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The cab wattage just tells you about the power handling of the cabinet. It doesn't tell how loud the cabinet is (if you want to know that, look at the speaker sensitivity). You shouldn't overpower a cabinet but I don't think underpowering it does any harm. Just make sure you match the ohms.

Also, the site says "Designed to match the HT METAL 5 guitar amps" so it should work perfectly with the amp.

Too much headroom on some speakers sound a little sterile, but YMMV on that. Again, test the setup before you buy it.
It sounds like you need the MI Audio Megalith Delta or the ISP Technologies Theta pre-amp pedal.
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Things are really taking shape.

The guy from the music store called earlier today. He said that my Epi LP should be here early next week....but.....the guitar that my son wanted isn't showing available from Fender until sometime in January.......BUT.....he'd upgrade us to a better no price difference...that is showing available, Squier Standard Strat HSS for no extra cost. He's going to get us the black and chrome HSS model. My son is gonna freak on this. He saw one on youtube and commented on it. Personally, I'd rather tone down the pick guard but I did really like the knurled chrome volume & tone knobs and the black headstock. I know it's still a starter rig, but it looks cool.

I'm really glad my buddies directed me to this shop. We are going to get our lessons there, too. The place is really going the extra mile with pricing, set-up and lesson packages to get us up and running and keep us as customers for the long haul, too.

Both amps came in. They are stashed away, outa sight, but not outa mind. There is no way I can wait until Christmas to get rolling with this gear. I'm going to be wanting to make some noise while he's in school next week.

I'm going with a pair of Planet Waves American Stage cords, a pair of power outlets that are recommended for amps, straps, some Gator Slinger gig bags and assortment of Dunlop pics and some other gear.

One of the amps has a tuner feature, so I didn't buy an additional tuner. I may need to rethink that. I can see where it'd be nice to have one in your bag.

In case you can't tell......I'm really amped up about this. We are going to have a blast.

There are some pretty good ones like the Turbo Tuner, TC Electronics PolyTune.

Personally, one of those clip on tuners that go on to your headstock are plenty good enough.
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Good point - and the advent of tablet computers means you could even run it on your music stand. Moving tabs are pretty cool. Paper music is just so passé.
I don't use a music stand on stage though. It's my job to learn the songs imo. but for working songs out, tabs rock. Well, they do after you weed your way through all the wrong ones.
I'm tempted to launch into a Pythonesque rant about how much easier things are now.

"We used to live in a hole in ground", etc.

Well they are neat... the best things since the wheel.

Actually I only use moving tabs for practice and as a play along. The problem is:

1. Unless you actually know the song and know what is next, the chances of someone who reads tabs and can sight read to play is extremely unlikely
2. I always find it easier to figure out what basic chords are in use, the progression and the groove. Playing

Tabs with staff are all fine and dandy, but when it comes to playing a song, nothing beats knowing the song and playing along. Afterall that's what it means to play in a bad right? Otherwise its just a group of people, each just doing their own thing.
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I'm looking at other 1980s/1990s power amp heads, as well.
Lee Jackson and Peavey are top of the list.
Not dying for BK Butler/Tube Works ~ just did not know
if they offered a "tube" amp head. Apparently not.
Take care.

Honestly as far as I can tell Butler is more commonly associated with their stompboxes rather than their amps.

Something more interesting sounding would probably be something from Ampeg, Sovtek or even an Evil Robot might be something different from most of the amps that get mad props on UG.
Ok, much as I have issues with Toppscore's obsessive gear-sniffing, I really have to ask.

You already have a number of Butler's rack mounts. What's so special about a certain design specification of this company that you're almost willing to sell your left nut for?

If your rig is as comprehensive as you say so, why not explore another make? It makes for more variety.

I've heard people selling their first-borns for a Dumble, but never a Butler.
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i don't think (but don't know but assume) kitty was just more pointing it out and may have not knowing the price, or just saying "look here not hard to find"

Thanks trashed, yeah I don't know the prices, it really was parroting off what Amazon had listed.

In any case, from my experience, if you're looking for a hard to find amp, or are looking for a discontinued amp, I'd be prepared to pay more rather than less. Otherwise one might not get the amp that one is gassing for.

Either way, that amp definitely isn't out of stock. It took me all of 20 seconds to google for the amp. That was what puzzled me. Rather than spend some time searching for it, the TS chose to spend time posting a "what other alternative..." post.
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The problem with tabs is that they don't show timing. The best way is when they show both traditional staves with the tabs lined up underneath. That way you get everything you need.

Guitar pro does.
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Thank you a ton. I appreciate your comments and insight.

This forum is going to be very, very helpful. I wish I'd have known about it sooner....before plunking down any $$$.

I'll certainly look into Fretboard logic.

I've got a couple pards to play with and so does my son.....we just want to get up and running a bit before we drive them nuts with our beginner's issues. One of my buddies has a few easier songs suggested that I learn the basics for. He wants to get together and he'll do the leads. Sounds like fun.

I wouldn't say that you'd drive them crazy, but if they're serious about integrating you, they'd set you up with some basic songs and some riffs, nothing too hard.

What is more important is for you and your kid to remain engaged and to continually improve. A supportive band that keeps you wanting to better yourself can do wonders to your standard and speed of improvement.
Your friends suck, man!

Introducing you to the horrors and hedonistic lifestyle of guitar Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Those aren't friends. Those are tone dealers, looking for their next junkie. It sounds like you feel for it hard.

Next thing you know, you'll be meeting them in the dark, alleyways for your next tone fix, or meeting them at the sleazy local GuitarCentre.

Don't let your wife catch you looking up guitar porn on, you'll be sleeping on the couch for days.

Next thing you know, you'll be selling tones for your next fix. "Hey man, I have some chunky rhythms for $19. Finger an E minor? Sure, that'll be $5 a peep, you perv."

Shame on you for bringing your firstborn into this sleazy world with you. Shame.

On a serious note, I think you could have done better with the guitar and the amp.

THAT SAID, you definitely could have done considerably, significantly and horribly worse with your choice in gear.

I wouldn't have picked up 2 Mustangs. Maybe a Vox Valvetronix or a Peavy Vypyr would have added some variety. Similarly, I might have picked up something like an LTD for the EP and a Yamaha Pacifica for the strat.

However, for a starter that bought those gear, I think you definitely made a good start. Maybe not ZEE BEST, but definitely a very smart choice.

Just some advice.

1. When first starting out, resist launching straight into a song at your first attempt. Learn the chords and the fretboard, and commit it to memory. Yeah it might be a little dull, but those are the foundations, without them, you'll stall at the later points when what you want to do is rock out.

2. Pick up Fretboard Logic... that teaches the CAGED system and if you can plough though the majority of it, you'll be well equipped to learn 60% of most songs on the market.

3. While practice is good. Commit some time to basic things like warm ups, finger exercises each time before you start.

4. Set aside at least 5 ~ 7 hours of serious practice each week. Commit to it consistently and regularly.

5. Don't sweat the technical aspects of guitaring. There's no need to focus on picking up all the technical aspects of playing until you encounter them in songs.

6. Get a metronome or a drum machine. A drum machine is more interesting as you can program it to get rhythm beats to play along to. I usually fall asleep when a metronome is going on.

7. Once you get chords and some basic songs going, try to find friends to practice with you. A band progresses significantly faster than individual playing alone.

Just some tips I had to learn the hard way when I started.

As a side note, you rock man, encouraging and learning with your kid? That's awesome.
This thread puzzles me tremendously.

Marshall amp? Check.
Slash signature? Check.
Buy online? Check.
Brand new? Check.
On discount? Check.
Free shipping? Check.

Am I missing something here?
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[my opinion] With a guitar that cheap it's not worth buying new pickups. They might cost you twice that much as the guitar and you still might not get the resuts you hope for. Buy a new guitar instead. [/my opinion]

I disagree. If the OP has a reasonably decent amp and likes the feel of his Squire, a PU upgrade isn't a bad temp upgrade.

If he keeps the old pickups, the new pickups can used for another guitar. A PU upgrade isn't an permanent change.

First off, OP, what amp and do you not like about your Squire's sound?
If you're not going to be gigging with this amp, I'd suggest you look at the Yamaha THR10 and THR10C. They get solid reviews.
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That's physically impossible. The only thing that can do that is a hex-pickup that allows you to do that. I have a Variax that can do that since it has a hex PU.

You really shouldn't look for that though, and stick to what was recommended. Better your playing technique so you don't strike those strings.

If you don't want them that badly, then take them off.

Max Cavalera style.

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It's not going to sound like a bass or fill the same space, unless maybe you strung really thick strings and played through a bass amp... but at that point, you should probably just get a bass.


You wouldn't have the dynamics... it'd sound just like what it is... a guitar with booming bass funk. Depending on what you're intending to achieve, it could very well do what you want it to do.

However, I wouldn't fire the bassist just yet.
Really? You need another amp? Another Mesa.

As a gen-u-wine connoisseur, I hafta tell ya, that your amp collection is too much.

Here's my adress, send me ya Recto.

It really depends on what you like. Your best bet, if you have a friend that has a BKP or know a place that has a BKP equipped guitar, would be to test it.

I find that they have a more "open" sound. However that is a very subjective evaluation, and can differ from person to person. The way I would look at it is for you to buy either a neck or a bridge to try. Then if you really like it, you can order the other piece. That way you don't lose all that much if you dislike the sound.

Personally, I like the sound they give. However, this is running through a pretty high end rig, and after testing over 20 different pickups. I've shared some BKPs with friends, and they love it, BUT only after I told them what to listen out for. Before that, they could tell there was some difference, but couldn't pin it why or what was different.

From what I gather, all the people I've shared BKPs with love the sound, but don't think BKPs are worth the price.

That said, if you're really chasing a sound, what's a few more greenbacks?

Another point, BKP's high gain HB really sound nice, but their singles, P90s and low gain HB don't seem to get much love.

Hope that helps you.
Do you have a recording? The concept of "weird, "dead" sound, almost like a loss of volume" can be very subjective, and what you're experiencing could be as simple as dead notes?
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look for a mesa mkiv combo. i paid $875 for a head, i commonly see the combos on craigs list under a grand. very versatile. built like a rock. you really can't go wrong.

blackstar's even the HT-100 are kind of just medoicre. thats just me though. i think you could find something better. and yes i have played them a bit and looked at at from a neutral standpoint.

If you can get a Mesa for that price, I don't see why'd you'd want a BlackStar. A Mark series can do cleans to high gain extremely well.
Have you done a search to see how much the triple rec goes for in your area... and how frequently are they traded?
Why not consider the Xotic SP Compressor?
What the incentive for answering?
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the white one too, which sounds better. or at least looks better, which is more important

In my opinion, they should have made one in red. Everyone knows that a red amp make you play 10 times faster!

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it costs more to call a lawyer than it would to replace the spider.

Actually greg, he'd obtain more utility from breaking the spider than he would suing 311.
Hot giddity! That looks epics! HNGD!
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HH, double cutaway, and comes in 22 and 24 fret flavours. 25" scale though, but the neck on the ones I've tried are fairly wide and thin.


After reading your description, the PRS Custom 22 was the guitar that immediately jumped to mind!
Soooooo exactly what do you want to know? The effects are by and large the same, what has changed though is the quality of the amp modeling and the level of detail of the models.
You know what would be a neat way to go? Actual designs and textures on the pickups? Like battle-worn, burnt chrome or Tyger designs that Bare Knuckles offers?

I have a pair of Bare Knuckles that was customised with a "scar" effect on the pickup cover to look as though the strings from the guitar had ripped out of the saddles and whipped the pickup covers. If you could create actual textured effects on the pickups, that would be great, after all with laser cutting and processing capabilities these days, this should be a piece of cake.
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I'm afraid those 2 wont mix well.
I think you'd have to look at something more expensive than that to achieve sparkly and rich cleans.

I wont leave a suggestion for an amp, as I am not really too familiar with the type of amps you'd be looking for...but I am sure the budget needs to come up significantly.


If she has spent so much on the guitars, I'm wondering why're you asking for an el cheapo amp. Granted that technique will influence your tone, but getting an amp that doesn't match up to the full potential of your gear is negating your original objective (which was to maximise the potential of gear she already owns).

If she has such nice guitars, and insists on trying the amp, why are you looking for amps which will impede the full potential of the guitar. If she has so many nice guitars, I think you should be looking in the range of Two-Rocks or Dr Zs.
The problem with this post is that we don't know what are you trying to decide between the two guitars? Sound? Features? User longevity? Playability?

In the context of sound, playability and aesthetics, that is obviously something that only you can decide when you test and play the guitar.

For everything else, how do you plan to use this guitar?
+1 to OffWorld's comment.

Unfortunately, you're gonna have to face up to the fact that while RM1,000 is a fair bit of money in Malaysia (given that the starting pay of a fresh grad borders approx RM2,000 ~ RM2,300 in KL), it really means very little in the world of guitar gear.

I'm sure that this is severely compounded by the fact that jerks like Bentley practically having close to 100% mark-ups on amps in KL, in addition to completely making customers absorb the cost of shipping.

If you want a good sounding tube amp, RM1,000 won't bring you far, even if you pick it up from Ceriatone.... You're gonna need up up RM2,600 to get you even into the ball-park of what you're looking for.

Honestly, I'm not sure about C&M, but I would never support Bentley, you're asking to be ripped off. if you pick up your amp from them.

Pick up the Vypyr 30 if you have to, the Vypyr 15 has fewer models and can't do a firmware flash if I recall correctly. Get the VT40... I've seen people gig with those... and while it isn't a major star cutting through the mix, it does handle itself pretty well.
Where exactly are you in Malaysia? If you're in JB-ish areas, I'd recommend going into Singapore, however, be aware if you bring the amp back to Malaysia and declare the full value, you'll be hit with the 30% tax as amps aren't tax-exempt. Although guitars are tax-exempt.

You also have to consider that the customs officers have the right to impound your amp until you get one of them permits to allow you to import electronics of a certain class (I'm not too sure about the exact details of the permit though).

Given that you've listed C&M as an accessible store, I'm betting you're in Johor correct?

On the matter of your budget, even at RM1,000, you'll net S$440 approx, which really limits your selection of amps. The best you'll be looking at is the Peavey Vypyr 30 if I recall the prices correctly.

If going into Singapore floats your boat, you can consider going to Swee Lee's at Bras Basah Complex, they stock a nice range of amps, including the Vypyr. However, Swee Lee's markup can be quite absurd for some products.

If you can pull even more money, you can consider going to Ebenex, they focus on higher end guitar gear, boutique stuff and brands not regularly stocked by the other guitar stores. However, they received a huge influx of mid-range and lower-mid-range gear about 2 months back, so they have a decent number of low price products too. The owner, David, might also help you bring the amp into Malaysia if you spend enough.

For me, a very good value store is Davis, as their prices are sometimes very competitive and can work out cheaper than online prices. They also carry Jet City amps... but I can't quite recall what the price was like.

Alternatively, I know there are several guys in looking to offload amps. While the second hand market in Singapore and JB are pretty crappy, I'm guessing every little bit will help. In fact, some of these guys are actually in JB... I think there was a Krank Rev Jr Pro 20 in JB going up for sale. Not sure of the prices... and I'm not sure how well it'll suit your needs.

If you're fixed on getting a Vox amp, you can also go to City Music in Selegie Road.
Conquered GAS? I call horseshit on that! If you have achieved that... then

1. Write book
2. Sell out
3. ????
4. Profits!

HNAD man... I've always wanted a SE or a Powerball 2 at some point.
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Only in Texas I think.

We gunna have us a good old Texas burial.
I have one pedal that is exactly what you're describing, also it allows for you to select to have the boost either before or after the OD.

The only thing is that the pedal isn't exactly mass market.
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Came here for pictures of an amp that went kaboom-ey and a sorry soul looking for advice on a new amp that won't blow up

+ 311

I came expecting pictures, stories and a cease and desist order for Bugera.

Quote by Arby911
it's just that Bugera is the 'flavor of the month' to pick on and some of their employees have made incredibly stupid statements here and elsewhere that fueled the hate.

Flavour of the month? No more like a brand trait. From my experience with products, any product that enters a market faulty from the get-go will basically never shed the bad reputation that eventually results. In 10 years time, Bugera can be making amps that are built like fortress and never break down, but people will always have that "Bugeras are unreliable" impression.
What does the 800 buckeroos cover? Just the pedal or the amp AND pedal?
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My best advice is to save up a little and get yourself something from the Jet City JCA Series. You'll be glad you did!

Those are pretty good amps... the Black Star HT series are quite good for the money as well. Yes yes, before someone starts the whole shit, they are hybrid amps (solid state + tube circuits).
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Wow. I didn't realize Krank had closed. That's sad, great amps that were super underrated because of some bad PR they got years ago. At least Tony Krank is still making amps under the name Stiff Amplification, but sad to see another company go to the bad economy.

In so far as I am aware from Tony's letter to Krank owners, it's not that Krank was majorly affected by the economy, rather that the company was basically run into the ground by nut job white goods manufacturers that didn't have the first clue about the guitar amplification market.