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you guys ready from mothafukin Legend of Grimrock?
its back to tile based movement, punishing gameplay, and no fancy, shmancy gimmicks like FF or whatever you guys call "rpgs" nowadays.

Naw, I've already got Neverwinter Nights
Anybody remember this?

Apparently they've released a combat prototype demo, and have videos up on a youtube channel. Gonna be soooo gooood when it's done.
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The best thing about the mako was getting out and taking cover behind it until it blew up. It was horrid, that damned thing...

Jeez, with all the hate here, you'd think the Mako ran over everybody's family and family's pets.

I am gonna be so embarrassed if that is true
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I hated the mako, mainly because the responsiveness on the turning on that thing was non-existent. It was easier to do a 3/4 circle right than try to turn left.

Well you are on low-G planets a lot of the time >_>
Yup. Partly because it reminds me of the halo 1 warthog and partly because space is cool and driving up space mountains is really cool.
Mostly agree, although I almost prefer ME1's gameplay. ME2 feels more like it takes place in a box, rather than a galaxy. Even your ship is just 4 boxes of different size. Maybe I'm crazy though, because I miss the mako.
So playing through the first two Mass Effect games one after another is making me realize how infinitely better ME1 is. Every "Mission Complete" screen is so painful.
It'll be worth it once I get to 3 though. Was watching my GF play through it on her PS3 and it looks like a sweet delicious balance between the two. Also hello again everybody.
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Yeaaahhh just give the Terran more armoured infantry, that won't screw up my build at all.

They had better give Zerg some more early air counters to make up for it.

Is it bad that I love watching Starcraft streams and casts and stuff, but hardly play the game myself?
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I got paid today and it took all my will not to go into the Gamestop across the street from my job and buy it.

Resistance is futile.
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Does anyone else feel like Dark Souls is less difficult and more unfair? In Demon's Souls, you were always in control, always responsible for your deaths. In Dark Souls, it's bosses that hold you against walls until you die, enemies spawning behind the camera for one hit kills, monsters which ignore your blocks to kill you regardless, enemies suddenly gaining 400-600 HP when they're about to die, and instant kill, unavoidable, no warning traps.

Also, Namco screwed the pooch on the collector's editions. No one can download their bonuses; apparently every single download code issued is invalid.

I don't think it's more unfair, no. I haven't come up against a boss that holds me up against walls, so I can't really speak to that.

Most spawns are set, and the encounters you're talking about are probably designed like that to catch you off guard. Luckily all of the enemies in the game walk like they're mad at the ground, so unless you have the sound down, I don't see how that'd be a huge problem.

All of this stuff happened in Demon's Souls too. I feel like it's just hindsight saying it was more fair, since you already know all the Demon's Souls levels like the back of your hand.

My $0.02

and I preordered the CE, but the store I picked it up at said they didn't get any.
Oh god guys. Dark Souls... It may be too good. I don't think I'll be coming in to work for the next few months
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Eczma=worse than pain.

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I might get one for TotA, but it won't be for a year or two at least, and it won't be the only reason I get one. It'll have to have other good games too.

Like a full 3D Pokemon RPG

Why the fuck haven't they made it happen yet?

Question of the year.

Also, anyone here gonna try out DotA 2? From what I've heard/seen, I may be sticking to LoL for all of my MOBA needs. Sounds like it's a ctrl c + ctrl v of the original dota. Whee game reboots without any significant changes.

Casters not scaling into lategame wooyeah.
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Wait. What game is that?

Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis/mega drive
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They were boring people.

Me and the chick were creating back stories for our characters and everyone else was just telling us that that's not how it's done.

Wait what.
D&D with no story is just dice rolling with grade school math.
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DnD is a social game, only boring if those who are playing are boring.

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everyone would be dead because you cant escape raptors ever.

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Damn straight. Dinosaurs are extremely unrepresented in games today. So much potential too

Man... I used to be so shit at that game.
Got to maybe the third level and always died and was disappoint and went back to beating aladdin all day.
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I played with you twice. >__>

Also, the list so far for the GT DnD game:

Anyone else want to join?

I kinda do. Played a total of 2 games of D&D now, but they were both good fun. Of course there was plenty of alcohol involved those times which I am sorely lacking at the moment

I'm curious, though. How are gonna do the maps and such so that everyone can see it?
Make mead instead.
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While I'm back in the gaming thread for the first time in a couple of it really pathetic that I can't get past the second level of Demon's Souls?

You could get a piercing weapon and try your hand at 2-1 if you're absolutely stuck. I remember dying a lot at spot you said you were stuck on too. Don't give up!
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God I love the awesome moments in DE:HR.
*fucking batman as shit*

Shit like that is what's quickly making DE:HR one of my favorite games.
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Just read a bit about it. Not very excited.

Xenoblade Chronicles got 4/5 in Sweden's biggest newspaper. Some complaints of dialogue and voice acting, massive praise to the gameplay.

Your newspaper has game reviews!?
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I've heard it is tough. Everyone here who has played it loves it tho.

I should go borrow it from the local library.

and your libraries lend games!?
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...I feel old.

My PC has a Pentium D in it.

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its my 3rd night in a row of not being able to sleep and im not all that tired still

what play

while im not tired i seem to have lost all ability to make decisions
i seriously just cant

Demon's Souls on no sleep is always fun times.
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Man, I hope they release next gen consoles soon. I feel like all the "new" games coming out for the xbox 360 are boring slightly altered remakes meanwhile I see all these new awesome games coming out for pc, and my pc simply can't handle them.

Fuck that. Say they release a new game console. What then? They can add more gruffness to the face of bland soldier #42 in CoD18: CONFLICT IN A MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRY.

Hardware doesn't limit the amount of creativity that can be put into a game. Time, money, and demand does.
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The sad part is I never knew how to open that safe until I watched this video. I was tearing the room apart, but never found the switch


sum DE:HR first mission spoilars in dis.
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I got the speech aug.

What the holy hell it is insanely deep.

Seriously. I thought it'd be like "oh here's an extra dialogue option that lets you insta-win the conversation".

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Just had an epic batman moment in DEHR. Bad guys shooting at me from below, icarus'd down on top of them and knocked them out, leaving two guys remaining, who run up in such a way that it perfectly sets up for a double takedown.

Damn near stood up and cheered

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You're doing it wrong. I used a silenced sniper rifle and massacred everyone in every misson...stealthily.

You can silence the sniper rifle? Maaaan I am behind the times.
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everyone i know is telling me they got selected for that beta

slave simulator

thats all

I googled it and ended up at a porn game. :|
You can't hide in the shadows in AC because you're wearing a ridiculous white capething.

Everyone knows that to be completely hidden in darkness, you need to have 3 green glowing lights on your face.
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i think if there was better map design it would do a lot more, RB6 vegas had amazing maps, in CoD there were only a few ways from point a to point b, and you could usually cover most of them from one spot (the house on estate, you can see all the possible routes up to the house and you cant really see people who are inside, on afghan you can cover all routes with 3 people.)

Played the shit out of vegas and vegas 2. Tried to come back to them after a year or so and it was not the same though
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Deathstreaks are one of the reasons MW2 sucked as bad as it did.
Why should you be rewarded for being a shitty player?

Deathstreaks were useless.
Making them somewhat useful would've helped to counter the ridiculous OP killstreaks.
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But, names without caps at the start suck.

which is why I hate my PSN/ug name.


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Interesting article:

Should you be allowed to kill children in video games?

Sure, why not?
In Fallout you could shoot a guy with a .50 cal sniper rifle and have his whole body explode into little tiny chunks. After allowing that, they're gonna take the moral high-ground and not let you hurt the childrens? Even when the kids have guns? wut.
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Thank you so much for showing me this.
MAAAAAN phlip. Putting your spoilers like that makes it impossible to tell that they are spoilers as you're scrolling up the page
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No gaming news from me today...
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Awesome man! Now you just have to make it look like this:

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Turns out there's more dancing in AC2 than just Walking the Dinosaur.

Also you can bang people.

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What the shit
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much better
especially the part beginning at 2:28

am I watching

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I just can't see how it could possibly be made into a 'good' multiplayer game, the combat isn't fluid enough for it.

But making it squad-based and no respawn with rounds would introduce a little more strategy and make it less pure combat based.
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It's dull and boring at not many customers. Been here five hours, feels like a week. Four to go.

At last Arc.

I know the feeling =/

I work at the slowest of places ever. Sucks hard sometimes. Other times I'm glad for the break.
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Clearly you should have kept your pants up.

Oh, you must've misunderstood. I never have pants on, therefore he caught me without pants. He caught me.
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Maybe duck tape your weiner to your leg so there isn't any unwanted slapping sounds.

In my case it's more of unwanted earth-shaking shockwaves.

Wiener augs.
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i cant wait for mass effect 3 multiplayer its gonna be SO AWOEOSME ^____________^

>Adept horribly OP
>Everyone still picks soldier because they want all da kilz instead of being useful.

Any info on it? It'd be cool if it was a no-respawn 4v4 squad combat thing instead of TDM CoD style.
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First day of new job today. I hate it.

Sorry to hear that mayne
So I'm playing Deus Ex and there's a camera watching over an area where a guard's patrolling. I sit there silently behind a box for upwards of 2 minutes, hampered by the overlapping pattern of the guard and the camera. All of a sudden, I see my window. The camera is starting to look away and the guard is retreating. I make my move and take out my stun gun; my aim is to stun the guard and drag him out of the camera's view so that I can continue on.

All of a sudden...

The guard, still walking away, leisurely turns around mid path, catching me with my pants down. In a last-ditch effort, I fire my stun gun in the hopes that I can still get the smooth operator bonus. I'm out of range.

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I know, but creelers has this thing with breaking kneecaps, being North Irish and all.
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You yellow bastard.

I'll bite your kneecaps off
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Can you do it with no hands?

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Bet you can't do it with no weapons.

Bet you I can.
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And finish that Demon's Souls NG++ playthrough.

Kidding, you're still stuck on flamelurker on your first playthrough.


Man you don't even KNOW. Beat him on my first try on pure black world tendency last runthrough.