usually hate that kind of music. Potential to make a pretty solid 140 jungle remix too...


cheers man, if you seriously want to remix it let me know and I'll send the stems over.
Final version of my tune sounds like this at the moment:

Good enough to make the cut?
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so are there any general rules for drinking and smoking weed together? would the alcohol ruin it? would it be different? does it matter at all?

Take it really easy your first times. Prepare to get sloshed if you smoke more than a little when you're drunk. On the other hand, a couple of beers and a joint make for a beautiful afternoon/evening.
shit niggas, last deal I got was 40 bucks for 9.5g of pretty good stuff.
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Right speaking of polishing tunes up I think I've got this down. Upped the low end and got a pad to fill out the top end but I'm using shitty speakers so I could be wrong. If it's all fine then I guess this is a submission.

The sub bass feels really weak
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This is what I made with the mids in mind:

Nice vibe to this one. Add some groovy percussions and it could turn into a solid track. Like Mental said, you're getting better.

Here's a new bit from me. nothing electronic in it other that a deep synth line, everything else is my acoustic guitar. I'd like some opinions on how the mix down sounds though. I'm aiming for a far out, big empty room sound.