I wish I had an Irish accent, the girls down here love them.

I'm full blood Irish, but seeing as we moved to Australia when I was 2 months old, I kinda grew up with the Aussie accent.

Ireland and Australia ftw, we should have beers sometime.
Call of Ktulu - Metallica
One - Metallica
Fade To Black - Metallica
Say Goodnight - Bullet For My Valentine
Cemetery Gates - Pantera
Horizons - Parkway Drive (I guess)
The End - Roadrunner United
I Never Wanted - Saosin

I wouldn't say Saosin is all that heavy, but the two bands you've listed are fair mainstream so I gave you a pretty mainstream list as well.

Top pick for a guitarist is Cemetery Gates, Dime's whammy squeals on the outro are genius.
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My first time hasn't come yet.. but when I does, I'm gonna die of stage fright

Down From The Sky - Trivium.

Then some fat ***** ran into the back of me, was fuming.
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There's not that many chick drummers, but I think Hayley Williams, drummer for Metallica, is pretty hot I guess

You just broke my lolstack virginity.
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I'll try this for shits and giggles.

Lets see far I can go.

Mark me down dewd.

Dammit, I saw your avatar.
Awesome thread is awesome.

Also, happy new year, ya packa fooks, it's 11am in the morning on 1st Jan here- epic hangover is epic.
Finished on the 16th of November.

I am now going to proceed with my life's ambition...

And become a Pokemon Trainer.
Vice City had Anthrax. Win.
New favourite thread. Reserved.
waterskiing, **** yeah.
0.22, 0.05

I hate you Telstra.
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Hello there chaps, it's been a while. How are you all doing?

. . .

I say! Lord Badpun! *guffaws* Well done you old bugger! *hands him a brandy*

I say old boy, it had better be aged brandy- Any less than thirty years old and distilled is just not quite cricket, I must say.

Anywhoo, tally ho and all that sort of thing, I must be off to Lords to see Charles play in the Prime Minister's XI, it's awfully exciting for the young man.
Good day, gents.
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Kinda awkward when I'm 'fapping' (whatever you want to call it for girls) and my parents call me from another room. I have to stop then. >.<

Aaaaand BOOM!

+23582759847589 pageviews.

B4MEDIT: holy shit this is a bigger thread than i thought.

Most awkward fap evar; when she couldn't find it.
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Please don't wake up
Balsac Jaws of Death plays an ESP EX onstage sometimes, as does Papa Het and Padge from Bullet. Oh, and Dan Jacobs from Atreyu and Monte from Escape The Fate.

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brb caring

i was distracted by your horrible, horrible sig. then distracted by your wonderful, wonderful avatar.
Thanks Fassa!

And Chickenman can't come to my birthday party, so he'll miss out on fairy bread.
So I have hit the big old eighteen, finally.

And while I understand you should all think I shouldn't be on here and should be out getting alcohol poisoning and failing to hook in with a drunk transvestite, I have exams tomorrow.

I know, not a good excuse.
All the same.

I'm 18, Pit!
People know me for changing my hair colour, having a bright orange beard, and liking heavy metal.

Most people here like that Bliss N Eso ****.

Sarah Jessica Parker.
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica.

Nuff said.
Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 did.

In this "I Miss You" video, only cos the double bass strings hurt his lil baby fingers.
Otherwise, no.
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Dibs on this hot little number is yours.
(Invalid img)

holy ****, is that serena williams?
thai stir fry.
The G3's are awesome. When you partner them with active pickups you get a really punchy distortion.

The RX's aren't bad for solid state combos, either.
say goodnight acoustic - bullet for my valentine

"So, sis, here it is, your 21st...
And may I say, you've turned into a good one.
Matter of fact... "

*fap fap fap*
We aren't allowed to drive anyone to and from school unless it's a sibling. And facial hair is banned. As is piercings aside from the earlobes. No-one seems to follow the rules though, so I figured it would be OK to ask the teacher for a blowjob out the front.

Z0MgZ T3H DR4G0nF0RZCezZ 4R3 T3H Sh1Z L0LOLOL!!!1one!!
Any Anal C*nt song.
Hell yeah.
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haha mines new born babies they're just so slimy and evil lookinh yno urgh if i ever have i'll drop kick it out the window or impale it on a flying v

Good sir, that is the funniest thing I've ever read.

Sig me bitch.
Posting in an epic culinary thread.

I maintain the good old Aussie BBQ is the best.
Couple of snags, steak, lamb chops, maybe some chicken wings, some onion, prawns, coupla burgers or rissoles.

Bloody hell, I'm freakin starving.
Beast and The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold
Getting a blowjob in the movies.

Good stuff.
I've always thought that the 3/4 riff of Trivium's "Down From The Sky" was heavy.

I'm gonna say the intro riff to "Sixpounder" by Children Of Bodom, though.
Alexi's tone makes me turn gay for a bit.
A carrot and low fat polyunsaturatedneurolized soy drink.

Good for what 'ails ya.
DirtyMakik won life. One thousand times.
Mother my children.