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why link us to a thread on the first page?

i procclaim THIS thread EPIC FAIL

I agree with all who agree that this thread is a bigger fail than the so posted link.
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I really never recommend attenuators, when it comes to bringing tube amps to conversational levels of volume.
They aren't meant to attenuate it that much, without seriously altering the tone. No matter how good an attenuator is, when you attenuate it that much, it does change the tone.

You should always expect to have your tube amp running at shouting levels of volume, to get it to sound pretty good.

Well if this is true, then it's kind of a bummer. The ultimate attenuator claims to keep 100% of the tone even if the amp is running at a whisper.
My Krank Rev Jr is too loud for my house. I ordered a weber 50w minimass a couple of days ago hoping I would be able to crank the volume to get full tube saturation and better tone at extremely low volumes ou of my Rev Jr, since, with the volume barely on (.5) it sounds totally solid state. Here is the the attenuator I bought

Will this allow me to sound like this at 0:50 in ?
Does anyone know if this attenuator will help me get bad ass sound out of my amp at super low volumes?
I'm worried that my 50w minimass is not high enough wattage for my 25w Krank Rev Jr. Please tell me that it is, I only plan on putting the volume of the amp up in the 4-6 range.
What in gods name are you guys talking about?
I just bought the 50w mini mass for $100, it is on the way. I can't imagine paying $450 for the ultimate attenuator, but I hear that there is no tone loss at all.
Here is the one I bought

you're probably going to need this one

Is you're amp tube?
Hey slinkyblue, I just ordered one of the ted weber attenuators yesterday for my krank rev jr since it is so loud that I can't play it inside. Do you want me to PM you when it gets here to let you know if it works any good or not? It cost me about $110 to have it shipped.
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slipknot has tone?

but just run a few distortion pedals.

I think this says it all.
This amp is 25w. Not 15w. Not 20w.

Here at home with the gain cranked, the boost on, the active FX on and cranked, I can't even turn up the volume even close to 1! Hardly even .5!
Ya I just spent $110 to have the ted weber 50w mini mass sent to me.
Can anybody guess the settings this guy has on his amp?
I recently bought a Krank Rev Jr and am not able to get the right tone out of it since I can't turn it up past .5 in my home.

If I could turn up the volume in my home, where exactly would I need to set all of the knobs to get it to sound like this starting at 0:44 into the video

Master Volume:
Boost on or off:
Active FX on or off and how much:

I also Just bought this

I talked to the guys at the UG forum and they reccommended this attenuator saying that I will be able to crank the volume on the head but still control the output to the speaker, So I will be able to reach the right amount of tube saturation and be able to play at a lower volume.
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I am, I don't know about CJ though. Have you ever played with a drummer?

No, I've never played with a drummer but I'm sure the Rev Jr halfstack would have no problem playing with the loudest of drummers.
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It's loud enough to get you arrested, but not loud enough to compete with a drummer imo. Tried it for grins, and it just doesn't have the cut. And I tried a mid heavy setup with a tubescreamer, vintage speakers, and a JB loaded Jackson. Part of the reason I got my 60 watt Crate VC6

Are you guys talking about the Krank Rev Jr? I have one and I can't even turn it up past .5 in my house. Man I wish I could at least get it up in the 4-6 range....
Wouldn't a 5w amp with monster distortion be a big seller since it's small enough for all the kids at home to use?
How come I've heard people say that 5w amps won't work for metal?
Alright I just bought the 50w Mini Mass Attenuator! Man I hope this thing makes my Krank Rev Jr playable!
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50w minimass is probably your best bet, when turned up amps actually put out more than the stated wattage, so your amp will output more than 25w which might blow up the 25w attenuator.

So the 50watt minimass will solve all my problems with not being able to get the right tone out of my Krank Rev Jr? I have the active FX in the back pushed in and cranked, I have the gain kranked, the sweep at about 4-5, the bass at about 4, and the mids and treb at about 9 and I can't turn the volume up past .5!!!!
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Definitely. Get a 30w Weber Minimass.

Is that an attenuator?
I recently bought the krank rev junior knowing absolutely nothing about tube amps. I can't put the volume up past .5 in my house and cannot get good tone out of it. I was looking at the blackheart killer ant mentioned here and was wondering how extreme the distortion could get. I'm not sure if the youtube videos I've watched show it's full potential, but it's starting to sound like a 1watt amp is the way to go for playing in my home.
Man I like my Krank Rev Jr, but I can't get the tone I want because the f'in thing is SO LOUD! I can't even turn the thing up past 1. If I could turn the volume up past 1 how would I get it to sound like this ?
Nah. I tried but it wouldn't fit.

Damn I thought I might get "turned on"
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Well, I don't see what else it could do. There's only the amp and the headphones involved.

I could put my weiner in one of the tubes, what would happen then?
LOL I wouldn't even start to put these headphones into this amp and turn it on without at least 4 people saying it would be fine. Thanks.
So all it will do is damage the amp and destroy the headphones?
well i guess 2500 MW is too much for 200 MW headphones.....
So.....anybody see The Dark Knight?
How do Valvekings compare to the krank rev jr?
what is "no color"?

Can you post a link to the attenutator you are talking about?
there isn't any headphone jack with it's own volume so I can crank the volume on the amp but still keep the loudness reasonable through the headphones?
Is their any kind of adapter so I can use the headphones with this amp?