Ok thanks, appreciate it.
So I haven't had the chance to play guitar in a while so I picked it up today and one of the strings broke. I know that the guitar necks are built to compensate for the string tension, so if a guitar has no strings on it the neck will become warped. Is it ok if my guitar goes a week or so without one string or will it damage the neck?
This is the wrong forum it should be in the Tab Talk forum

I was wondering if anyone listens to Anthem In. I have been listening to their album on repeat for the last couple days and its been awesome. Anyone else listen to them?

If you want to hear them go to their website ( ) and there is a listen column towards the top of the page.
This site is better then the site you posted:
Here is a thread from the Jazz & Blues forum that I book marked a while back and it has just song names but not the chords:

That should keep you busy for a while.
I combine all my pentatonic scale shapes to form a super monster scale. Good stuff.
There is something about the key of G that I like.
Its really not that bad that you cant read music unless you are planning on playing jazz or classical. Just dont use that as an excuse to not learn theory.
The piece was really moving and I agree alot with the points you make. It points out alot about society today and how the media focuses so much on beauty. These lines I especially enjoyed:

often opt instead to preserve themselves
with pills, because beauty is bolder than
a blaze of glory.

The only part that I do not understand is the two lines or so. If you could explain those that would be great as I cant seem to understand your analogy.

It a great little short piece and I really enjoyed it.

If you could crit my piece that would be great.
I could not seem to follow this piece but there was something magical about it that made me read it over and over again. I think it should stay the way it is as it is a very intriguing and unique.

Great stuff.
For a couple of minutes is a pretty solid piece. My favorite lines would have to be these:

Summer is all but lifeless...fading.
Wilting away, like the forgotten rose

This paints a great picture in my head and I think being more descriptive would really add to the piece. The only part that I can complain about is that you used the analogy of leaves turning grey twice but other then that I think its quite good.

If you have time please crit my piece here
You have some very clever rhythms but there is no real point to your rap. I was trying to get into a groove or trying to see where your story was going but it never clicked. As soon as I thought I was getting at what you were trying to say you completely changed subjects and there was no apparent overall theme.

I'm a god in my own mirror
So I guess I must be one

This line could have been really good but it was delivered wrong. "So I guess I must be one" is a really blunt way of putting it when most rap is amazing when rappers but amazing analogies and twists on ideas.

I believe you have alot of potential and could really do something amazing if you are willing to tell a story with clever rhythms.

I will c4c

This place is what most people would call home
but to me it is a place where evil roams
Here I don't get to see any man
and this is where the death of my dreams began

My dreams went through a process that was painful and slow
but must childhood dreams are already on death row
Put there by a man who breaks all hope
and enjoys watching your life walk a tightrope
He wants you to fall into depressions and sorrow
and he hopes you deliver your own fatal blow

Sadly my dreams died alone
A small part of me that went unknown
Now that a small part of me has died inside
I can't help but feel like I'm being denied
The right to dream big was torn away
Something that god made to keep evil at bay
but sadly god does not rule in a place where evil roams
a place that most people bless and call a home

This is the first time I have ever written lyrics so please have at it.

Thanks for any crits

Flow of soul
I know this is probably not the best place to post this but I dont know where else I should post it. I know some people on UG play piano so I maybe you guys can help me.

I've had an electric piano in my attic for seven years now but I have only recently had the urge to play it. What is the best way to go about learning to play the piano? I know the answer is probably lessons but I cant afford them and guitar lessons. Are there any books and websites that are good for complete beginners? I really only want to play jazz chord progressions and read music so that I can play guitar over the progressions.

Thanks for any help

Flow of soul
Ok Dave thanks. I didnt think something like that would be in the manual so I didnt bother checking
A way to be able to do both is learn the guitar part or vocals so that you can do them in your sleep. Then it starts to fall in place.
Read the rules before posting here again

I own a roland microcube and I run my guitar and electric piano through it so I can use the built in effects. Is the best way to record from it to buy an external mic or to buy a cable that runs from the microcube to my computer? Im new to recording so I have no clue.

Thanks for any help

Flow of soul
I've read alot about how analyzing songs can really help your comprehension of music and your songwriting. How do you go about doing this? Do you just find the key of the song and how the chord progression works in that key? Im kind of lost on how to do this but I would like to try it. If someone could explain how they analyze songs that would be good, also an example would be even better.


Flow of soul
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There's nothing wrong with making catchy music

When I said good I meant skillfully and musically impressive.
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Hmm... Sweet... go to my profile and look at my groups, im lookin for the same stuff you are, help with creating songs, learning all this stuff,, so i made a group like that... SOOOO if you can, Go take a look...Thanks

Stop promoting your group in all of the forums, its ****ing annoying!

As to the thread starter learn to apply your music theory in useful ways and experience is also a major factor.
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Really just ask your teacher what styles they play the most because they are usually the best at teaching those. Also make sure you know what you want to learn at lessons or at least have an idea.
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Or, you could just learn it by ear.

You will benefit more by learning it this way.
Do you know any music theory? If so I can point you in the direction of how to create your own progressions.

Look at the posts by Corwinoid especially as they explain alot of things.
I recommend you change the title, since its a blink song and there are no Christmas references at all.
I personally prefer guitar pro because I feel as though its alot simpler to use but TuxGuitar is good too. They are both alot easier to use then PowerTab.
For the strumming i bumped the tempo up to 170 and it sounds alot better (im using GP5 not powertab). As for the into it sound fine to me.

For future reference these kinds of threads probably belong in the Tab Talk forum

Edit: Oh also the first eighth note on the fourth bar has an 11 that does not belong.
Its probably not worth selling as an educated buyer will probably give you close to nothing. I think it sounds like a good present for a family member or something of that nature.
Its pretty easy if you know the notes on the fretboard. Just remember that E very G ood B oy D oes F ine. Each bolded letter represents a line on the staff in the treble clef.

F  ----------
D  ----------
B  ----------
G  ----------
E  ----------
There is a really useful free video tutorial course for beginners. I think its as good a starting point as any.
Hey congrats on learning songs by ear. Its a very valuable skill and is really going to pay off. You should definitely write it down since it makes analyzing songs alot easier. If you can write it down in musical notation that is better then tab since you have to write out a sense of length for each note but tab is fine too.
Sunburst is yummy
Im starting to transcribe blues licks (its frustrating but rewarding work) and I'm debating whether I should write them down or not. I was wondering what everybody on UG did and to get some opinions on whether I should write them down or not.


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I use my Fender MiM Standard Stratocaster
What genre of music are you interested in?
Ok I think you should either get a new guitar or a new amp, if you can afford both this is what you should get on a low budget. DO NOT GET A STARTER PACK UNLESS IT IS COMPLETELY NECESSARY!

Guitar: Either a Squier Bullet or a Squier Stratocaster

Amp: Roland Microcube, hands down best low budget amp.

Oh and another thing please dont complain about your gear being bad. You are lucky that you can afford to play guitar, just be thankful.