I have an apogee one interface for sale. It's the older version with only one input.
The instrument input does not work however it seems to only be a problem with the breakout cable and shouldn't be too hard to fix if you know how.

I also have a Fender FM212R guitar amplifier for sale. Works perfectly.

Both for sale as I don't use them anymore.

Apogee One: $130 o.n.o
Fender FM212R: $240 o.n.o

Located in Byron Bay NSW
I'm just fooling around with logic using ultrabeat to create some drum beats.
I realise that ultrabeat sends straight to the output but I want to be able to add an oscillator or something to change the drum beat and then have the changes recorded as I move the faders. I'm not too handy with logic so there might be a simple solution.
Does anyone have any tips?
I'm searching for a new guitar costing between $1000 and $2000
i'll mainly be playing hardcore and metalcore. architects, stick to your guns, parkway drive, august burns red etc..
i want to be able to tune down to drop b, no floyd rose.

so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
thanks in advance
decided i'd post in here rather than clog the forums with new threads...
i'm looking for a new guitar. no floyd rose. i'll mainly be playing hardcore and metalcore. probably tuning down to b standard at the lowest. price range $1000-$2000.
Can anyone tab this song out? it would be much appreciated.
it pretty much depends on your natural voice. you'll be able to imitate some people but not all. it's like imitating the way people speak. i'm sure that not everyone can speak with every accent so yeah. your can try but you're pretty much stuck with what you have. make use of it
learn the guitar part till it's second nature then you can sing over it. that's what i do and it goes okay.
looking forward to hearing the new stuff once you record it.
the demo on your myspace is pretty decent.
looked at like 20 bands in this forum. first one that's actually sounded good, congratulations.
a series of notes that sound a certain way together. A scale is then named by how it is put together or the gaps between the notes. As all major scales are tone tone semitone tone tone tone semitone they belong together and there is no major scale outside that pattern as it doesn't sound like a major scale if it is.
16 year old guitarist in Orange NSW looking for a band to join. I've been playing for 3 years now. Mainly interested in hardcore etc (see signature) but again I am willing to play anything. Currently doing lessons once a week. PM me or catch me msn:
If you're going to be changing tunings a fair bit i do not recommend a floyd rose bridge. I made that mistake and have to leave it in standard or drop D most of the time as retuning it is a pain. That's all I really have to say other than good music taste
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I've got the same problem. Well had. I decided to uninstall it and now when I try to get it again it says I already have it and won't install it. Can anyone help?

Hollow Throne by Architects
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Supafunkyone :

On the topic of douchebags, I just had to google image the bands in your sig and mass lol's ensued.

You really are a queer aren't you.

On the topic of douchebags, someone who judges a persons sexuality on what the bands they listen to look like might be considered as a douchebag
Not AWESOME enough to

Ever dreamed of being a pest control worker disquised as an architect?
Don't anger the man mickmos. Didn't you hear him? I swear he used his angry voice.
I'm glad there's a full stop between metal and. metallica
Surprisingly nobody has
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Don't you just hate it when you think about blinking and then have to do it manually?

Yeah, you're welcome.

Bravo good lad! You most certainly win.
Australian dollars. Sorry, should of been specific.

EDIT: My parents are paying for it anyway.
I'm probably getting a LTD-MH100QM on wednesday. It's $900 new and I was just wondering if I should know anything about it or if anyone has had any experience with one.

From what I've read it's a really good guitar and I've played the one I'm buying and it's great.

Any advice or info would be great. Thanks!
Making my own thread anyway. But has anyone had an experience with the trem on a LTD MH-100QM?
I was wondering if anyone could tab out or just give me chords for 'Look Mum No Hands' by Strong Like Ox
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Terren Mill Is Under Attack - Dungeon Elite [**]
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just say it to yourself...


I tried and I couldn't... does that mean I'm gay?

I'm so agreeing with daffodil
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August Burns Red
This or the Apocalypse
Parkway Drive


Amen to that list!
I'm dissapointed in the lack of "why the **** is this in the pit?!2!!11!1!one@11!!!!" posts.
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I agree with this. I haven't used it too much but it's really great to find new bands and listen to the ones you like.
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Oh poor you, you'll be so sorry when all that culture comes to your town and you get to see the world just by going outside and walking around

Ill weep, I really will.

1. It's not about the culture they just want to sit inside and read.
2. Meh, You've got the right idea AND with a name like hippotato7 you have to be right.
3. Not taking the piss out of you I think hippotato is an awesome name I wish I was thinking when I made mine...
Excellent! We shall call it "Dragging weird kid in a boat around with a quadbike".
I only read the title... FIGHT THE MACHINE!!!! or something... yeah... school is important that was a bad thing to do?
I was away from school for two days and now my friend has stitches... So, Yes. Definately

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