I played the beta and it didn't click for me. I might snag it once it's cheap enough that I won't regret it if I still don't care for it
Good chap
Are pending tabs not viewable anymore?
tomfassnidge Have you submitted it? Side note, how the fuck do you find submitted tabs on this site anymore?
duncang What festival is this? Demolition Hammer, Demilich, Carnivore, Akercocke on the same bill is insane.
Are you still up to Ringed City Streets?
I'm probably going to double-dip right out of the gate. PS4 for multiplayer and plat, Switch for the portability.
So who's getting jazzed about Dark Souls Remastered?
How so? It seemed pretty definitively bleak to me.
I was initially disappointed because instead of feeling like a cliffhanger in the same sense as the ending to series 2, it felt abrupt. After reflecting on it more or less all day today, I've warmed to it. The implication that there can't be a happy ending is haunting. And episode 17 provided all the regular plot resolution necessary.

Have you seen the extended fan edit of FWWM, 'Teresa Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer'? It's the definitive version of the film to me.
So, how about that Twin Peaks finale?
VampireGoldfish Episode 8 was a mixed bag to me. Way too much
 Nine Inch Nails/Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima nuclear footage
for my tastes. I don't care for the common complaint about the pacing being too slow, but episode 8 is the closest I've come to agreeing with it. The real meat of the episode,
 with Cooper's doppelgänger and the woodsmen
was all incredible, though.
Kytokinesis I missed the PS2/PS3 era so I'll probably pick up SotC. Monster Hunter was never really on my radar but the trailer for MS4 didn't do an awful lot for me. I thought E3 this year was kinda underwhelming
How do you people find these decade-old threads?
I'm still waiting for Nioh to grow on me. I tried killing the second boss probably upwards of 20 times and I only just got it. Now I'm into the real game, so I hope it grabs me more than the first two levels did
I saw Damim (then just Dam) when they supported Carcass and they were great. Both of their albums are worth checking out. Man, I missed Akercocke when they played in London last year and I'd love to see Sodom. I might get a ticket for this year. I missed Incineration the past few years, but I went to, I think the first one they put on in 2014.
Their self-titled was decent, never cared for anything between NSV and then. NSV is king, and not an unspoken one at that.

Tonight I plan on having a few drams of Cardhu, and watching this. If it is actually a knock off of Fury Road, and not just marketed as such for whatever reason, it's fairly impressive to snare one of the starring actors from that movie to be in it. And even if it isn't, Michael Shannon rarely disappoints anyway. I think I'll probably put on some Bolt Thrower later tonight, in remembrance

I should be home from work in about 5 hours. Any time after that is good for me
No worries man. I'll be able to get on tonight and tomorrow if you want?
Right on. Tonight, I can between 1am-3am GMT/7pm-9pm your time. Tomorrow I'm good most of the day, except in the evening I'm seeing Brian Wilson play Pet Sounds so I'll be out between 6pm - probably about 10:30, 11pm.
I'm down, I can get on after work tonight for a little bit or tomorrow for a while longer?

Also do you have a voice chat option yet?
Shit mayng I thought it seemed a little familiar. I never really cared too mch for WFIKTBD so I didn't recognise it
So it's not metal but I've been working on a kinda post rock/fusion type deal. Trying to make songs that move through a train of thought without sounding like a riff salad. The GP5 sounds like a hot plate of shit, the GPX is more balanced

Nosferatu, that 'Stardrowned' one is killer. I've looked through a couple of your tracks and they're all pretty rad

EDIT: Added a grind track I've had locked away for a while
Quote by severed-metal
Yeah class game. Gonna have to get a few matches in this weekend if you're free.

...also ctfod, gonna be out for dinner for spontaneous plans so can't play Bloodborne tonight. My other friend wants to run through BB all the way through if you're down for that, gonna start new characters.

No worries man. Sounds pretty good, I'm down.
Right on. I'm up until 3am anyway, so no matter how long it takes to connect/work out who's ringing which bell, it should be good
Aight nigga. I have work soon and will probably be able to get on about 1am GMT/I think 7pm your time if that's good
Oh hey, Kim Jon Ill. Want to hit that BB DLC again sometime soon?

Related, DS3 DLC - Heading back to the Painted World?
Quote by kirkisking
in anor londo? you're damn right i grinded there for a minute. but im talkin grinding for them damn human dregs outside ornstein and smough's old stomping grounds

Man when I was grinding for dregs vertebra shackles I found a guy who kept hitting my summon sign outside the Pontiff Sulyvahn room. Took me hours to acquire the first 15 due to either fight clubs or gank squads and it took me -10 minutes to get the next 15 because every time he summoned me, he would run to the ledge and jump off.

I saw that trailer a few minutes ago, Jon. Pretty rad, not as spoilery as the base game announce trailer. What's your PSN name?
Quote by severed-metal
They are awful for the most part. Ironically that's public perception of here too, it's like its own little forum wars between the bands & artists forums. The gear tech forums I don't think really care about anything other than new amps and new guitars. To be fair, I often browse their forum because the pics they have are incredible. Some of that stuff just makes me ooze with want.

Yeah me too. I would have liked my character with the chalice dungeons to be done with the story, but able to kick it in NG. NG+ seems like a level of difficulty I have no interest in, especially with my bloodtinge build.

I haven't even started the new DLC but I really want to try it. I think I have you added on PSn, if not I'll throw you a friendship invite. It will be like old times where we murder people in Gears of War. Then someone awkwardly and embarrassingly says "shot him in the hiney."

Nah man I don't have you on PS4. My PSN name is just the same as my name on here, hit me up
I never got all the way through the DLC. Got halfway up the Research Hall, decided to leave it until I thought I was at a sufficient enough level for it since those guys with the big heads knocked me down flat in 2 hits. Killed MWN on my first try solo (OG nigguh), then decided to kill Gehrman & TMP once I got back to the dream. Had no idea that NG+ would automatically start immediately after, I figured there would be an option for it like in DS2/3.
Quote by kirkisking
gotta grind for these damn covenant items to get all the spells in ds3. goddaaaaaamn

How many silver knight sets have you acquired so far?
Yeah man, definitely check it out if you're able to. A great cast, Phillip Seymour Hoffman in easily his greatest ever role, and one of Dylan Baker's lines towards the end of the movie got one of the dirtiest belly laughs out of me.

I've seen you fellas talk about Lisa a few times in the past, I'll check it out at some stage. I really dug the 'work for the story' approach in Dark Souls so if it's similar in that regard I'll probably like it
I enjoy pessimistic media regardless of how pessimistic it is. If it entertains, it entertains. The tone rarely holds much importance for me, unless I'm specifically seeking something to elicit a certain reaction.
Quote by severed-metal

For films, my interests sit with action/horror of the 80s and the rare modern film. The latest movie I tried watched was Anomolisa and I thought it was trash, and incredibly boring. One of my favourite films is World's Greatest Dad, another dark satire film. and another one of my favourite films is Wild Strawberries, both very sad and enlightening in their own ways.

Have you seen 'Happiness' by Todd Solondz? It seems like it would be up your alley if you liked World's Greatest Dad.
It doesn't really do anything
Quote by kirkisking
just on ps4 nigga. i think i have your ass on psn ctfod

I've got it on Xbox, otherwise I would be down for that. I just started a new cleric character after playing up to NG+3 with a strength build. If the DLC is as difficult as Bloodborne's then I don't want to try it that far up
Right on. I know Vol. 1 caught a bit of flack for changing up some dynamics (aka not retreading the same ground as it has been over and over again). No idea how Vol. 2 was recieved, but I enjoyed them both